[GFWI] Chapter 5: First Quest

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: Sinisterr and Biodegradable

Proofreader: JadeCloud

The three people I partied with were the Thief Mii, the Samurai Satsuki, and the Cleric Cyril. After receiving the goblin extermination quest, our party departed from the city of Atlatia the following morning.

We arrived at Mito Village later that evening. When I met the village chief, I learned that the goblins have settled in a cave north of the village, half an hour into the forest.

After walking in the woods for some time, we finally found a spot from where the cave could be seen. We peered into the woods, past the trees, and into the cave.

“There are lookouts… Two.”

Satsuki used the shade of a tree to remain obscured as she examined the cave. I looked and immediately noticed the two goblins standing in front of the cave, neither of which seemed to have noticed our presence.

A goblin was a demi-human species that was hostile to humans. They were the size of a human child and had ugly appearances. Goblins had a green tint to their skin, pointed ears, large noses and mouths, googly eyes, and bizarrely thin limbs.

They commonly formed groups two dozen strong and often live in caves near human settlements, causing harm to humans in the surrounding area, which was why there was such a great demand for adventurers to exterminate them. They also attacked villages where humans resided, looting crops and livestock. Sometimes incurring human casualties. They were an extremely fertile species, and no matter how many people tried to get rid of them, more sprung up from somewhere else.

Satsuki called out while keeping her eyes trained on the goblins in the distance.

“Mii, can you take them out without causing a ruckus?”

“Mmm. If it was just one, I’d certainly be able to do it, but it’s frightening to take on two at once.”

“I see.” she said. “How’s the new guy?”

Satsuki turned her eyes to me.

Well, which approach was most appropriate here?

I was sure a Fireball spell would kill two goblins, but the sound of the explosion might be problematic. Magic Missile had no stealth issues, but its limitation at three missiles might not be enough to eliminate both goblins at the same time. I could also use a Sleep spell to knock both goblins unconscious. Alternatively, I suppose I could cast Fireball after activating Silence.

“I think it’s a good idea to send them to sleep for the time being. I’ll leave the rest to you guys.”

With that, I raised my magic staff and cast a spell. When the spell was completed and the Sleep spell activated, the two goblins in front of the cave fell flat.

“…Huh? What happened?” Satsuki seemed shocked at the sight.

“As I said, I put them to sleep. The effects are the same as a regular nap, so if we make too much noise, they might wake up. We needed to get rid of them quickly and quietly.”

“Huh. Magic.”

To dispose of the goblins, Mii and Cyril crept up to the front of the cave, and Mii quietly slit the throat of one while Cyril smashed the other’s head with her mace.

Satsuki pursed her lips at the scene.

“It’s not the Samurai way to kill defenseless opponents.”

‘Good thing you’re a Warrior, huh?’ I was tempted to say something negative about that, but I thought it would have been inappropriate to attack her core values like that.

After they finished the goblins, Satsuki turned to me to see if I had any thoughts about it.

“I know they’re just words at the end of the day, but I try to hold myself accountable to them. If I break my honor, I won’t be able to swing my sword with pride anymore. I know it’s selfish, but…” She said.

Satsuki seemed down. The usual laid back atmosphere that surrounded her had disappeared, and her eyes looked worried, as if there was something she was afraid of.

I knew she had some complaints, but I guess she was serious about this. Otherwise, she probably wouldn’t have said anything extra.

“It’s fine, I don’t mind. I’ll take your thoughts and stances into account, and figure out how to respond to them.”

“Thanks… It means a lot. Heh, I’m so grateful. I think I’m going to fall in love with you.”

After saying that, Satsuki rushed forward, engaging in a conversation with Mii and Cyril.

This expedition was a good experience for me.

By being a part of a team and cooperating with others, there might be circumstances that occur that couldn’t be predicted through pure strength calculations.

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