[HGEG] Chapter 42: Xin Meng's Death

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada

The group was helpless for a while and they didn’t know where to start. Without Qi XiaoKui’s card, they would start searching among the passengers again but since they saw the card, they know it can be a person or an object, even a chair. It may be possessed by the demon, it may be lurking somewhere and it may change anytime.

Even Dong Xiu was confused. He continued to squint his eyes and search around the bus.

Xin Meng, however, had some vague ideas. Since they got in the bus, except for the passenger’s dialogues, the only thing that happened was Li Yougen’s death.

In fact, Xin Meng learned a lot with the last game and his mind was more open this time around. He understood that sometimes their teammate’s death was for a greater good and sometimes represented more than just fear.

They could find a clue there.

He glanced at Li Yougen and was about to speak when You Yi walked towards him to whisper on his ear, “Look for it among passengers.”

Xin Meng froze. He always felt You Yi’s words were always very meaningful. By his tone it didn’t look like he was guessing, it looked like he already knew who the demon was.

“Do you know who the demon is?” Xin Meng asked without hesitance.

You Yi didn’t answer. He just glanced peacefully at the bus.

“Can’t you tell me?” Seeing him with that attitude, Xin Meng was very uncomfortable. He always felt You Yi had this kind of field around him that made him incompatible with everyone in the team and, for an unknown reason he looks at Xin Meng differently. But even if Xing Meng enjoys the treatment, he still feel the man is not close enough which makes him very anxious sometimes.

You Yi doesn’t trusts him?

He couldn’t help thinking that and his expression gradually became troubled. You Yi glanced at him and said quietly, “Every time you clear a game, the level will become more and more difficult and the player’s situation will become more dangerous. I can’t guarantee I’ll always be with you. There’ll come a time when you need to rely only on yourself and, with me here, this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn. After you have a few more games you’ll start to enjoy solving puzzles like this. It’s fun.”

Xin Meng never thought they could be separated once day, but You Yi’s words made him feel a lot more comfortable since he wasn’t considered an outsider at all. You Yi was willing to back him and be his umbrella. And he was right, that’s indeed the best opportunity for him to exercise himself. Even if he made a mistake, as long as he had You Yi to guard him he could still correct it.

Thinking that way, Xin Meng walked where Li Yougen had died. He stood in that position, standing slightly on the side just like Li Yougen. In front on his was the back of a chair while on his left there was the rag doll. On his right was the coquettish woman who always winks at him. The woman is wearing a mini skirt with two white and huge tights overlapping each other. It’s enough to make people’s eyes shake. Xin Meng is small and thin skinned so after just one glance the woman stopped looking at him.

He raised his head and faced the window. It was dark outside and no light could be seen, but Xin Meng could see his own reflection on the glass. Round eyes, troubled expression, everything was very clear to see.

Looking up, above the glass there’s a pink sticker. It looked like it was just put there, it was very new. There’s two hearts on it with a rose, contrasting itself with the old bus.

Two hearts? A rose?

Many thoughts flashed in his mind and while thinking about it, he accidentally dropped his gaze and found out that something appeared in the bottomless darkness outside the window!

Xin Meng’s eyes widened and he wanted to see it more clearly so he leaned towards the window unconsciously. His face was about to touch the glass when he accidentally touched the woman’s legs with his leg.

It’s white, fuzzy and gradually…

However at the same time, Xin Meng felt a coldness inside his bones. He immediately lost weight and the soling ground under his feet disappeared. It appeared he was falling down an abyss, it made him sweat cold. Xin Meng only yelled while his heart throbbed!

Just like Li Yougen said, it was as if he was pulled in another space. However, what he saw was not a corpse pile and a tentacle monsters, but worms everywhere!

The worms have earthworm-like bodies but they all have brown skin covered with a disgusting slime which was not even the worst. The worst was that all those worms had human faces!

Their faces were sloppy and twisted with shaved hair, black and white eyes, eyebrows and noses and sharp teeth. Then roared silently, like hungry beasts that suddenly found a delicious prey. They showed a hungry expression to Xin Meng as they crawled towards him…

Xin Meng wanted to step back and was terrified to find out he couldn’t control his body!

He tried hard to lift his legs but it looked like he lost all control and his body didn’t listen to his instructions anymore, he couldn’t even breathe!

When the human faced earthworms wrapped themselves around his legs with a creamy liquid and lifted their faces to bite him, everything went dark again. When it became clear, he saw that he returned to the bus and saw all his teammates, even You Yi, who had already walked towards him.

Xin Meng looked at him and his legs went soft. He would have knelt to the ground if You Yi didn’t wrap him in his arms to pull him up. Xin Meng leaned all his weight on him, relying on him as he continued to tremble. His heart beat was fast and his heart threatened to jump out of his chest so he couldn’t say a word for some time. His lips were pale and his face was covered in cold sweat.

“Let me say this, only those who have seen it know how terrible it is and those who haven’t aren’t qualified to laugh about.”

After vaguely hearing Li Yougen’s grunts, Xin Meng wiped the sweat off his face and the buzzing on his ears started to get better.

“Don’t be afraid. Are you better?” You Yi quickly took a tower out of his bag with just one hand and wiped his sweat while the other hand rested on Xin Meng’s waist. He held him very firmly and gave Xin Meng immense support. And comfort.

“Well, I…” Xin Meng was about to speak when he was interrupted by You Yi.

“Don’t talk, drink some water first.”

He leaned the bottle on his lips and Xin Meng drank only two sips, the cool water slid down his throat and calmed his jumping heart.

“No one laughed at him.” The conversation continued on the other side. Qi XiaoKui smiled at Li Yougen’s wet crotch. “At least he wasn’t scared.”

“You!” Li Yougen scolded her. “Don’t you think I don’t dare hit you because I…”

Qi XiaoKui wasn’t afraid of him. “Oh, weren’t you a party member? A party member still dares to hit someone?”

“You, you…” Li Yougen raised his hand just to let it go after a while. “Of course party members don’t dare hit someone, but you have to remember that party members are leaders. The next time you dare speak to a leader like this, you will be punished!”

“Oh? What will you punish me for?” Qi XiaoKui teaser. “For peeing your pants?”

Li Yougen blushed, but he couldn’t speak since he was suffocating himself.

Qi XiaoKui ignored him and turned to look at the two men hugging with narrowed eyes.

A man and a woman marriage is not reliable. Even if they fall in love, they will soon become disgusted and betrayed by it. What about two man? In such a game where they can’t be safe and may die at any time, what kind of ambiguous feeling will they eventually have?

The atmosphere was complex and unexplained. After a while, Qi XiaoKui laughed at herself from thinking so much. At least two men wouldn’t have children and wouldn’t… Let another innocent have a broken life like that.

“An illusion…” Xin Meng gasped but didn’t come out from You Yi’s embrace. For the time being, he still had to rely on him for support. Having nowhere to run, being unable to struggle or control his own body was worse than seeing a deformed monster.

“What did you say?” Dong Xiu saw the number above his head decreased and then frowned.

“There are hallucinations, what I… And Li Yougen saw are hallucinations.” Xin Meng calmed his breath and clenched his fingers on You Yi’s sleeved, saying word by word. “Illusions created by demons… No, by the devil itself.”

“You mean that tentacle monster wasn’t the demon?” Li Yougen said incredulously.

Xin Meng shook his head. “What I saw was not the same you saw and besides being scared, I didn’t react like you did, so I think it’s just an illusion created by the game. It triggers when we die to increase our fear.”

“Damn, that’s truly horrific!” Xiong JiaBao cursed.

“But it’s not that bad” he looked up happily at You Yi. “I found what’s wrong so I probably know who the demon is!”

You Yi’s expression seemed darker.

“What’s wrong…” Xin Meng’s voice lowered. Why did he feel like You Yi was a little angry?

“You were too reckless” You Yi frowned. “If this game only gave us one life, you would’ve failed.”

“I’m sorry…” Xin Meng also understand that he was reckless and that the feeling of relaxation probably came from You Yi’s backing him. In fact, he shouldn’t have directly walked over there and should’ve stayed a bit further so he wouldn’t put himself in danger, that’s why he repeated Li Yougen’s death.

He felt guilty. You Yi told him to train hard still he died that way…

He thought You Yi would scold him, but certainly didn’t expect You Yi to frown and say seriously: “Stay away from Xiong JiaBao.”

Xin Meng: “Pfft.”

Xiong JiaBao: “…”

Xin Meng covered his mouth and smiled. Was he saying that this recklessness was transmitted by Xiong JiaBao?

Xiong Jiabao: “…Don’t blame it on me! QAQ”

“You guys” Dong Xiu said with a dark face while pointing at the clock. “There’s only five minuted left, you think you still have time to play around?!”

The group looked up and saw the black pointed was already at 11!

Translator and Editor Notes:

Xin Meng’s afraid of worms and elders, apparently. Like, dude… You reacted like that doll was alright but jumped when the old man yelled at you? – Zucci

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