[HGEG] Chapter 44: Jealously and Hate

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada

Proofreader: JadeCloud

The doors closed as soon as the last person got off the bus. The bus drove away and left six people at the platform, where no one spoke.

Right now, only You Yi and Qi XiaoKui had five lives, Xin Meng had four, Dong Xiu three and Xiong JiaBao and Li Yougen only had two left.

Earlier, they all thought they had enough lives to be used but, in such a short period of time, nearly half were lost. The whole group that was shocked by the calmness and peace at the beginning now had a sense of urgency and fear, especially Li Yougen and Xiong JiaBao.

If they died in this game, they will never be able to return to reality.

“We’re gonna die, we’re gonna die…” Li Yougen’s body was curled in a ball as he held his head and cried, completely enveloped by fear and despair.

They have only cleared two games but he had already died twice. This game was so difficult, do they really have any hope of living?

Xiong JiaBao’s eyes were red thanks to his crying.

Dong Xiu was awakened by crying, pain and excessive blood loss made his face pale. However, he soon found out that the pain on his arms faded at an unreasonable pace and after just a few minutes it became tolerable.

He wasn’t happy with the horrible power of this game’s God, his face was turning even uglier.

“Just one more time, if I die once more…” Li Yougen shuddered and suddenly rushed towards Xin Meng as fast as he could. He held his arm tightly and started crying, begging: “Xin Meng! Xin Meng, you haven’t died yet, you still have three lives, right? I remember you still have three lives! Then help us! Just cover for us! Xin Meng!”

Xin Meng already had an injured arm which just happened to be held by Li Yougen. The wound broke and the white handkerchief was stained with blood. Xin Meng screamed but still wasn’t able to get rid of Li Yougen who had fallen into madness. You Yi came over, grabbed Li Yougen’s collar and threw him out. Li Yougen fell to the ground and kept screaming like a lunatic:

“Xin Meng! It’s not like you will die! You still have three lives, I’m just asking you to give up on one, so what? You can’t be so selfish! Will you just watch us die? Why didn’t you save us back in the bus?! And You Yi! You two are both selfish bastards! You just care for yourselves!”

The platform was silent and the only sound was of Li Yougen’s verbal abuse that went straight for their hearts.

Xin Meng covered his bleeding arm and slowly glanced at the silent people around him. You Yi guarded him by the side, eyes unchanged. Qi XiaoKui’s sharp stare is fixated on Li Yougen, making him feel warm. However, not even Xiong JiaBao refuted Li Yougen. Dong Xiu was injured and unable to speak, but from his looks it was clear he agreed with Li Yougen while Xiong JiaBao kept his head down anxiously.

“I still have three lives, so what?” Xin Meng said with his expression and intonation completely different from normal. “That doesn’t mean I should give up one of them to keep you safe. I don’t have that obligation.”

“How can you be so selfish?!” Li Yougen got up and pointed to Xin Meng while cursing. “We are teammates!”

“We are just teammates” Xin Meng looked at him coldly. “We are not family, lovers and not even friends. You never did anything for me, neither do I have the obligation to do anything for you.”

“Why did you save that woman then?” Li Yougen was so desperate that he couldn’t care less about You Yi, he pointed at Qi XiaoKui while he continued to curse at Xin Meng: “Oh, I know, you are fancying that little bitch? I thought you only sold your ass, but you go both ways? You disgusting bitch! Repulsive whore! Slut!”

He looked consumed by madness and hate as he continued to curse at Xin Meng, as if dumping all his fear and jealously on him.

He hated this damn game! And he hated Xin Meng even more!

Yes, he hated Xin Meng, not because he did something bad to Li Yougen, but because he was jealous. He was jealous of Xin Meng’s good luck, he was jealous he was protected by You Yi and he was jealous that he never failed. He was jealous he never had to go through death like he had!

That jealously ended up becoming deep resentment, evoking the ugliest and most brutal emotions inside his heart. He cursed Xin Meng in his thoughts, cursed him when he was thrown on the ground by You Yi and cursed at him all the time hoping that he would die at the spot!

His face was distorted by his wicked emotions. He stared at Xin Meng angrily and wanted to curse him again, however, he soon found out that his body was in the air. He was turned around in circles and then he felt severe pain.

You Yi tossed him out of the platform!

Overthrown by his emotions, Li Yougen ignored how much he feared You Yi this time. Before, You Yi only intimidated him with his eyes and never directly harmed him which made him develop a false perception of him. He though that man was nothing more than a strong and capable observer. An inexplicable courage was born in him and he immediately climbed to the platform again. He made up his mind, this time he would curse at You Yi too!

“You two…” Li Yougen just said two words when he saw You Yi turn his back to Xin Meng and walk towards him with no hurry.

The man’s face had no emotion. His brown pupils reflected the light and appeared inorganic. He looked at Li Yougen just like that, with no anger, no disgust, just indifference.

Li Yougen trembled. He finally remembered why he was so afraid of You Yi. That man was always indifferent towards everyone except Xin Meng. He wasn’t even gentle with the NPCs. The only expression he would show would be to express his murderous intentions and no other human emotion. That’s why he always felt he wasn’t a human, just an emotionless killing machine.

That man must have killed someone with his own hands in the past. Only after someone has experienced a bloody slaughter with his own eyes would have such an aura that made everyone paralyze under his stare!

Li Yougen has seen such people before when he accompanied some political leaders to see such people. They used to be on the army and all of them were iron soldiers who had struggled on a brute battlefield for many years. It can be said that those types of soldiers are powerful secret weapons that are owned by the country and valued by many political parties. However, even those people react different to young children and adults, contrary to You Yi.

Who the hell is this man?

He acts very different towards Xin Meng, it can be said he likes him a lot, but why is Xin Meng better than any NPC or player in his eyes?

Li Yougen noticed that although he’s not enthusiastic when facing NPCs, he’s not as in guard as he is towards the four other players.

What’s going on?

Even though Li Yougen was suspicious of him, he had not much time to think. He was dragged by You Yi and had his back pressed on the ground with You Yi’s knees dead on his lungs so that he would have no choice but to keep quiet. Pain came from his limbs and bones with a ‘kaka” sound that gradually increased.

Everyone watched You Yi disengage all of Li Yougen’s limbs with extremely smooth movements and, in a blink of an eye, Li Yougen became soft like mud, unable to even struggle.

Li Yougen tried to open his mouth to scream but soon discovered that his chin leaned slightly to the right side thanks to the hand holding it in place.

His head was stuck and he couldn’t lift it

He could only move his pupils around. You Yi was looking down at him with glass-like brown eyes that stared quietly.

If he made any noise, that hand would hold his chin and twist his head hard…

And then his cervical spine would make a crisp breaking sound, like a duck’s neck being ripped and cut into two pieces.

Li Yougen felt terrible. Tears and snot covered his face and he constantly tried to shake his head as he looked at You Yi with begging eyes. However, he didn’t dare to beg for forgiveness and continued to bite his lips. He felt the hand on his chin loosen up and then You Yi stood up to walked back to Xin Meng’s side.

“Huff… huff…” Li Yougen was sweating coldly as he lied on the ground unmovable. Only his panting sounds showed that he was still alive.

The “eye contact” they shared just happened to be hidden from Xin Meng, so everyone just thought You Yi became irritable thanks to Li Yougen and ended up being a little too much when beating him up.

Although Xin Meng had nothing to do with these so-called teammates, clearing the task was more important. He hesitated for a moment before whispering to You Yi: “If he’s unable to move, it’ll affect our work, right?”

Everyone looked at You Yi, Li Yougen though didn’t dare look at him directly and could only sneak a peek. They saw You Yi look down at Xin Meng and say: “It’s just a lesson. When the bus arrives I’ll pick him up.”

“Oh” Xin Meng didn’t know what he meant but thought he only dislocated something and left no traces of pain, that’s why he said nothing about it.

Dong Xiu heard that and his eyes darkened. It was unknown if he was scared or if he lost too much blood.

To be honest, Xin Meng admired Dong Xiu’s will a lot. His arms were missing and his white bones were exposed, normal people would’ve gone crazy but not Dong Xiu. He was alright and could still keep calm, he could even keep conscious no matter how much he bled. That was because of a lucky and fortunate thing: this was a game.

Since this was a game, their injuries are not permanent. When the level was cleared and they went to another one, his injuries would heal and he’d go back to being a full person.

Isn’t that lucky?

No, because they were still inside the game that made him lose both of his arms.

“Although it’s not necessary, I’ll explain it” Xin Meng turned his head to look at Li Yougen after some thought. “I saved Qi XiaoKui because I wanted to while I don’t want to help you. Yes, that’s just it, just because I didn’t want to help you, it’s simple as that. It’s my own life and I have the right to control how I live it, that’s why all my actions are from my own will. If I’m willing to save someone, I’ll save them. There’s no more reason for it and no one can buy me with morality or affection, it’ll only be useless. Do you understand?”

Such straightforwardness and crude words made Li Yougen speechless and Xiong JiaBao bow his head.

Finally, the platform went quiet and time passed silently.

After a while, they heard the engines and the second bus arrived at the bus station.

You Yi walked over and connected Li Yougen’s joints one by one. The pain made Li Yougen’s face go pale but he didn’t dare to scream. With the last joint in place, You Yi grabbed him by the neck and threw him towards the bus, though Li Yougen wasn’t able to balance himself and directly hit the bus door.

The door opened and Li Yougen was forced to take a few steps back. He raised his head too look inside but only saw darkness.

His legs were soft but when he turned around and saw You Yi, he quickly recovered his strength and rushed into the bus.

You Yi followed him but before he could even step inside, Li Yougen came back screaming and running with a green light above his head that flashed a “1”…

Did he die as soon as he enter?!

“What’s going on?” Xin Meng quickly asked. “What’s inside?”

However, Li Yougen was unable to answer him. He tried to grab his arm but was blocked by You Yi, so he begged from a distance: “Help me, help…”

Only one more death and he’s dead forever!

“If you don’t tell me what’s inside I can’t help you” Xin Meng answered coldly.

Li Yougen lips closed for a while before he said with a shaking voice: “M-Medusa…”

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