[GFWI] Chapter 13: Feast

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: JadeCloud

Once we had collected proof of the subjugation, we returned to the village of Mito, who posted the request. By that time, the sun had already set, and so we decided to stay in the village.

When we showed proof that the Goblin Lord and Goblin Mages were dangerous, the elder who taught the villagers to read and write was surprised and announced to them about the threat.

As a result, it was hard for us to receive additional rewards, but at the very least, we were told that they would have a feast for us that night. In addition, bathing and sleeping would be done at the village Chief’s house. It was a very welcome service for us as we were low-ranking adventurers.

“Oh, that was refreshing! I hate being covered in goblin blood. I’m glad I took a bath.”

“That was the best! But I don’t think there was any need for the three of us to go together.”

“That’s right” Satsuki chimed in. It seemed that Satsuki only wanted to play with Mii.

Satsuki, Cyril, and Mii appeared at the banquet as she was just after the bath. Of course, she was wearing clothes.

However, the villagers who were at the feast were very hyped up.

All three of them were different, but they each were beautiful girls and had perfectly formed figures. Their wet appearance of just coming from the hot bath was very alluring, and I also raised a voice of appreciation in my head.

Above all, there was one person who was particularly troubling to the eyes, and that was Satsuki.
She was wearing her kimono with her chest wide open and her bare skin exposed quite generously.
Bold or defenseless … I think it was probably the latter.

By the way, it would be often misunderstood, but I was not particularly interested in the opposite sex.
Seeing an attractive woman can be fascinating and sometimes even arousing.

But there were priorities in things, and in my case, the interest in the opposite sex wasn’t at the top of my list.
It was therefore unlikely that the following situation would happen/

“Oh, William saw us. What do you think? Are we beautiful?”

“He’s not that type of guy, don’t get your hopes up/”

…… And that was how it was. I wanted to avoid a relationship between us becoming like those between men and women, so I didn’t go any further.

In the case where an adventurer’s party collapsed due to the relationship problems, It didn’t take too long to find out why even if only the actual adventurer’s recorded material was read It usually happened in the premise of multiple men and one woman, but it wouldn’t be unusual if the reverse was true either.

In addition, if male and female adventurers got to know each other and they were engaging in “activities”, it was a natural result that a female may have a baby. When that happens, the woman would no longer be able to continue as an adventurer, and the man would have to leave going on an adventure in order to live with his wife and children.

I didn’t want that kind of future, at least for now. Therefore, no matter how attractive the party members were, I did not want to end up in a relationship with any of them.

I don’t think I should have said what I did in my head. In any case, I would like to avoid it being a poison to the eyes too much.
I can’t think of a better word, but I’ll have to tell them.

I was sitting in front of a bonfire under the night sky, where the feast was held, and I broke it down to Satsuki who was drinking merrily next to me.

“Satsuki, I have to tell you something.”

“Eh … what?”

“You have to be aware that you’re already a mature woman,” he said. ” Men in general, including me, would most likely be bedeviled by your figure. Be mindful about it.”

“Um …”

Satsuki thought for a bit, trying to understand what I said.
then she said,

“That’s… Will thinks I’m attractive, I wonder.”

She looked at me with her chest bulging like a maiden with her cheeks dyed red while looking up at me.
My head started hurting.

“I’m not saying you’re wrong, but you should stop it.”

“Hey, it’s not a mistake.”

Satsuki was saying such a thing and came to me while smiling.
She leaned into my arm and whispered in my ear.

“Well then … would you like it if I did this?”

With that red face, she smiled like a child.
Apparently this girl seemed to get drunk early.

“No. And stop it.”

“Hey, what are you doing!?”

In addition, it was a puny child.
I looked at Cyril and Mi drinking in front of me as if to ask for a lifeline.

The two were completely stunned.

“No way I didn’t think Satsuki would be so attracted to…”

“Mii is also completely shocked. No matter how you look at it, he’s just a…”

“I think I’m just getting drunk and growing up. I wonder if I’ll die in the morning.”

“Mii also agrees. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

They were complete spectators. I thought you guys could have saved me from this predicament.

“Hey William. May I call you Will?”

“I don’t care and but don’t hug me. I don’t remember giving you permission.”

“Ehheheh, stop it. I won’t let you go until Will tells me he likes me ♪.”

Satsuki kept on going in such a state, so I finally made her sleep using a sleep spell, and threw her onto a bed and tied her up using blankets as rope.

How Satsuki looked like the next morning was a considerable sight according to Mii.

Translator and Editor Notes:

This is the end of volume one so a different arc starts next chapter. ~ McTavish

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