[PBCT] Chapter 19: God of Salvation Appeared

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Translator: Redeyes

Editor: Asada

Proofreader: JadeCloud

Finally, the fateful day arrived.

During the Bushin-Sai [1], the opened Imperial Garden was crowded with the residents of Ando. I looked down from the top of the grand staircase in front of the court. Next to it, Iifu, Ryausha, and Sauran were lined up.

This place would serve my execution table today ―― even though, it is actually the podium.

“―― Because of this, the prosperity of our country depends on the blessing of the God of War…!”

By the way, the Emperor was giving the festival’s opening speech with a loud voice from the observatory on the top floor of the court instead of the fragments of stairs. The person who could deliver a clear voice from that distance to the garden could only be monster.

I was absorbed in my own thoughts without listening in particular to the contents of the Emperor’s decree.

” What should I do….” ~Sugen

In the end, no big plan came to my mind.

At best, I could come up with “to stretch the story as I can.” If you look down below, you would realize that most people had sake bottles or a barrel in their hands, and they were waiting for the festival to start. Regardless of the decrees of the current Emperor, who was usually respected, at this time, the majority would be thinking, “end quickly.”

No one expected that the speeches of the princes would start after the Emperor. If you continue to talk about things in slow, roundabout ways, you may irritate them and lose popularity.

However, it was us.

Anyone can think of something to this degree. The other siblings could prolong it as long as possible and to make them displeased.

To get one step ahead, an original breakthrough solution is needed.


I bit my nails with irritation, but nothing came up.

Last night, while looking after Gettenwo, I felt something was at the edge of my braid but, when I woke up this morning, Gettenwo had already left.

“Chew and eat well,” along with that note, only a sweet dumpling was left.

―― If I looked at her face again, I might be able to get something.

Since Gettenwo seemed to be looking forward to the festival, she must be lost in it somewhere. However, I look for her in the crowd, but I could not find her. She was short and hard to find and might have been hiding herself to avoid trouble.

“Oh damn it. Is it my turn…? Look. You guys are going down.” ~Iifu

In the meantime, the Emperor’s decree was over, and it was Iifu’s turn.

With a terrible face, Iifu stood up and headed towards the center of the grand staircase. A reed silk cloth was laid on that position, showing the podium provided for the heirs.

Except for Iifu, the three people distanced themselves slightly to the back and waited for their turn. I had the most advantage as my turn was last, but I couldn’t help saying such leisure things.

Anyway, I had to find Gettenwo as soon as possible.

While listening to Iifu’s speech, I looked around the garden impatiently — Suddenly, I noticed something.

A suspicious man was rushing towards Iifu’s podium with a quiet thirst for blood.

Usually, Iifu and the other brothers would have noticed immediately. But now, everyone was full of themselves. It was a form that only I could detect while looking for Gettenwo and concentrated on the spectators in the garden.

“This is bad, Elder Sister. I’m going to the lounge in a while. My turn is not till later.” ~Sugen

“You don’t have to say it. You should go on your own.” ~Ryausha

After making an excuse to Ryausha, just in case, I left the stairs quietly. Right now, Iifu was unaware of that assassin-like man. Even if he was hit unexpectedly, he would never die. Still, if he was to reveal his shameful sight as he was attacked in public, then he would safely “drop out” from the throne battle.

Such an act was absolutely unacceptable.

The assassin was anticipating to deal with it.

Fortunately, the audience was listening pretendingly to Iifu’s speech with courtesy, So, I did not make a disturbance when I got down to the garden. Well, from the beginning, the Fourth Prince’s face was not remembered anyway.

However, as expected, the assassin possessed instinct.

As soon as he noticed something off, the assassin quickly slipped through the crowded gap. Not too exaggerated to disturb around. However, the escape speed was enough. His movement closely resembled Gettenwo

I didn’t think I would try to run in such a crowded area. From the beginning, I was aiming to knock him out with one blow.

As I aimed, the stone that I threw hit the assassin’s head brilliantly and reaped the target’s consciousness.

“Hehe. I’m sorry. This bastard ran a bit ahead and drunk too much. Please pardon me, I’ll pull him right away.” ~Sugen

The dull words or excuses around it were cultivated in downtown in the poor era. Drunk runaway and such are a common sight at a festival. A few people glanced at them, but no one looked interested and looked away.

Just like that, I tried to pull the assassin out of the garden — Suddenly, my feet stopped.

The assassin was visible now. A close resemblance to Gettenwo.

And then, a plan of reversal flashed in my mind.

The tangled thread of thoughts in my head was suddenly connected clearly.

I stopped taking him to the guard and instead dragged him to the garden under the shade, in the corner of the garden.

” Oi. Get up. Oi.” ~Sugen

” Hmm, Hmm…” ~Assassin

I woke him up with a slap. The assassin’s appearance was like a sober man everywhere, but his eyes were cloudy in dim darkness. Certainly not honest.

The man looked at his face, and close his eyes, giving up.

” You bastard… You are the Fourth Prince. I see. Did I end up here? Since I have failed my mission, I am prepared. Kill me.” ~Assassin

”  Don’t be stupid. Can you kill a valuable human resource in this place?” ~Sugen

Hmm? And, groaning, the man opened his eyes again.

” Human resource?” ~Assassin

” Oh, I was just looking for someone who can do extraordinary light work. Can you take on one job?”

” Job? Don’t joke around. I want to kill you, heirs.” ~Assassin

It’s good that he was passionate about his duties, but now he was in no position to go along with it. I grabbed the man’s face with my palms to avoid his rejection while speaking with maximum coercion.

” There is no time, You are not allowed to refuse. Okay? From now on, you’re going to wear black clothing like Gettenwo–” ~Sugen

KUI [2], And I pointed out to Iifu on the stage with my thumb.

” Ask him to give his campaign speech.” ~Sugen

Translator and Editor Notes:

[1] Demon-Fighting Festival
[2]くい – Not sure what this means. It could be a sound effect.

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