[GFWI] Chapter 10: Goblin Lord

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: Biodegradable

Just as human beings have varying levels of ability, some goblins have higher combat power than others.

These differences usually aren’t significant enough to warrant additional classification. However, every once in a while a highly dangerous goblin appears that breaks these conventions.

For example, goblins that use magic.
They have the same physical abilities as normal goblins, but have human-like intelligence, and use the same kind of magic that human Magicians use. From where they obtain these skills is a mystery.
Since they far exceed the threat level of ordinary goblins, these individuals, designated Goblin Mages, are considered high-priority targets by vigilant adventurers.

On the other hand, there are also goblins with abnormal physical abilities. Special designations such as Goblin Guards and Goblin Chiefs are on a completely different threat level from run-of-the-mill goblins.

If you asked a group of adventurers about the most fearsome goblin variant in existence, there’d be a single answer:

Goblin Lord.
The royalty of goblin-kind are known as Goblin Lords, and they are among the largest goblins in existence.

While normal goblin physiques are generally inferior to the average human, the Goblin Lords have huge, muscular bodies that are surprisingly nimble. Though their actual skills in combat may not be particularly high, their raw strength and speed, combined with an instinctual sense for battle, make Goblin Lords far superior to most humans.

Goblin Lords are also far more intelligent than their kin.
Though they rarely use magic, Goblin Lords can unlock the full potential of their tribes’ numbers through cunning tactics that allow them to coordinate strikes on human settlements.

Goblin Mages and Goblin Lords. It is said that a party of beginner adventurers that encounters a group led by even a single one of these variants risks total annihilation.

In this regard, it’s not an exaggeration to say that we drew the worst card in the deck. We rolled snake eyes when we encountered this tribe with both a “Goblin Mage” and “Goblin Lord.”

“One thing I don’t get, William, is that if you’ve been so cautious up until now, why didn’t you decide to turn back and abandon the quest when your Wizard Eyes detected both a Goblin Mage and a Goblin Lord?”

Satsuki suddenly piped up as we marched to the room where we believed the two variants were waiting.

The cave was surprisingly deep, and the passageways from room to room were unexpectedly long. We were still a long way from our destination. I paused to think for a moment before responding to Satsuki.

“There’s a difference between minimizing risk and avoiding risk.”

“I’m not sure if I totally understand what you’re saying.”

I was a little troubled by Satsuki’s reply.
Just as I was thinking about a better way to explain it, Cyril came to my aid.

“Just like bravery and recklessness are two different things. Prudence and cowardice are also different. After all, a coward wouldn’t even sign up to be an adventurer in the first place, right?”

“Exactly. Satsuki, Does that explanation make a little more sense?”

“I don’t know if I understand that either…”

“Either way, abandoning a quest that we’ve already accepted means paying a penalty. Going back and paying triple the advance payment is pretty painful.”

Mii threw in her own views on the matter into the mix as she continued to search for traps.

“Oh, I get it! Running out of money is bad! Once, when I was traveling, I got robbed and almost everything. The only things I managed to hold on to were this kimono and my sword. Things got really rough after that. At one point I even considered selling the remaining items, just to get by.”

Quests received by the adventurer Guild usually have a reward and a penalty. It’s common for a party that has received a quest to receive a percentage of the reward as an advance payment.

This advance payment is meant to allow the adventurers to purchase any supplies they may need in preparation for the quest. In this Goblin Extermination quest, the reward is 20 gold coins, so we have already received 2 gold coins from the guild in advance.

Adventurers might use this gold to buy the necessary provisions for a long trip, or perhaps simply to pay rent. Many adventurers have poor money management skills, and it seems that such measures are in place because they will spend all the rewards obtained from their previous quests on alcohol and women, then rush to find a new quest when the money runs out.

On the other hand, there is a rule that abandoning a quest will result in a penalty. After all, the requester needs some assurance that the party that received the quest won’t simply say, “oh, nevermind,” and quit.

If one party decides not to receive a quest, the quest will remain on the Adventurer’s Guild bulletin board, in which case another party may take it instead. However, once one party receives the quest, it is immediately removed from consideration.

There are a lot of quests that require a certain degree of urgency, just like this one. The longer the goblins are left unattended, the more damage the village receives.

Therefore, a party that has received a quest must take responsibility and complete the quest promptly. The system of penalty payments can be said to represent this responsibility.

The penalty is usually three times the advance payment. In this Goblin Elimination quest, we would need to pay six gold coins to the Adventurers Guild to abandon the quest. So, we’d pay four coins, in addition to returning the advance payment.

However, this is only the case when the reality of the quest does not deviate significantly from the initial contents. It would not be appropriate to place a penalty if a dragon attacked during a Goblin Elimination quest.

It is said that the Adventurer’s Guild will send thugs to parties that receive the advance payment, only to fool around.
In other words, it is a rule that adventurers must never violate.

“But it’s so unfair. If we encounter a Goblin Lord or Mage, we should get extra rewards.”

When Satsuki made such a complaint, Cyril responded.

“I guess you have to take that risk into account in advance. The villagers who asked for the goblin elimination are offering that amount as a reward for solving the whole problem. I don’t think they’d be convinced if we asked for extra just because something unexpected happened, and if we threatened to take it by force, we’d be bandits. “

I was secretly impressed when I heard Cyril’s remark. I raised my evaluation of her brain a notch higher.

Humans are inherently biased, selfish creatures. Being able to think about things from the standpoint of others is evidence that she is an intelligent and capable person.

In this way, if one thinks about another’s position, one can use such knowledge to make the optimal decision. This also allows for the avoidance of unnecessary disputes caused by communication errors.

In fact, when I received the Goblin-hunting quest, I also considered the possibility of there being a Goblin Lord or Mage. This situation is the worst within the range of the assumption, not the range of the assumption.

However, not all adventurers are so methodical.
Satsuki, in particular, seemed unsatisfied with Cyril’s explanation.
However, she dismissed such doubts rather swiftly.

Satsuki is very straightforward, compared to Cyril. Or, put another way, Satsuki is a little less intellectually nuanced. Then again, an earnest nature like hers isn’t a bad thing.

My thoughts were interrupted when I noticed Cyril’s gaze pointed at me.

“Mm? What is it?”

The Cleric called out to me with a smile.

“Sorry, I’m just interested. How does Satsuki look to a Mage like you?”

I glanced over to Satsuki, who was in the midst of conversing with Mii.
Mii, though occupied with inspecting the surroundings, still managed to keep up a conversation.

“Hm… As a person, she doesn’t bother me too much. Though she does fall flat in certain aspects.”

“In terms of ability, she’s on the lower end.”

“That’s putting it bluntly, though.”

When I answer, Cyril giggles.

“On the lower end, huh? Pay attention in our next fight — I think you’ll be surprised.”


After talking to Cyril, we soon approached the final room. We stopped chattering and proceeded with caution.

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