[NTBG] Chapter 35 (2/2): Angry?

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi (edited)

I sat infront of Seika and bowed to Obasan.

There is a smile on her wrinkled face as she gives me this candy.

She gives it to me everytime we meet since childhood. This is a common practice Kansai region. [1]

I receive it while giving my thanks and then put it into my mouth.

“Mrs, Ogiku can you teach me sewing”

My mother and obasan moved over to the Japanese styled room leaving me and Seika in the living room.

My sister has already told her the whole story so there jsnt anything left to talk.

What should I talk to Seika about? If I was in contact with her like my sister then it would have been very helpful.

There is the intimidating atmosphere around us and only the sound of sipping of tea can be heard.

……Silence is heavy.

“Well, how much did you hear yesterday?”

“I have heard almost everything from Sayuki-chan, about the stalker and it was even worse how he was planning to kidnap her.”

“I am all right now. Everything is now fine.”

I don’t whether it’s because of me age but I have given up on her.

“Yeah? Good. I was troubled because I couldn’t contact you.”

I fell in love with her appearance.

She is cute, she doesn’t look of thirty at all. I have always liked her subtle gestures of exquisiteness.

“It’s bad to disturb the good atmosphere but the stalker problem is solved right?”

While I stretched my upper body, my sister appeared in my view.

Seika looks a little sullen as if we deviated from some important topic. It was hurting but first of all I need to clear this stalker problem.

“Oh, I think it’s okay. They are in the hospital now but they will be arrested as soon as they are discharged. There seems to be a conversation related to their plan on their smartphones. Well, my audio recording was enough for a proof.”

When I was stabbed, 13 years ago, he went under no criminal trial. So he has no criminal record as he was only sent to the youth improvement school but now he is publishable.

However, it is unclear for how much long will he be charged but it should be fine for a while.

“The Police will do their best this time.”

In the police station, the young detective said so. It seems his relatives also suffered from stalking problem so he will take this more seriously.

She told me that she would contact me if there is any problem.

“Sorry. Ah, this is good.”

Sayuki throes herself inside the kotatsu.

She is acting brightly but she might be nervous inside due to stalker problem.

“If there is something again, please consult me immediately.”

“Yes, I understand. Thank you…..Onii-sama.”

“Hey, both of you are back to normal.”

Seika smiles while looking at the exchange between me and my sister.

She has often played with us during our childhood and she seems to be really happy.

“I do think so.”

Sayuki says while turning away her head.

I gently breath a sigh of relief. Not only me but it seems that my sister too though of this as a big step for me.

Its been too long since out relations became strained but I have decided to forward and fix it step by step and so not regret more in the future.

“Okay. Can you get along with me as well?”

As my sleeves were pulled, I turned my gaze and watched the sublime gaze watching at me.

How many men can refuse after being asked by such a face?

“Naturally. Rather I should be the one asking. I am sorry for my behavior in the last. I would be glad if you could treat me like you used to.”

I lowered my head on the table.

On a certain day, while I was failing at job hunting , she succeeded in finding a very good job easily. I was jealous of her success to start out with such a large company so I said something bad.

“Yes. I forgive you.”

I raised my head in surprise after hearing such a thing.

She smiles in her usual fashion when she meets my eyes.

“Is it not good?”

“I thought that I was completely disliked by you.”

“That was not the case. The reason I left home was because of the relocation. I often came back here…And I was always…..”

I am worried about what I should say. It’s quite embarrassing to make up in such a place where my family can see me anytime and my sister is staring.

I though that her heart had moved away to a distance and couldn’t be reached anymore but will Seika really approach me like this?

Even so I was so blessed, I didn’t notice.

There might be more failures in the future but I want to live a life without regrets.

“Then we are going out again……..ahhh!!”

Seika suddenly screams and retreats towards the window.

As I followed her gaze of her pale face and scared eyes…..there was Lizardsauru….(cough)…. Destiny [2]

“You, how did you get out again?”

I gently wrap it with both of my hands and place it on the kotatsu.

Seika shakes her head violently from side to side while tears in her eyes.

……No, She was not good with reptiles.

I grabbed Destiny mischievously and approached her slowly.

“Hey, don’t act childish. I hate that kind of things since a long time.”

She was really angry.

Translator and Editor Notes:

[1] A region of japan

[2] I modified the sentence here to make it more engaging.

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  1. The only thing I really have against the MC getting a girlfriend will mean that he will have to spend less time and money on The Village of Fate. I don’t think the girl would see it as anything more than a game.

  2. >me, enjoying the chapter more or less
    >Me, reaching the part where he retardedly and naively goes “then are we going out again?”
    >Me, just skipping the rest of the chapter while shaking my head at thr author’s bad move.

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