[GFWI] Chapter 7: Satsuki

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: Biodegradeable

Proofreader: JadeCloud

“… Hey, William.”

“What is it, Satsuki?”

After entering the cave, we proceeded until we reached what seemed to be a hallway opening up into a room.

Satsuki watched from the hall while poking at the ground with her sword.

“Didn’t you say something about considering alternative methods, given my stance and thoughts?”

“Correct. I said that.”

“So why did this happen?”

Before Satsuki was a spacious room, where a total of five goblins laid snoozing on the cavern floor.
The result of the Sleep spell I had cast.

When we realized that there was a group of goblins in the room, we had rushed forward and attacked them. I thought a sleep spell would be useful here, so I shot it instantly.

And the outcome was this situation.
Now, Mii and Cyril had split up and begun stabbing at the sleeping goblins one by one.

“Hmm, why did we get this result? First, we were lucky. These circumstances don’t occur that often. Second, taking into account the nature of Satsuki, I thought I would be able to kill the goblins reliably and quietly — Are you dissatisfied?”

“No, but… this was supposed to be where I come in… my chance to uphold my honor…”

Satsuki spoke those words like a shy squirrel. It’d be troublesome to say that, though.

“Our lives are more important than accountability,” I said, “it’s natural to take safety and certainty measures.”

“I suppose.”

The girl sighed and shook her shoulders within her kimono.
The sight made me feel a little sorry, but I didn’t think I made the wrong decision, so I brush it off.

After all, our cave expedition was proceeding smoothly. Once Mii and Cyril had finished the goblins, I took the end of my staff and started drawing a diagram in the dirt.

I drew one for the team earlier, but I intended to share the information again.

The passage from the entrance of the cave to the hall.
Then, a passage that extended from this hall to some other corridors, and the goblins that are on the way to the branching passage ahead.

When I put a big cross in the room where we were now, Satsuki, who was watching over my shoulder, muttered softly, “I don’t get it… How do you know the layout of a place you’ve never been to? How do you know where the goblins are?”

“I think I explained this earlier, it’s the result of scouting using Wizard Eye.”

“Oh, I heard the explanation. But, to be honest, I was skeptical, until I saw the topography and the number of goblins here. I almost feel like we’re cheating; we know the shape of the dungeon and where the enemy is from the very beginning.”

“Whatever you do, the accuracy of the information can be an important factor in determining your fate. Is that not the perspective of those who can’t use magic?”

Satsuki drooped her shoulders at my reply. I couldn’t see what was getting her down, but I was confident in the information I had provided, so we should just proceed for now.

The Wizard Eye spell allowed one to “see” the pseudo-visual scenery through transparent “eyes” created by magic.
The “eyes,” while present, were transparent and invisible, and could move at a speed similar to that of a human walking in the air. The caster received the scenery as part of their visual information.
In addition, the “eyes” also had excellent night-vision capabilities, being able to navigate without problems even in the darkness of the cave.

At the beginning of the excursion, I had asked my friends to wait a moment in order to exercise this magic, and used my “eyes” to search the cave for information in advance.
As a result, the information shown in my diagram was obtained.

“Still, there was no room for carelessness. My “eyes” couldn’t spot invisible dangers like traps. I didn’t know what else might happen. Always be alert.”

“I think the normal definition of “carelessness” and William’s “carelessness” are a little different…” Satsuki says, with a distant look in her eyes.

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