[GFWI] Chapter 9: Pitfall

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: Biodegradable

Proofreader: JadeCloud

According to my Wizard Eye reconnaissance, there were a total of four rooms in this cave.

The first was the room with five goblins.
The second and third were at the end of the passage that extends from the first room, and one of them was the room with eight goblins.

And now, we were heading to the passage at the other end of the branch.
Beyond this corridor, there was a fourth room where the cave ended.

With that aside, our team’s progress through this cave had been impressive,
likely due to, in no small part, Mii’s Thief abilities coming into play.

Thieves as adventurers were not about stealing. Using a variety of skills such as listening, and detecting traps to reduce the risks inherent in dungeon exploration were the main roles of a Thief in adventurer parties.

Mii appeared to be performing the duties required of the thief role without any noticeable mistakes.
There was nothing special to mention, but it was certainly more than a passing score.
Her quick wits and acute sense of hearing got her accurate results.

I got the feeling that these people had the potential to become C-rank adventurers in the future. Assuming they didn’t lose their lives along the way.

An interesting incident exemplified Mii’s abilities in the third room.

“As William said, I don’t see any goblins here. I’m a little nervous.”

As we arrived at the third hall, Satsuki had an uneasy feeling.
Unlike the previous two halls, there were no goblins.

“I don’t know about you, but in the middle of a dungeon search isn’t feeling a little nervous the norm?”

Cyril faced Satsuki and complained.
However, Satsuki didn’t seem to care much.

“Cyril has always been very nervous, that kind of thing will explode one day. My job is to kill the enemy. William told me that there’s a boss at the back of the cave, so it’s time to get excited.”

It was at the time that Satsuki was trying to traverse the room, leading the way while developing such a theory.

“…Wait, Satsuki”


Mii stopped Satsuki with a sharp voice.
Satsuki stopped and looked back at Mii.

“What is it Mii, do you need to pee? William, I’ve got my eyes on you.”

“Does Satsuki think of Mii as a stray cat or something? No, really. Look closely.”

Mii stepped past Satsuki, stopping just a little in front of the center of the room. Suddenly, she kicked at the ground before her.

The dirt below her kicking foot abruptly collapsed inward, revealing a gaping hole in the earth.

“Well, well, what is this?”

Satsuki rushed beside Mii, and tried to kick the ground in front of her in the same way.
Once again, the ground caved in and a hole was made.

While carefully looking at the ground, Mii repeated this process multiple times. And at some point, the whole space collapsed at once.

As a result, a large hole was created in the center of the Hall.
Satsuki peeped into the hole that had emerged.

“Uh… this is a pitfall?”

“Yes. The color of the soil was a bit unnatural.”

When I approached Satsuki, I saw that the mortar-shaped hole with a steep slope was dug out to about three times the height of a person.
The bottom of the hole was illuminated with a torch and there were several pointed rocks, tips pointing upward.

“… If we fell, wouldn’t it be quite dangerous? At worst, if you hit that rock …”

“You’d be dead. It’s an interesting pitfall, though. There’s a pattern where the spears are laid up on the bottom. The corpses quickly become bones in a pool of strong acid. ”

“Are you serious……”

Satsuki looked into the bottom of the hole with a terrified face.
Next to it, Cyril, who was also approaching the edge of the hole, muttered to no one in particular.

“But now we know that there is an intelligent goblin in this cave. As William said,”

Cyril said so with a sharp glance at the passage to the final room.
And then, in a tense voice, she continued her words.

“There’s a Goblin Mage and a Goblin lord in the back.” she said

Translator and Editor Notes:

Got to love cliffhangers – McTavish

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