[GFWI] Chapter 14: Goals

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: JadeCloud

We returned to the city of Atlatia the following day. That night, I was having dinner with my three companions at the tavern called the “Sleeping Kokutei”.

The Sleeping Kokutei had its second floor for accommodations and the third floor for group activities.
It was convenient for me to be able to talk with my party members, and I didn’t feel that the cost was too expensive, so I decided to make it a base of activity for us as well.

We rented the cheapest single rooms with breakfast for two silver coins per night. Private rooms were as small as possible so the space was minimal and there was only one closet in addition to the beds, but we didn’t have any complaints because it was reasonable enough for its price.

One silver coin was worth one tenth of one gold coin.
So if you stayed in this inn for five days, you would lose one gold coin.

The cost of living every day needed a minimum of funding for lunch and dinner, plus a little shopping and some luxury. Therefore, it should be estimated to be from four to five pieces of silver. If you could afford it, it was better to assume that one gold coin would be finished in just two days.

The dinner set in front of me was also ordered with the payment of seven coppers. A single copper coin is worth one-tenth of the price of a single silver coin, but at this price, it comes with butter, beef stew, a salad of garnish, plus an orange cut for dessert. It wasn’t a particularly lavish meal, but it was healthy, had a satisfying taste, enough to make you full and was reasonably priced.

By the way, the living environment surrounding adventurers and the cost of living associated with them were almost the same. Under such circumstances, how much was the reward for completing the quest to exterminate the goblin?

It was twenty gold coins, including the advance payment, so the amount we received was five gold coins equally for four people.

In addition, we did not base each person’s share of the reward based on their contributions, and we did not think that it should ever be done. That’s not to say that no one could make a convincing ruling, but if there was, it would only be for the betterment of the party. I thought that it was better that we didn’t introduce such a thing unless it catered to someone who was in dire need of it.

That was why five gold coins were what each of us received, but it is true that this was not a satisfactory amount from the perspective of adventurers.

You might think that it wasn’t so low because day laborers earned one gold coin in one day’s work and we earned five gold coins in a round-trip two-day job.
However, considering the burden and risk such as personal necessary expenses, risking our lives, not being able to get rewards if you could not complete the quest, it was certainly not enough.

In other words, greenhorn F-rank adventurers were one of the lowest-earning members of society in terms of income.

That’s why every adventurer would want to raise their rank in order to escape from this intolerable position as soon as possible.
Instead of looking at the increasing danger level, The higher the rank of the quest, the earnings being significantly better was what they were after.

Now, how was one able to raise their rank as an adventurer? One needed to complete the appropriate rank quest three times to move up from F rank to E rank.

There were a lot of rules about what a “quest of the proper rank” was, but it was the content that corresponded to it on the matter of the recent Goblin Subjugation Quest.

So this counted as the first one. I could go up to E rank by completing two more quests.

By the way, Satsuki, Cyril, and Mii had done a quest once as a three-member party before meeting me. So, they could get to E rank with one more quest.

On a side note, the daily allowance of court magicians and professors of the Academy was quite high.
It depended on the size and position of the place you were in office, but it seemed that a daily allowance of about 5 to 10 gold coins was common. Contrary to being an adventurer, there was a promise of stable regular work, and there was little danger of the body, so I could see why my parents and friends at the school used to say it was the normal choice.

Despite knowing that, I chose the path of being an adventurer. I decided to go this way even after taking into account both the disadvantages in terms of income and the danger of life. I have had no regrets about it, and it was also true that having freedom and dreams still appealed to me.

I would want to eventually become a B-ranked adventurer or better, and establish myself as a famous person in this world. That is my dream, a realistic goal for the future.

“In any case, my primary goal is to repay my parents for the tuition and how they took care of me.”

I scooped up the stew with a wooden spoon and carried it to my mouth. It was a challenge for the immediate future that I had imposed upon myself.

Satsuki asked while eating pasta with cream sauce.

“Huh, repayment? Will it be a debt or something? It doesn’t look that much.”

We spent dinner at Sleeping Kokutei and it was crowded with lots of guests. I was spending it with my three party members as we occupied one of the four tables.

“Well, debt is debt, debt to my parents anyway.”

I responded to Satsuki. It didn’t need to be a secret.

“Hmm, you borrowed money from your parents. How much?

“Approximately seven hundred gold coins”


Satsuki sprayed pasta.

“*Cough*, *Cough*…” Mii, water…”

“Here, Satsuki.”

“Oh, thank you.”

Satsuki calmed down after being given water by Mii. Even so, she was still worked up.

“Seven hundred gold coins … what was it used for, such a large sum of money. Did you go to gambling?”

“No. Four years of tuition, enrollment fees, etc. at the Witchcraft Institute, equal around 450 gold coins. Two years of living as an adult was around 250 gold coins. So Seven hundred gold coins in total. “

When I answered, Satsuki fluttered her eyes.

“Oh, didn’t your parents pay for school fees?”

“Well, it’s complicated”

“Oh,” someone said. “It’s a rare thing for you to muddy your words.

Cyril, who was trying to bring the salad to her mouth with a fork, pointed it out.

I was reminded. Indeed, I seem to have muddied my words.

“… I don’t have any trouble talking about it. It’s just a story. it’s not interesting to hear.”

I respond so just to make an excuse.

I decided to pay the tuition and adult life.
My parents didn’t tell me to do so.

“Maybe you just wanted to pay back what you borrowed.”

“What, what? Did you say something?”

“… No, this is what happened”

I shook my head at Satsuki’s statement and answered.

When I talked to my school friend, I used the word “gratitude”, but I may just not want to leave a “debt”.

I was grateful to my mother, but I can’t say I honestly respect my father.
I have to thank my parents who raised and took care of me so that I could be the me now.
However, he might just ask me to return what I owe him.

It all originated down from my childhood, but that’s another story.

Either way, for now, it was seven hundred gold coins.
I set it as my immediate goal.

However, if you only earned income as greenhorn adventurers, it would not be easy to earn this target amount.

“── Should I work overtime?”

I muttered and ate my orange desert.

Translator and Editor Notes:

New arc, new volume lets do this ~ McTavish

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  1. “Seven hundred gold coins … what was it used for, such a large sum of money. Did you go to gambling?”

    “No. Four years of tuition, enrollment fees, etc. at the Witchcraft Institute, about 450 million gold coins. Two years of living as an adult, about 250 million gold coins. Seven hundred gold coins in total. “
    So 700 or 700,000,000

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