[HGEG] Chapter 48: Illusions from the heart

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada

Dong Xiu vaguely heard a dog barking.

“Even dogs are allowed here” Dong Xiu frowned. He was born as a young master and has been riding in luxury cars since kindergarten, that’s why he just felt the bus atmosphere was messy and noisy. The children’s laughter and shouting buzzed on his ears like flies and, even though it upset him, he couldn’t open his eyes and scold whoever was making the noise. He just sat there, enduring it all with patience, but now there were even dogs inside the bus?

Was that alright? Isn’t the driver afraid of the dog biting a passenger?

Dong Xiu felt a little uneasy. Although the wounds on his arms stopped bleeding, his flesh and bones were still exposed.

What if the dog sees him?

His ears moved slightly. He’s not sure if that was an illusion but just now he heard the dog’s panting really close to him…

No, no…

Soon, he felt something on his leg and he immediately leaned back a bit. Whatever was around him suddenly jumped up and bite the flesh on his arm.

“Aahh!” Dong Xiu almost fainted. He got up and turned his body around, trying to shake that thing away. However, its grip was too strong on his flesh and he was unable to get rid of it. Dong Xiu fell on the ground and rolled around, but that thing continued to bite his arm. He felt like the dog took off several pieces of his arm.

“Help! Help!” Dong Xiu shouted. “Who’s the owner?! Pull it away! Pull it away!”

Without any response, Dong Xiu realized only he could save himself. He struggled to crawl from the ground and relied on his intuition to run away blindly. Still, the dog chased after him until he fell to the ground in pain. Losing control of his own body, his eyelids were exposed.

“Teehee~” The huge stone eyes burst into joy and immediately devoured Dong Xiu.

He only has one life left.

“Sister, I can’t take off my blindfold. If I do, I’ll die” Qi XiaoKui put down her hand in frustration.

“It’s okay” Qi XiaoKui coaxed her. “Since I’m here no one will hurt you, you can take it off.”

“But…” Qi XiaoKui’s was very tempted since she hasn’t seen her sister for fifteen years. Only in her dreams she was able to feel the same happiness as she did in the past, but she gradually began to forget her sister’s face. Even in her dreams, her sister’s face is very vague which makes her scared. One day she will forget about her forever. But now she could see her sister’s face again, she can’t wait to take off the blindfold and run into her sister’s arms, but after dying several times, she’s smarter than that. “But there’s a Medusa in this bus. If I open my eyes I’ll die and won’t see you, I just died once…”

“You died just once, you still have a lot of lives. Don’t worry” Qi XiaoRui said gently. “Take it off.”

Unexpectedly, Qi XiaoKui suddenly changed her expression and leaned back against the window as she exclaimed: “You are not my sister! Who are you?!”

“I’m your sister, XiaoKui, what’s wrong with you? Can’t you hear me?” Qi XiaoRui appeared very sad judging by her voice.

Qi XiaoKui hesitated for a moment but soon she finally determined. “You are not my sister. She’s the kindest person in the world, she’ll never say something like ‘you died just once’. She would never tell me to do something if there’s a risk of me dying. You want to tempt me to take the blindfold off, who are you?!”

That’s it. Although her heart was full of temptation and she wanted to fall into a beautiful dream forever, Qi XiaoKui was not fully convinced. How could she fall for a fake impersonation of her sister?!

Her questions echoed in the small space but she received no answer. Not only the voice disappeared, the weight next to her also disappeared. Qi XiaoKui moved her hand around to discover no one was there.

Meanwhile, Xin Meng also encountered some trouble.

Somehow, his other hand was also held by a warm palm, just like the other hand was.

“You Yi?” he whispered.

“What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong?”

Two identical voices came from his left and right at the same time!

There are two You Yi!

And they are both holding his hand!

Xin Meng remembered that You Yi was sitting on his right earlier, it means the one in the left is fake. Right?

Which one is left?

Xin Meng panicked when he discovered that he couldn’t tell the difference between left and right. He felt as if he had been playing in a spinning cup while blindfolded for an hour and after spinning in all directions, he completely lost his senses. Somehow, it became impossible to tell which side was the real You Yi!

“Y-You Yi…” Xin Meng wanted to pull back his hand but since he didn’t know which side to pull back, he pulled both hands. However, both hands held him tightly, preventing him from breaking free.

“Don’t let it go, it’s dangerous.”

“Don’t let it go, it’s dangerous.”

The voices came from both sides at the same time with not even a second of delay.

“You Yi, I think…” Xin Meng wanted to cry. “I think there’s another you next to me…”

“You can’t tell which is the real one?”

“You can’t tell which is the real one?”

“I-I don’t know… Your hands and voices are exactly the same.” He moved around uneasily in the chair. “I don’t know what to do. What should I do?”

Even though You Yi’s the problem here, Xin Meng still asked him for help. In fact, he’s very ashamed by it all. He feels that he should be able to recognize the real You Yi but that’s not what happened. It made him feel very frustrated and somewhat guilty.

[In order to prevent too many repetitions, the author decided to use [ ] to symbolize that the two voices are overlapping each other]


“You Yi?” He felt scared when the man spoke with two voices but the silence was even scarier. He could only clench his hands and ignore the sweat on his palms.

He tried hard to distinguish the real and the fake, but they felt the same. He even gathered courage to fell their hands and fingers but felt no difference. The same thickness, the same fingers and same knuckles!

“What should I do, what should I do… You Yi…” The longer You Yi kept quiet, the sooner Xin Meng became overwhelmed by panic.

[Keep calm] You Yi finally spoke. [This is an illusion.]

“Illusion?” Xin Meng was confused.

[The illusion was created from the bottom of your heart, so it can see through you and read your past memories] You Yi explained. [The illusion is exactly like I am inside your memories. The more despaired you are, the clearer the illusion becomes and the harder it is to distinguish between real and fake.]

“Is that so…” Xin Meng calmed down a little after hearing his voice, though he became a little embarrassed. He usually watches You Yi closely, but did he observed him enough to create a perfect copy?

“How do you get rid of this illusion?” Xin Meng asked.

“As long as you open your eyes, you will definitely be able to tell who’s real” the voice this time was not overlapped, but it came from both left and right, so he had no way of knowing where it came from. Considering the phrase, it was the fake You Yi so Xin Meng decided to ignore it.

[Open your eyes and you will see.]

Now it was overlapped again!

Does that mean that both the real and the fake You Yi said that?

Xin Meng’s heart tightened and he didn’t know if he should follow those words. He trusted You Yi but that was too weird. In such a dangerous situation, would You Yi really make such careless advise like open your eyes?

Was that overlapping voice another trick to confuse him?

However, if you look at it from another point of view, does it matter?

It seems that both You Yi are the same in both actions and words. Even if he holds the fake You Yi’s hand and stays like that, even the fake wouldn’t hurt him, right?

As soon as that idea emerged inside his mind, one You Yi changed his actions.

His warm and gentle hands loosened its hold and started caressing his bare arms. Xin Meng felt goose bumps all over his sensitive skin. That feeling was strangely familiar and his heart screamed that the one touching him was the real You Yi, however he didn’t have memories of being that close to You Yi. Why that feels so familiar?

He didn’t have time to doubt the situation. The hand gently caressed his upper arm, with its thumb rubbing against his smooth skin which made Xin Meng’s waist weak. Was he flirting?!!

Who is this?! It can’t be the true You Yi, right?!

Xin Meng knows that he should immediately break free from that hand if that’s the fake You Yi, but his body refuses to listen to him. A voice inside his heart whispers: what if it’s true?

Xin Meng frowned. He didn’t know why he thought so. The real You Yi wouldn’t do that and he should break free even if it was the real one doing that… What was happening??

He could’t figure out his thoughts. It seemed that his body and mind were no longer controlled by him which made him question if the game was able to control someone’s brain.

While he didn’t resist, that hand became bolder. It even touched his chest and moved all the way up to his fragile neck. When he felt the touch closer to his neck, Xin Meng curled up but the hand didn’t hold his throat as expected… It continued to go up until it pinched his chin with its fingers.

Xin Meng felt someone leaning towards him and felt the breathing against his face. He remembered being kissed before and froze for a while, unable to react.

Suddenly he felt the hand on the other side press its thumb against his palm three times.

Xin Meng was startled and curled up his fingers, then his palm was pressed three more times.

You Yi!

That’s the real You Yi!

All his body strength returned and Xin Meng grabbed the hand on his chin and then pushed it closer. Then he realized what he had done and waved his arm randomly, embarrassed as he yelled: “Go away! Go away!”

The extra touch disappeared, Xin Meng didn’t see the mouth full of blood and sharp teeth a few centimeters away from his face being slapped away by another hand.

You Yi retracted his hand, slowly closed his eyes, tied the blindfold around his head with just one hand and then quietly leaned back on the seat.

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