[HGEG] Chapter 46: Qi XiaoKui's Past

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada

“Brother, brother, can we~?” The two kids insisted and Xin Meng covered his eyes as he stepped back awkwardly.

“This…” Xin Meng hesitated for a moment but still refused. “This cloth is very important, that’s why you can’t touch it.”

“Then how do we know you are telling us the truth?” The girl named HongHong asked sharply. “You don’t let us touch it because you are lying. Mom says that all the liars are bad children! Bad children will be punished!”

The little girl’s voice is sharp and while it’s alright when she talks low, as soon as she raises the pitch it becomes harsh to the ears. Xin Meng’s heart jumped fast due the bad premonition he had. He was afraid that the two of them accidentally fell into a trap and he kept asking anxiously what should he do. He can’t let them touch the blindfold but there’s no other way to get rid of their curiosity…

Xin Meng was anxious and quickly compromised: “We really didn’t lie. If you don’t believe us, please find another piece of cloth and wrap it around the one we have now. If we can find you accurately, that means we didn’t lie.”

The two children went quiet for a moment and appeared to be communicating between themselves. Xin Meng tried to but couldn’t listen to their conversation. After a while, the girl named HongHong reluctantly said, “It’s alright, we believe you.”

The first child happily talked to Xin Meng. “Sit down! Right in front of you!”

Xin Meng nodded and was about to sit down when he felt the grip on his hand become tighter. When he turned his head, You Yi whispered to him in an extremely low tone: “Good job.”

Xin Meng touched his earlobe and sat down with his lips shut tightly, however he didn’t knew his ears were already red and the blush on his face was completely exposed.

Xin Meng is not the only one who think there’s something wrong. Li Yougen, who had only one more live, was very scared and the world ‘punishment’ made his heart jump. Although who said is just a little kid, what about it? In his opinion, all NPCs are terrible, regardless of gender and age!

He immediately shook his head like a rattle and answered in urgency. “I-I didn’t lie! Don’t punish me! Don’t punish me!”

He stepped back unconsciously as he spoke and tripped on a seat that made him fall like a dog on the mud. The child who asked him clapped and laughed loudly: “Uncle, you are so funny! I believe you, otherwise you would be too stupid!”

Li Yougen: “…”

He sat in the seat that the child showed him and leaned his head on the window as he curled his body in a ball, with his hands covering his ears and eyes he decided that, no matter what happened, he would never open his eyes!

Although living is currently a pain for him… He still doesn’t want to die!

Before the bus even started, both Dong Xiu and Qi XiaoKui lost a life. When they returned, the cloth had disappeared from Qi XiaoKui’s eyes and appeared on her hands. She closed her eyes immediately and wrapped her cloth to her eyes again.

“Woah, sister, why did the cloth appear on your hands?” The child bit his finger and asked innocently. “Was that magic? Can you do it again?”

This time, even though the kid’s voice was soft and sweet, Qi XiaoKui wasn’t moved and bit her lips. “Weren’t you supposed to show me a seat? Where’s it?”

The child seemed a little bit aggrieved. “Right in front of you, do you need my help?”

“No need” Qi XiaoKui used her hands to feel the seat and sat down carefully as she ignored the child. The child continued to speak for a long time and lost her voice after a while without getting any answer.

The most wronged was Dong Xiu because he was too clever and miscalculated the game’s intentions. His conspiracy theories were too complicated and led to his own death. After resurrection, he wanted to find that kid immediately but he heard the driver shout: “It will get late in fifteen seconds, can you please sit?”

Fifteen seconds!

This is probably how to remind them about the time while they have their eyes closed. Dong Xiu quickly ignored all his thought and sat down on the seat in front of him. He shouted at others uneasily “Sit down! Otherwise we will fail in fifteen seconds!”

But he didn’t know he was actually the last one to sit down.

As soon as he sat the bus immediately started to mode. The children in the bus appeared to be less shy than before and started chatting loudly, filling the bus with children’s laughter just like in a horror game.

Xin Meng thought for a while and asked the kid who brought him over, a little boy called Hei Zai, “Where are you going? Are the children around us your friends?”

Hei Zai answered nicely: “They, we are all good friends. We are in kindergarten and today the teacher brought us all here to go to the fields. The teacher said she will take us to fly kites and play games!”

“How many children are there in total?” Xin Meng continued to inquire. “Is your teacher around?”

“Besides me, there’s eighteen! Of course teacher is here too. She’s scolding PingPing because PingPing dressed up as a puppy and bite someone, the teacher is very angry! If you listen well you can hear her scolding!”

Xin Meng listened well and indeed he heard a female voice speaking. Her voice was severe and firm but he couldn’t understand well what was being said thanks to the children screaming.

Is just that… Why was that sound familiar?

Xin Meng thought and thought about it but, in the end, he couldn’t remember where he heard a sound like that.

“Is there anyone else in this bus?”

“Yes,” Hei Zai grinned. “Many, many.”

This answer made Xin Meng uncomfortable for some reason. He still felt very weird about it all. What’s wrong about it? In the bus, there’s 18 kids plus a teacher and six of them. Excluding the driver, there’s already 25 people in the driver and the driver order them to give their seats to the blinds as soon as they entered. There’s no more empty seats in the bus but there’s many, many people? Just now, why didn’t he feel anyone around the aisle when he walked over?

A kind of bad omen made him unable to continue his questions. He sat idly for a while and leaned to whisper on You Yi’s ears, “Do we just need to sit down until the next stop? The style of this feels so simple for this game…”

You Yi was silent for a while and then he pressed hid thumb three times on his palm. “Be careful.”

After that, he pressed three more times.

Xin Meng felt that was unnatural and asked curiously, “What’s that? A password?”

“No,” You Yi answered. “It’s nothing.”

Qi XiaoKui was blindfolded and separated from the others so she was completely lost. Orientation doesn’t matter as long as she stays still and safety doesn’t matter as long as she’s able to protect her cloth.

The child who was talkative at her side suddenly went quietly and she soon found the seat next to her was empty. No one was there? Then why did the driver told them to give up their seats to the blinds could sit?

To be honest, Qi XiaoKui is not a particularly smart person or at least she never noticed how intelligent she is. In the past 20 years of her life, only the 5 first years were happy and the other 15 she immersed herself in her own word and stopped caring about others.

Around others she always acts like a gloomy and hasty ghost which meant she had no friends or no one that actually cares about her.

No… There’s at least one person who really cared about her. But that person already went to another world when she was five so they never saw each other again.

That’s how she became sorrowful and empty, like a walking dead body every day, with no will to live.

Unexpectedly, entering the game made her regain the will she had lost long ago. These strange experiences and terrible deaths she encountered made her wake up from the self-loathing world and she began to open her eyes too look at the world around her. Since she watched so carefully, she knew how egocentric and selfish her teammates were, the strange relationship between You Yi and Xin Meng and other simple things. However she wasn’t confident about her observing skills in a puzzle game. After all, since her eyes were closed for too long, she needed time to adapt.

She didn’t want to understand this game’s meaning, how to get back to reality and neither know if she would be able to live to the next game.

If she dies here, will she be able to see that person again?

In the end, will her soul free from everything and will she walk down to river to see that person again or will she continue imprisoned in this game with no chance to reincarnate?

Qi XiaoKui is like a sad bookworm girl, constantly trapped inside her mind with a negative worldview that gradually makes her more desperate.

Meanwhile, she felt someone approaching and sitting next to her.

She didn’t care and thought the child was back but soon she realized she was wrong.

That’s because she hear a familiar voice: “XiaoKui…”

Her eyes under blocked by the blindfold went wide.


Translator and Editor Notes:

i love her step on me pls – zucci

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