[HGEG] Chapter 45: Medusa's Eyes

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada


Xin Meng looked at the card in his hands: [In the second bus, there’s a Medusa. Please don’t look at it.]

“You saw Medusa? How does she look?”

“I don’t know,” Li Yougen stepped back in shock. Unlike the first bus when he rushed into the bus, this time he refused to go back in. “I only saw her eyes, made of stone… H-Huge…”

“Think carefully, what you saw was her eyes?” Xin Meng asked.

“I don’t know!” Li Yougen hissed. “I saw those eyes the moment I entered and then I died! Died!”

He was on the verge of collapse and could only yell, Xin Meng couldn’t really ask for anything important. He glanced at You Yi who nodded and said, “The best way is to not look at anything in the bus.”

Xin Meng took his backpack and turned it over to find a thin and long piece of cloth inside which he handed to You Yi, “It’s better to cover your eyes with it.”

You Yi took the cloth and folded it but first he wrapped around Xin Meng’s eyes and then took one cloth from his own backpack to wrap around his. The others watched the scene and quickly searched a cloth on their backpacks. They all had one piece of cloth that they didn’t know the purpose of.

Their backpacks are directly equipped by the game. Normally they have very few things on it, most of them being food and water. Their tools are limited but they never had a piece of cloth before. Since it was too weird, they all had it placed in the bottom of the backpack and forgot about it, but thinking about it now, it’s very likely the game provided special props for the buses.

The cloth’s material is very similar to a thick eyeglass cleaning cloth with a smooth surface and a uniform gray-blue color.

“W-Who can help put it on…” Seeing everyone putting the cloth on, Dong Xiu who had no arms was anxious and quickly asked for help.

But he was destined to be disappointed because Qi XiaoKui ignored him, Li Yougen was so afraid that he already put the cloth on his own eyes without a care for others and Xiong JiaBao glanced at Dong Xiu twice and turned around, pretending he didn’t notice Dong Xiu.

In the end, Xin Meng kindly reminded him, “You can close your eyes yourself.”

That’s because they wanted him to use a live to replace their missing ones. Although Xin Meng is kind, he’s not a maiden and naturally doesn’t intent to help him. It’s already very kind of him to advise him to close his eyes.

Dong Xiu is unable to control the evil he created and karma acted fast against him. He could only close his eyes tightly and rely on the sound heard by his ears as he stumbled into the bus.

Xin Meng was taken away by You Yi. You Yi’s pace was steady with no hesitation as if he wasn’t affected by darkness. His generous pals were warm and strong which caused Xin Meng to forget his surroundings. Xin Meng was both overwhelmed and relieved when he entered the bus.

As soon as he entered the bus, various noises invaded his ears. He heard loud noises, children crying, an adult’s scolding and a mess in general.

It’s like entering a vegetable narket. No, it would be better to refer it as a kindergarten since most of the sounds belonged to children.

They got into the bus and received a completely different treatment than before because they soon heard a woman say from the driver’s seat: “A blind man just entered the bus, who will give him a seat? Someone take care of him and show him a seat!”

Soon Xin Meng felt someone closer to him and a little palm grab his hand as that someone said with a childish voice, “Blind brother, you can sit with me. C’mon, I’ll take you there!”

The cute little voice hasn’t even reached puberty yet so he can’t be sure if it’s a boy or a girl. The cute voice made him melt for a moment but soon Xin Meng came back to reality. He pulled his hand back after taking a step, “Thank you, but there’s no need.”

The child continued, “Please come with me, brother, otherwise auntie won’t drive!”

As if confirming the child’s word, the driver shouted: “Sir, I can only drive after you sit down.”

Xin Meng was helpless and whispered to You Yi: “What should we do?”

“Sit first.” You Yi’s low voice echoed and then he talked to the child: “We want to sit next to each other.”

The child looked a bit unhappy and mumbled a few words: “You go as far as to demand something”, after the kid got no answer they reluctantly said, “Come with me, I’ll ask HongHong to give her seat to you, she was sitting next to me.”

After that the child tried to take Xin Meng’s hand again but, this time, Xin Meng’s intuition was faster and he quickly placed his arm on his back and smiled unnaturally, “Thank you, boy. Just lead the way and we will follow you.”

“Ahn? Aren’t you blind?”

Xin Meng laughed: “But we aren’t deaf, our ears can be our eyes.”

“Well, then follow me!” The kid’s voice sounded a little far as they walked into the bus. Xin Meng wasn’t that good with sounds but he trusted You Yi who didn’t let him down and pulled him accurately. After some time the kid’s footsteps became so light they could barely be heard before they finally stopped at the back of the bus.

“Wow! You really followed!” The exaggerated tone of the child was heard/ “Brother, are you really blind? HongHong, don’t you think the brothers are really great?”

“What’s so great about it?” A little girl said in a teasing way. “They probably cheated. The cloth is probably transparent and, in fact, they can see us with their eyes so of course they can follow so well!”

“So it is like that!” The child’s mood dropped and he asked Xin Meng. “Brother, you really cheated? Cheating is no good, you have to be punished!”

Obviously the child is speaking innocently but, when it comes to the word ‘punishment’, it leaved a bad flavor on their mouths.

Xin Meng froze.

On the other seats, the same conversation is happening in the same time.

The others were pulled or dragged and Dong Xiu was pushed by a small hand on his back while several children asked questions like “Are you really blind? Can’t you see?”

However even though the same questions were asked at the same time, it somehow couldn’t be heard by others. Everyone’s ears appeared to be filtered except for Xin Meng and You Yi who decided to sit together. They couldn’t hear each other’s voices or questions and naturally couldn’t notice how weird the situation was.

Qi XiaoKui is friendlier to kids than adults and spoke patiently, “Sister is really blind, you pulled me here.:

The child tilted their head curiously as they looked at the cloth on her eyes, “Miss, sister, can you take off the cloth to let me see your eyes? I want to know if you are really blind!”

Qi XiaoKui shook her head since she was still alert and vigilant after all. When it comes to personal safety, she thought it was better to refuse, “No, the cloth on sister’s eyes is very useful and can’t be removed.”

The child released a “ah” in disappointment and coquettishly said: “Well, let me touch, what about it? Just touch, just touch~”

Qi XiaoKui hesitated for a moment but couldn’t help it thanks to the child’s cute tone: “You can touch it but you can’t take it off, got it?”

“Got it!” the kid cried in joy and saw Qi XiaoKui lean over. Two black eyes smiled like a waning moon and touched the creamy fabric…

Qi XiaoKui felt the cloth suddenly disappear!

She opened her eyes in surprise and immediately faced a pair of huge stone eyes. The stone-like eyes filled all her vision as it stared at her hardly. Qi XiaoKui felt that her body couldn’t listen to her and went extremely stiff, like she was made of stone!

Others could see the “5” turning into a “4” above her head…

Like her, Xiong JiaBao was also in trouble with two children hugging his calves as they continued to plead in a coquettish way that never ceased. With the two voices overlapping each other to plead sweetly, Xiong JiaBao was quickly defeated by cuteness.

“Okay, okay, but you can only touch it and not take it off!”

Xiong JiaBao was planning to lean down and allow the children to get closer but the moment the bent his wait he felt an unbearable pain. He reached down to touch his lower back and found out there was a sound there, it was probably made when he got off the last bus. The wound isn’t deep, it’s just that his skin was already healing and would be torn open if he bends down so he can’t afford to coax the children. “Sorry, kiddos, this uncle injured his waist and can’t bend down, so forget about it!”

The two kids looked at each other in disappointment

On the other side with Dong Xiu, there was a lovely girl with a voice that sounded like a bird, “Uncle, can your eyes see?”

Dong Xiu was impatient with her questioning and answered rudely, “That doesn’t have anything to do with you!”

The little girl said sweetly “Mom said that cheating is bad and deserves punishment. Uncle should be a good boy and not cheat.”

Dong Xiu sneered: “Go away!”

The little girl continued “Can you see me, uncle?”

After all, since it was just an NPC, Dong Xiu intended to lift his feet to kick her but soon thought about something: are these two different options given by the game? One choice is that he can see while the other is that he can’t.

What if he answers that he can’t and, since he lied, he ends up being slaughtered?

Here’s a situation Dong Xiu can’t stand. He never liked to expose his weakness to other people and especially to outsiders. He always preferred to keep it all to himself to prevent the enemy from knowing his situation and formulating a plan against him.

That’s why he answered the little girl: “Yes, I can indeed see. I can’t not only see the seat but I can also see you as well as every one of your actions, so you better not plan anything!”

“Hee hee hee…” The little girl chuckled loudly. “Sure enough you are cheating! Uncle has to accept punishment!”

Dong Xiu was too late to react. His eyelids appeared to be bitten by something and he screamed in pain as he opened his eyes by accident. What he saw was a huge pair of stone eyes and the number on his head changed from “3” to “2”…

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