[HGEG] Chapter 49: Progress Stopped

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada

A cold female voice repeated: “We arrived at our next stop, please prepare to get off.”

But no one rushed to get out and everyone kept still on their seats.

Except for Dong Xiu who was in tremendous pain. In order to save his last life, he refused to open his eyes no matter how much he was bitten by the dog. That perseverance may be admirable from outside, but he felt as if he had survived a Ling Chi*. He closed his eyes desperately and couldn’t even stand up in the end. When he heard the announcement, the thing biting him disappeared and he rushed towards the door.

Then he slammed his body against the closed door.

“W-What… Why isn’t the door open?!” he was terrified!

“What?!” The others also reacted after that. Li Yougen jumped from his seat like someone bite his butt and rushed to the door.

“Aren’t we here?! Why can’t we get off?!” judging by Xiong JiaBao’s voice, he had been crying due the “Childhood Crush is Marrying Someone Else” story.

Xin Meng held You Yi’s hand and pushed the door with his free hand, “It’s really closed, what’s going on?”

No one was able to answer him. With exception of himself and You Yi, everyone else was hurt someway. They could even hear Qi XiaoKui crying, Dong Xiu rough gasps. He frowned and pushed the door firmly but it once again remained motionless. “This…”

He wanted to ask what You Yi thought when he heard him say “Listen.”

Xin Meng paused, not knowing when the surroundings sounds suddenly disappeared!

The children’s laugh, the teacher’s scolding and the driver’s voice all disappeared. Except for the sounds made by their group, there were no other voices!

When did it all disappear?

“What the hell is going on?!” Li Yougen’s crying voice infected everyone with anxiety and panic. He leaned on the door and punched it a few times “I want to go out! Let me out!”

He desperately wanted to leave this bus, he needed to forget about what happened and what he had done.

Yes, go out and forget all that happened inside the bus.

He didn’t do anything, that’s it, he did nothing. He didn’t even have control over his own live, how could he take care of someone else. Even if he loved his mother… He should aim for his own survival first.

Yes, that’s right.

The others didn’t know what Li Yougen was thinking and neither did they care. They are already used to his emotional breakdowns by now.

“There’s probably task we haven’t finished, so that’s why the door won’t open.” Xin Meng guessed.

“What task?!” Xiong JiaBao raised his voice. “It said that we just needed to avoid the Medusa’s eyes and stay alive till the next stop, what other tasks?!”

“This is a horror game!” Xin Meng didn’t want to believe it either, but there was no other answer. “It’s not a simple escape game… Maybe we haven’t seen the most terrifying thing yet, that’s why we can’t leave.”

“The most terrifying thing?” Dong Xiu pursed his lips. “Like that ‘demon’ in the last bus?”

“That’s just my guess. Like, we must always see the final BOSS and kill it so we can see the exiting ‘portal’ appear,” Xin Meng tried to analyze. “We saw it in the last bus. Although we didn’t kill it, we survived until the time limit… This time, we don’t know if there’s a time limit.”

They all had their eyes closed and couldn’t see if there was a clock around them.

They all went quiet. In the silent bus, time appeared to have stopped. They were stuck in the bus, with no signs of the doors opening soon.

“Waiting won’t work, let’s think our way out” Dong Xiu said. “According to my own analysis, there’s two ways to get out. The first one is to break the door or windows in the bus and jump, but since we don’t know what is waiting outside, we may die when we jump out. Besides, there’s a chance we can’t break the glass, so we can only choose the second option which is… To open our eyes.”

Indeed, according to the current development, there’s only one possible way. The game progress is obviously stuck, something must be done to trigger the plot. Opening their eyes is the only choice but who will do it? About about the Medusa?

And no one knows what will happen after the plot is triggered. Maybe it will be the same as when Li Yougen died as soon as he entered the bus without seeing anything. After their last deaths, no one dares to open their eyes.

“I-I only have one life…” Li Yougen curled himself against the door and shook his head. “I can’t die anymore!”

“Me too” Dong Xiu agreed. “Since we are a team, we should cooperate with each other during crisis and ensure everyone stays alive. I have died twice and so did Li Yougen and Xiong JiaBao. If we die once more, it’s completely over for us. In this level Xiong JiaBao only has two lives while both me and Li Yougen have only one left.”

 Xin Meng didn’t say a word.

Seeing that he refused to answer, Dong Xiu said: “You have four and five lives unused. It won’t be a problem for you two and you will save you teammates, isn’t it the best of both worlds?”

Qi XiaoKui wiped the tears off her face and sneered sarcastically, though her voice was still hoarse from crying: “Best for who? For the one dying in your place?”

“You!” Dong Xiu became furious. “I won’t open my eyes anyways, it’s all up to you!”

Everyone went quiet again.

After a while, Xiong JiaBao whispered: “He’s right.”

Xin Meng pursed his lips, feeling his heart ache.

That Xiong JiaBao who liked to talk about “friendship” and “loyalty” may never appear again.

As the shadow of death approaches, human selfishness nature is amplified to the limit until they become beyond recognition.

“I…” Xin Meng was ready to say something but You Yi interrupted him: “I will do it.”

When he heard that, Xin Meng immediately became anxious and hurried to stop him, but You Yi insisted: “You can’t be the one who’s forced against the wall every time, someone else has to help.”

That’s right. Dong Xiu and Li Yougen will obviously never offer themselves and Xiong JiaBao became the same. He also can’t demand Qi XiaoKui to take such risk. In fact, he always knew that every problem will fall on his and You Yi’s head. He also knew that if they tried to refuse, everyone else would get angry at them as if they deserved to die for them.

But now that he heard You Yi talk so casually, his rage disappeared and he shook You Yi’s arm as he said: “I’ll do it first.”

After talking, he didn’t wait for You Yi’s answer and pulled his blindfold.

Xin Meng’s eyes widened after he blinked twice to get used to the light.

Everything was the same as the last bus except for the NPC passengers, but that doesn’t mean the seats are empty. Not at all, they are filled with…


They were probably made from wax, as they had lifelike faces and bodies but they where half the size of a human being. They were dressed in silk clothes and, from sailor outfits to suspender skirts, they were all female dolls!

“Brother, look at me! Look at me!”

“Woah! Someone opened their eyes! Look here, I’m DouDou!”

“Shut up, DouDou! Brother, it’s me! The Hei Zhi who gave you a seat!”

Hei Zhi…

Xin Meng’s eyes wandered down and he saw the princess doll sitting in front of him who appeared to be five or six years old, looking at him with red glass eyes. He stared directly at him and laughed out of joy, “Brother can see me! He can!”

Xin Meng started to gather sweat on his forehead. He leaned backwards until his back was against the wall and he looked at Hei Zhi’s hand. In those delicate hands, there were five black claws that flashed with venomous malice. Thinking of being caught by those hands, Xin Meng turned his head so he didn’t have to look at it.

He was about to explain the overall situation to You Yi when he saw that You Yi had already taken his blindfold off and had one eyebrow raised at the scene.


Xin Meng: “…” What part do you find interesting?

Children laughter filled the compartment and the silence from before appeared to be an illusion, even the ones with their eyes closed heard it clearly. Qi XiaoKui hesitated for a moment before opening her eyes.

Sitting on the seat next to her, there was a doll wearing a black dress and a expression that appeared to be smiling. Her green glass eyes looked at her and she lifted an adult woman’s hand that didn’t match the rest of her petite body. She then said with the soft voice of Qi XiaoRui: “XiaoKui, it’s me. Don’t you recognize your sister?”

“Aaahhh!” Qi XiaoKui could only scream and fall out of her chair in panic, crawling away from the doll on the floor. “You are not my sister… You… You are not her!”

Translator and Editor Notes:

Ling Chi: A form of execution used in China from roughly 900 to 1905 CE, the “death by a thousand cuts”, in which the condemned was killed by methodical removal of body parts with a knife.

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