[GFWI] Chapter 12: Barrier

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: Biodegradable

Proofreader: JadeCloud

“Satsuki, I’m going to give you a little boost.”

“A boost?”

“That’s right. Don’t reject what is about to enter into your body – wait, why are you blushing?”

“Huh …? Oh, well… I feel like William’s expression is kind of perverted right now.”

We were making preparations for the final battle just outside the room where the Goblin Lord was. From here on out, we were all set to launch an assault.

When I cast the spell, the magic light coming from the wand penetrated Satsuki’s body.
Though the light had dissipated, a magical effect had now permeated her still body.

“Oh, it’s over? I don’t… feel any different. What magic did you use?”

Satsuki was repeatedly clenching her fists.

“It’s a secret. Just fight as you would have without it.”

“Huh… Don’t tell me you used some sort of perverted magic?”

“… Why would I do that? What kind of perverted magic would be useful in this situation?”

“You’re probably right. I don’t really know what I’m talking about.”

Satsuki smiled with a red face.
… Was this girl alright?

At my side, Cyril and Mii turned their eyes to Satsuki while saying pervert or ecchi but I don’t think that there was any hidden meaning to it, so I just ignored it.

What I had just used on Satsuki was a spell called Barrier. The spell created an invisible barrier to repel physical attacks. It would be strong enough to deflect even direct hits from the Goblin Lord. The barrier would eventually “crack” after accumulating enough damage, but the possibility of being hit so many times was pretty low, so I decided that there were no problems in that regard.

However, if I had told Satsuki that I used this spell on her, there was a possibility that she would over-rely on it. Because I wanted to see Satsuki’s true abilities, it was better to not let her know anything. This spell was merely insurance and wasn’t to be incorporated into our tactics.

“Show me what you’re capable of.”

“Oh, okay! I might get nervous if William is watching, but I should be alright!”


Would this girl really be alright?

I was a little anxious, but since we had already proceeded up to this point, I decided to believe in her for the time being.


When we finished our preparations, we all stormed into the hall where the Goblin Lord was.

In the hall, there was a Goblin Lord and a Goblin Mage standing side by side with three normal goblins. Even though they were confused by the sudden assailant, they instantly raised their weapons and prepared to fight.

As usual, I immediately used a Sleep spell — though I made sure to exclude the Goblin Lord from its effects.

I was worried that the Goblin Mage might have been able to resist, but the results were actually quite fortunate.
It instantly fell asleep and was soon taken out by Mii.
The remaining goblins, as usual, were swiftly dispatched one-by-one at the hands of Cyril and Mii.

All that remained was the duel between Satsuki and the Goblin Lord.

“Hey there, big guy. Let’s get started already.”

Satsuki, who was initially carrying her sword on her shoulder, approached the Goblin Lord until she was only a few steps away. She brought her sword forward so that the tip of the sword was level with her opponents eyes.

── I had a feeling that the Satsuki before me was a completely different person.

The girl, dressed in a black-haired ponytail and a sky-blue kimono hakama, was holding a sword in a beautiful position that captivated the viewer.
It was as if the world around her had suddenly frozen.

As I observed from the back, Satsuki’s ki aura began emanating from her body, tinging the air around her with a faint glow. Compared to the massive Goblin Lord that stood opposite of her, Satsuki may have lost in terms of physique, but she did not lose out in terms of presence ─ in fact, there was even a marked difference between the two.


The Goblin Lord held a massive blade in its right hand, yet it didn’t immediately attack the samurai girl in front of him. Though it seemed intent on doing so, each time it began to take a step it immediately reconsidered.

“Huh. This giant thing isn’t actually that dumb.”

Satsuki’s voice sounded like she was impressed.
After all, if the Goblin Lord had taken even a single step forward, it would have been over in an instant.

“Good. This might actually be fun.”

Satsuki suddenly dropped her stance and casually brought her sword to her side.

“Guga ah ah ah ah!”

Did it think it had seen an opening, or did it realize that this was the only chance it would get?
The Goblin Lord lifted its sword and rushed forward with a downward strike.

It was an unexpectedly agile movement for such a bulky body, and a powerful blow that might have blown away an ordinary adventurer.

But— There was no girl where the Goblin Lord swung its sword. The sword dug deep into the dirt, kicking up dust into the air.

“Too late, mister.”

The girl was suddenly standing beside Goblin Lord.

Even from where I was standing, I had no idea she did it. It had been a single, steady movement. She made it look natural.



Goblin Lord swung its arm at the girl standing beside him, but it was nothing for Satsuki. With tremendous speed, she leapt backward and avoided it easily.

As soon she landed, she kicked herself forward with the agility and ferocity of a wild animal and struck the Goblin Lord with her blade.

“──Guya aa aa!”

The sword pierced deep into the Goblin Lords shoulder.
Satsuki immediately pulled her sword back out.

“── It’s over. It was fun.”

The sword, wet with blood, mercilessly chopped forward.

The severed head of the Goblin Lord flew for a few moments before striking the ground while the headless body, which was gushing blood vigorously, eventually collapsed.

Observing the scene till the end, Satsuki flicked the blood from her sword and returned it to its sheath.

Then, she turned to me with her usual calm smile.

“It’s done. Well, William, I’ve proven myself now, right?”

I agreed with Satsuki’s words. Nevermind E-rank monsters… At this stage, she was already D — no, based on her close combat abilities alone, she already had the abilities of a C-rank adventurer. As she gained more and more experience, she would no doubt be able to reach even greater heights.

“Yes, I’m pleasantly surprised.”

“I’ve done it! William acknowledged me! I’m no match for you, though.”

When Satsuki walked to me, she made a fist as if requesting something.
I made my own fist and hit hers soundly.

Indeed, that was not bad at all.

Translator and Editor Notes:

Have fun Reading ~ McTavish

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