[HGEG] Chapter 47: Loved Ones

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada


Qi XiaoKui’s body was stiff in shock and she even suspected there was something wrong with her ears.

“XiaoKui, it’s me” the gentle voice laughed. “You can’t even recognize your sister’s voice? Yeah, I haven’t seen you for fifteen years and now my little Kui is already so big.

“Sister, aren’t you…” Qi XiaoKui was helpless like a little girl and kept stuttering. The person who disappeared fifteen years ago suddenly appeared like this, is she dreaming?

“After I died, I entered this game somehow,” the woman’s voice was soft and soothing which showed how gentle her personality was. “I became one of the game’s NPCs and I’ve been inside this bus for a long time. I saw players coming and going but I never expected to see you here.”

“Sister..” Qi XiaoKui’s eyes quickly teared up and made two wet marks on the blindfold. She stretched her hands and grasped a soft and creamy hand.

After listening to her sister’s words, Qi XiaoKui’s heart was shaken. It turned out to be this way: her sister became an NPC in a game and her sister entered the same game fifteen years later! Is it God’s will?

“Sister! Sister!” Qi XiaoKui couldn’t do anything else besides calling for her sister, Qi XiaoRou, who answered with a gentle smile.

Since their parents divorced, the ill sister was abandoned by both sides and eventually died because they had no money for treatment, that’s why Qi XiaoKui’s world was black and white. She never thought that she would ever see her sister again. With tears on her eyes, she heard Qi XiaoRou say “XiaoKui, don’t you want to see your sister?”

Qi XiaoKui put her hand on her blindfold and thought about taking it off.

“My child?” The old voice echoed in Li Yougen’s ears.

“Mother?” Li Yougen, who hugged himself tightly and tried to isolate himself from the rest of the bus, heard a familiar voice and was unable to believe it.

“I’m your mother, child. Where are we?” Li Yougen’s mother, Zhao Chunhua, asked with a shaking voice. “Mother was sleeping at home just now but when I opened my eyes I ended here. What is this place? Is your mother dreaming?”

Li Yougen knew that his mother lived in the countryside for her whole life and never entered the city, that’s why she has never used a bus before.

But he was a little suspicious. Was this an illusion or trap? That’s why he turned around slightly and asked: “Mother, what day is my birthday?”

“March 21” Zhao Chunhua said without thinking. “Three days after your cousin.”

Li Yougen paused and asked “Is dad okay at home?”

Zhao Chunhua slapped his arm, “Are you getting stupider? Your dad has been dead for more than a decade now, why do you have to talk about him?”

“Then you remember that time when I was ten years old and almost drowned in the river behind our village?”

“I do, but you weren’t ten, you were eight when you scared your poor mother to death.”

“…” Li Yougen was silent.

“Child, why are you so stubborn? What kind of place is this?” Zhao Chunhua was scared since she suddenly appeared in a strange place. She grabbed her son’s arm and shook him “Child, why are you covering your eyes with that? Are you hurt? Let mother see it!”

“No, mother, I covered it deliberately. You also need to close your eyes quickly! Don’t open it!” Li Yougen didn’t even think about how his mother was brought to the game. This game is just too terrible, when he thinks about what he has been trough, he’s sure his mother will have a heart attack and won’t survive!

“Why…” Zhao Chunhua spoke just half sentence and then screamed. Li Yougen felt the hand holding his arm stiffen and then go soft. Zhao Chunhua gasped for air. “What’s going on… Just saw a big pair of eyes… Child, am I not sleeping?”

“No!” Li Yougen was also anxious. “Mother, please close your eyes, don’t open it! Don’t!”

“Okay, mother will close..” Zhao Chunhua said. “How come there’s a number above me? It was five, but now is four… Hey, my eyelids! Ah! It hurts- Ah!”

Judging by that, it seems Zhao Chunhua couldn’t stand the pain on heir eyelids, opened it and then died once again.

“Mother, cover your eyes with your hands! Hurry! Hurry!” Li Yougen was getting more and more desperate.

“Something is grabbing my hand!” Zhao Chunhua screamed. “Something is pulling my eyes! It hurts! It hurts! Eyes! Those eyes! Mother can’t move…”

Li Yougen was desperate and counted how many times his mother died: 5, 4, 3, 2… Two lives left…

Zhao Chunhua was still screaming, “My child, save your mother! Save me!”

Li Yougen touched his own blindfold with some hesitations. As long as he untied the cloth and placed it on his mother, he could save her but… but he…

He thought about what was above his head, the number “1” was like a time bomb. He remembered who raised him, who sold everything so he could study in the city, all the trouble she went through and his fingers couldn’t stop shaking, just like his heart.

His life or his mother’s, which one is more important?

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Zhao Chunhua screamed again and her voice teared her son’s hear in half. The number above her head became “1”.

“Son- Son!” Zhao Chunhua begging became weaker and weaker until the “1” became “0”.

Li Yougen’s hand was pressed on the blindfold until the last second and just that hand twitched slightly, the rest of him was frozen.

Zhao Chunhua’s voice disappeared.

Xiong JiaBao sat on his seat with his back tense and straight as he sat upright with a serious expression that didn’t seem to match his dressing code.

Soon, he felt someone occupying the seat next to him and sensed her perfume, meaning it should be a woman.

“Her perfume is so similar, it’s exactly the same Xiao Ping uses” Xiong JiaBao thought to himself.

“Brother JiaBao?” the female sounded surprised.

Turned out it really was Bai Ping?!!

“Xiao Ping, why are you here?!” Xiong JiaBao exclaimed.

Bai Ping covered her smile with a hand, “Why are you like this? I’m going home by bus.”

“But… But this bus… You shouldn’t be here…” Xiong JiaBao was a little anxious.

“This bus is a little weird” Bai Ping seemed a little puzzled. “Why are there only kids on the bus? But since you are also here, it should be okay. And your eyes are covered, are you playing hide and seek with the children?”

“No, I’m…” Xiong JiaBao incoherent speech was unclear. “Why are you here? You shouldn’t be here! You don’t know this is a horror game?”

“A horror game? I never played one.” Bai Ping looked at him, raised her face and said seriously. “You always like those kind of games and even began to dress up like that. It’s really not my type. Look, auntie’s hair is almost white, can’t you grow up? I’m getting married soon, you don’t want to go to my wedding with such colorful hair, right?”

Xiong JiaBao froze at the news that she was getting married. He immediately threw all the game and system talk behind him and asked in shock: “W-What? You… You are getting married?”

“Ah, yes!” Bai Ping’s tone became brisk. “The wedding is scheduled for next week, I sent you an invitation, you haven’t seen it?”

“No…” Xiong JiaBao muttered in despair and asked unwillingly. “When did you fall in love?!”

“Oh, it was love at first sight. We met last month and decided to marry this month” Bai Ping showed him her tongue. “What about it? Isn’t it fashionable?”

Xiong JiaBao was filled with bitterness. He grew up with Bai Ping and has liked her since childhood. He was thinking about confessing to her as soon as he left the game but… How come she found someone else so soon?!

“You are going too fast, really” Xiong JiaBao tried to persuade her. “Nine out of ten flash marriages end in divorce. Think about it, Xiao Ping. You have known him for such a short time and you don’t know him all that well, what if he’s a scum?”

Bai Ping became a little upset. “You haven’t seen him yet, how can you say he’s bad? Brother JiaBao, when did you become like this?”

“I…” Xiong JiaBao was having trouble with his speech.

“When you meet him, you will know he’s the guy for me!” Bai Ping said. “I’ve always considered you my brother so I want you to bless my wedding. Come and help me, then after looking at him you can say all you want!”

Bai Ping sounded very confident, like she really found a prince who made her proud and happy. On the other side, a unfamiliar voice appeared: “So you are Xiao Ping’s brother. I’m not a scum, relax, you can trust her to me.”

Xiong JiaBao messed with his hair that looked like a hedgehog and felt only distrust for the man. He cursed: “Relax? How can I relax?! I still think you are a scum!”

“Brother JiaBao! I’ll get angry if you say that!” Bai Ping was mad.

Xiong JiaBao was terribly upset and faintly felt the man crawling towards him to whisper in his ears with a weird, somehow feminine, voice, “Do you like her? I can see it, but it’s useless. She’s mine, you coward.”

Unlike the previous tone, since now Bai Ping couldn’t hear them, the man ended the polite disguise and spoke with a voice full of malice and hate. He aimed a punch to the direction where the voice came, “Bastard! I will never let her marry you!”

However, since his eyes were covered, his punch missed and the man only had to step back laughing loudly.

Xiong JiaBao was so angry that he forgot everything and took off his blindfold.

A pair of huge, ridiculous stone eyes appeared in his view.

Xiong JiaBao’s body became stiff.

“3” became “2”…

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