[PBCT] Chapter 20: Perfect victory

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Translator: Redeyes

Editor: Asada

Proofreader: JadeCloud

It was a simple story.

The Emperor prohibited Gettenwo from giving a campaign speech.

However, “people who looked like that” were not prohibited. This was precisely the blind spot that I could see through because of my excellent brain.

“Don’t call yourself Gettenwo, it would be a violation. Call yourself something like “Gatsu no Ji[1]” and make it a bit deceptive. And then, While doing somersault acrobatic like Gettenwo, please be on stage next to Iifu. When that happens, the crowd will be excited, and Iifu will win.” ~Sugen

“Wait a minute. What are you talking about?” ~Assassin

“I don’t have time to talk in detail.” ~Sugen

“Talk even if you have to summarize. Otherwise, just kill me.” ~Assassin

I did not want to kill him, so I only explained in a very simple situation. “In this speech, my plan is to increase Iifu’s popularity.”

The assassin pinched his eyebrows and turned his face down.

“I don’t have any reason to help you with such a thing. It’s alright, just kill me. I am not going to receive any more insult.” ~Assassin

” That’s right. If you follow my request, you can be next to the assassination target, Iifu, right? Look at this chance, there is plenty of stabbing potential with a poison needle. In such a place, can you give up?” ~Sugen

“What with that abnormal persuasion? Are you still a brother? just kill me quickly.” ~Assassin

In regards to the assassin’s stubbornness, I made another compromise.

“I understand. As expected, it is difficult to improvise and work on the campaign speech. Then, all you need to do is stand next to Iifu. Just because Gettenwo stands beside him, it is enough cheering effect.” ~Sugen

“I don’t want to do anything completely unrelated to what I’m gonna do. Kill me quickly.” ~Assassin

I put my hands on both shoulders of the persistent man.

“Don’t say that. From a while ago, all I hear was kill me, kill me…. Don’t you have pride as an assassin? Isn’t this is a great opportunity to kill Iifu? If you don’t try here, you will lose your honor.” ~Sugen

“Wait. I’m confused about who my client was … I think it wasn’t you.” ~Assassin

“Anyone is fine. Quickly get ready. First, get dressed in black.” ~Sugen

“… I don’t understand, but is it really okay? No hesitation?” ~Assassin

“Please do it freely.” ~Sugen

Patient persuasion worked, finally, an agreement was reached with the assassin.

As Iifu continued to prolong his speech as expected, I stealthily entered the court with the assassin. I secured a black suit for night spying from the weapon rack.

I let him change the clothes on the spot and returned to the podium where Iifu stood.

“I will tell you good information. Iifu cannot fight you back because we heirs cannot destroy the atmosphere of the festival. You are free to make a one-sided attack.” ~Sugen

“Please do not say anything anymore. Don’t confuse me anymore.” ~Assassin

As if desperate, the assassin increased his running speed. I followed him determinedly.

And finally, I went back to the grand stairs with the trump card.

” Oh, Sugen, that was a long toilet break — who is this?” ~Ryausha

” Let me introduce. This person is “Gatsu no Ji.” Apparently, he came because he wanted to cheer for Iifu.” ~Sugen

Ryausha understood in one word. Sauran, too, seemed to roughly figure out.

“I see, Sugen. You are not thinking of a good thing…” ~Ryausha

”Mister Gatsu no Ji. I don’t know who you are, but I’d like to thank you for your support for Elder Brother.” ~Sauran

Then, the two showed the direction to Iifu with their palms. This is the signal to “Go.”

The assassin stopped for a while, hesitating. But soon, he nodded and began to walk bravely towards Iifu.

” Oh. You found a good one, Sugen. The credit is yours.” ~Ryausha?

” Haha, please don’t praise me, Elder Sister.” ~Sugen

” Absolutely. I can see Elder Brother’s confused face…” ~Ryausha

The three people, except for Iifu, created a peaceful atmosphere. Finally, the time came.

The assassin kicked the ground — changed, the fake Gettenwo jumped towards Iifu while making a full rotation in the air.

There were several poisonous needles that can be fatal between the fingers of his clenched fists.

Iifu’s face distorted in shock. For him, who was proud of his matchless valor, this situation was not expected.

During the speech, a Gettenwo look-a-like appeared next to him in a black costume.

” Y-You~ You planned this!” ~Iifu

Iifu’s quick temper came out. He looked back with confusion as he spoke words that could disturb the place. Of course, we continue to make a face as if we did not know.

On the other hand, the crowd in the quiet garden broke up at once.

Maybe some of those who were listening to the Prince’s speech was expecting something. There, a man who was wearing a black costume resembling Gettenwo appeared. As a bonus, he showed off the acrobatic just like the real thing.

There was no one who would not be deceived by this.

”  It’s Gettenwo!” “The real thing?” “He’s a prince after all?” “Amazing! Amazing!” “Is he close to His Highness Iifu?” ~The Crowd

The voice saying those rose from here and there with great joy. With this reaction, I was confident in my victory.

And more than anything, it was a good plan to leave only the poison needle as the weapon.

Iifu held the poison needle perfectly between his fingers, but from a distance, they seemed to be clenching and shaking hands.

” Damn it!” ~Iifu

Iifu immediately took the poison needle immediately, but the moment was already exposed to the decisive public eyes. It was impossible to reverse it from here.

“It’s over, it’s over! My speech stop here!” ~Iifu

Iifu shouted recklessly and left the platform. The three of us no longer wanted to strike against each other, but Iifu took an unexpected action.

He approached the fake Gettenwo who was dumbfounded, and while whispering something–he returned all the poisoned needles.

Then, when he saw the next speaker, Ryausha, he smiled maliciously.

” Well, why did he turn to me… That stupid white hair. How could he…” ~Ryausha

The audience was still cheering for the fake Gettenwo. The person in question held the poison needle and bowed down. Still, the appearance of Gettenwo was important to the people of Ando.

Piercing the gap of wild enthusiasm, Ryausha walked out imposingly.

The assassin immediately stabbed the needle — he couldn’t.

I tried to go. However, Ryausha, who was heading to the platform, passed each other in between, and his shoulder and wrist joints were detached with her hand-sword.

Dislocation with a unique twist is Ryausha’s special technique and cannot be easily replaced by anyone other than herself.

” Yes, everyone. Well, then, I will give you a short speech.” ~Ryausha

The assassin, who could no longer raise his arm and pick up the dropped needles had to stand like a doll next to Ryausha as she gave a proper speech.

However, despite the pathetic situation, the crowd fever did not go down. Instead, the shouting of Gattenwo’s name may become louder than when he first appeared.

Ryausha was dissatisfied with this. I guess she did not feel good to give a speech next to the popular Gettenwo.

Because of that?

At the end of her speech, she replaced the assassin’s joints and re-clamped the poison needles. I heard clearly, “next, aim for Sauran.”

But this has been going around in a circle.

There was no reason for Sauran, who was the best at evading among the brothers to eat poison and such, on the stage, he continued to avoid the attack with minimal movement.

After the proper speech, Sauran got off the platform. I also heard he said to the assassin “Aim at Sugen,” but I no longer worried about it.

With a smile, I walked up to the stage and spoke to the assassin in a whisper.

” You understand, right?” ~Sugen

” Oh… I already know that I cannot beat you. I don’t want to be ashamed anymore.”

” You worked hard. Go home and take a rest. Then, forget everything.” ~Sugen

After drooping deeply, the fake Gattenwo ran from the spot. And then, he did a bit of acrobatics and jumped over the garden wall, leaving without being blamed by anyone.

While looking on his back, the audience were voicing out their disappointments, such as “Oh,” or “He has gone.” The expected Gettenwo only stood up, and it ended, completely uplifting the atmosphere.

— I won.

I was so confident at this point.

He was the only one among the brothers who had no Gettenwo, and he spoke in a dim atmosphere. There can be no more perfect composition.

At that time.

As I headed towards the podium, there was a finger poking at my back

I turned around, and there was a girl dressed in ordinary clothes — the real Gettenwo.

Translator and Editor Notes:

[1] 月の字 – Not sure how to pronounce this. But I’m guessing that he’s trying to imitate Gattenwo’s name, as Gettenwo’s (月天丸) name got the character, 月, in her name. So, I’ll just use ‘Gatsu no Ji’.

Anyway, what a chaotic speech!

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