[HGEG] Chapter 43: The Demon Is…

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada

“Don’t you know who the demon is? Hurry up!” Dong Xiu was sweating more than Xin Meng as he saw the time pass little by little. Even if they were lucky enough to leave with five lives, if the time was up, it would still be considered a failure and the remaining time was only five minutes!

Five minutes!

“Don’t worry, I have to make sure of one thing first.” Xin Meng took two steps forward and approached Li Yougen to whisper something in his ear. The others only saw Li Yougen’s face change to red. He was very embarrassed and refused to speak, Xin Meng had to stare at him fiercely, “If you don’t tell the truth, we will all die soon.”

Li Yougen moved his lips and finally nodded with hesitance, muttering with a mix of shame and anger, “What does this have with solving puzzles? I just looked at it a bit, why do you care about that? You don’t want to find the demon at all, you just want to expose me, you’re disgusting!”

“What the hell? You can’t even ask it out loud?” Dong Xiu was very unpleasant. “Don’t let met remind you again about the time!”

“It’s alright, I have basically all the answers. Five minutes are enough to me” Xin Meng said. “There’s a passenger here who’s different from everyone else but we ignored it, which led to me and Li Yougen dying.”

“Brother Xin, you don’t need to cosplay as Conan*, this is a critical moment. Just tell us who’s the demon!” Xiong JiaBao said fast enough to choke on his words.

“I want to, ah” Xin Meng was helpless. “But if you don’t know the reason it will be just like the time when Xiong JiaBao started pointing at everyone, the result will be the same if you are all not convinced.”

“Then explain it quickly, what’s wrong about that person?” Dong Xiu asked.

“The clothes” Xin Meng said. “Her clothes are different from the others.”


Everyone looked at the passengers. They were all wearing different clothes. The women wore skirts and the men wore long trousers, what was the problem with that?

“It’s not obvious because we are limited into this space. We kept thinking this was a game where only the NPC’s dialogue was important and since it didn’t matter what they were wearing, we ignored it the obvious detail. The game gave us lots of hints. The most important one is, the season. First, from the conversation between the couple in the backseat, we can find our that the girl wants a chocolate and she says today’s her diet is off. So on what day will the girl wish for the boy to buy her chocolates that she will even forget about her diet? Besides, that middle aged man is mumbling about buying flowers and on what day you will be scolded by your wife for not buying flowers?” Xin Meng analyzed one by one.

“Valentine’s Day!” The answer this time happened to come from Li Yougen.

Among the people present, except from Li Yougen who was married, all the single dogs were not much aware of that celebration.

“Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day” Xin Meng pointed to the pink sticker on the window. “That sticker is new, which means it was put there today. It had double hearts and a rose, it’s telling us it’s Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is February 14th and it’s very cold, I even saw snow out of the window before I died!”

Yes, they ignored the scenario outside the bus but if they noticed it carefully, they would’ve been able to see snow in the distance long before.

“Even if you aren’t afraid of the cold, you would never go out in a skirt!” Xin Meng stared at the enchanting woman. She didn’t throw him a kiss this time but lowered her head instead. Half of her face was covered in shadows, they couldn’t see her expression.

“Everyone else is wearing long trousers or cotton clothes, so how can a normal person go out with a summer dress?” Xin Meng said word by word firmly. “When Li Yougen passed by her, he stared at her tights and if you stay too close to her for too long makes you die. I was very close before since I was trying to peek through the window!”

“So, the devil is…” Xin Meng pointed a finger at the woman. “Her!”

Everyone looked at the silent woman and stepped back. The lights on the bus flickered as if they had bad contact and when they stopped flickering, everyone found out that the woman suddenly disappeared without leaving any traces!

“W-What happened?” Xiong JiaBao was frightened. He grabbed Xin Meng’s sleeves and hid behind him, though You Yi quickly tossed him aside and made him even more afraid. “No! Didn’t you find out who it was? Why haven’t we cleared it!?”

“Ah!” Dong Xiu yelled when he figured out the trap hidden in the card. “The card only said to find out, but it never said what would happen after that!”

“Damn! That’s cheating! They still want us to kill the demon afterwards?!” Xiong JiaBao wanted to cry. Stepping back, Li Yougen screamed and ran far away from the cab. Dong Xiu understood why as soon as he saw the copilot.

Xin Meng, You Yi and Qi XiaoKui stood in front of the bus, facing the blackened demon while the woman slowly raised her face.

Xin Meng was preparing himself for a long time since he believed he would have to deal with a terrible monsters with bloody eyes, cracked mouths and a long tongue but… There was nothing.

That’s right, it’s really nothing.

Thick eyelashes, beautiful eyes, sexy lips, eyebrows and nose, it all disappeared.

Faceless monster!

It was more terrifying that the cannibals ghosts!

Like a dazzling God, the woman disappeared from Xin Meng’s sight. Before he could turn around, he felt a huge force pulling his arm towards the window and he felt the wind hit his face. He didn’t know when the window was opened!

The glanced out of the window. The dark space lit up and revealed numerous metal gears. The golden gears moved tightly, alternating from slow to fast while making a ‘kakaka’ sound. Like huge meat grinders. They will be twisted into stew if they are thrown into it!

Xin Meng was frightened and resisted madly. In the end, he was unable to resist. Physical strength was his weakness and the monster was very powerful. Seeing he was about to be pulled out of the window he could only yell “You Yi!”

In fact, You Yi was faster than his call. He already had his arms around his waist and pulled him back, Xin Meng knew that was You Yi as soon as he shouted. However, both You Yi and the female monster had too much strength, he felt like he would be teared in half in this tug of war. He just wanted to screame miserably but since he was afraid of affecting You Yi, he just bit his lips and endured until he bled.

Still, You Yi realized his situation because the skin on his arm was torn and he started to bleed like mad. If he didn’t let go, his arm would be broken!

You Yi hesitated for less than a second and decisively released him.

Xin Meng screamed and his body was about to the thrown out of the window when there was a flash. You Yi stepped between him and the window, holding a saber that the used to fiercely thrown the monster away!

The female monster flickered and disappeared into thin air. The strength pushing Xin Meng also disappeared and he fell to the ground while holding his arm. You Yi helped him rise. In fact, that’s not it. Since he couldn’t hold him, he just stood right next to Xin Meng with the sharp saber on his hands as he looked around in alert.

Qi XiaoKui was originally with them and, with a wink, she came over to Xin Meng to stop the bleeding with a handkerchief. You Yi glanced at her and didn’t drive her out. Qi XiaoKui successfully acquired You Yi’s protection.

Meanwhile, the three other people are not so good. Li Yougen was thrown directly from the driver’s seat to the gears. His blood splashed everywhere and he was resurrected in the driver’s seat right after. Dong Xiu encountered the same fate next to him. Both were shocked and their pupils were dilated. Xiong JiaBao saw it and hurried to run, but he was too late and also flew off the window!

This way their five lives, even fifty or five hundred lives are not enough to deal with such a powerful monster!

They can only see a shadow passing by and then a person is thrown out of the window. The feeling of hitting their faces with the meat grinder makes them all stunned. Even if they return to the seats, they just continued to be teared up apart!

This hell-like scene is still going on. In just a few seconds, those three people lost two lives! The number on Li Yougen’s head became “2”!

Xin Meng got up with Qi XiaoKui’s help and looked at the clock just to find out the pointer was about to reach the “12”!

“Hold on there! We are almost there!” Xin Meng shouted to the everyone while Dong Xiu was being dragged by the monster. When he heard this, his hand was caught by the gears. His face quickly became red and the blue veins on his forehead exploded, even his eyes were bulging! In order to have one more life, he can’t give up!

Unlike Xin Meng and You Yi, the other four have died twice. That means that if they die again, they will be “erased” by the game. He can’t just give up if he wants to return to reality! Back to his meeting room! Back to his five-star hotel!

“Aaaah!” Dong Xiu shouted wildly, covering the gear’s sounds with his own voice. In the terrible tug of war, Dong Xiu’s arms were torn apart and blood splashed out like ink. He fell back inside the bus. He paid such a heavy price, but the monster kept going and returned quickly, pulling him by the legs this time around.

Dong Xiu’s eyes widened and he watched in horror as he approached the edge of death once again…

At the very same time, a cold electronic voice echoed inside the bus. “We have arrived at out next stop. To all the passengers who will get off, please prepare. To all the passengers who will get off, please prepare.”

Without any emotions or ups and downs, it sounded like a blessing to everyone. When his body was about to be thrown out of the window, the bus stopped completely, the surroundings changed again and the gears disappeared to show the same platform as before.

The female monster disappeared in the air like smoke. Dong Xiu lost his balance and without arms to balance his body, he fell out of the bus window, hit the ground and fainted while his blood stained the platform.

At least he saved one life.

Translator and Editor Notes:

*Conan: Main character from Detective Conan, that already says it all.

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