[GFWI] Chapter 4: Expectations

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: Sinisterr & Biodegradable

Proofreader: JadeCloud

Adventurer’s Guilds often had taverns within their premises, and this guild was no exception. As Mii guided me through the tavern, we passed bustling crowds of adventurers indulging themselves in alcohol and conversation.

While the tavern as a whole gave off a rough impression, the clientele was surprisingly diverse. A muscular Warrior leaned over the counter and raised a mug of ale to his team while an elf lazily sipped on a glass of wine from her seat. A shifty-eyed and clearly intoxicated man leered at her figure from a couple feet away.

I scrutinize Mii as she ran ahead of me. She struck me as a party mascot; probably the only girl on the team.

While mixed-gender parties weren’t unusual, it was common knowledge that men outnumber women in the profession of adventurers.

I’d also heard that relationships with women have, historically, been the downfall of countless adventurer parties. Mii didn’t seem to be that type of person, but looks can be deceiving. In any case, I might want to be careful about getting too close to her. After all, I —

“Oh, Mii, is that our new team member? Good work!”

The person who called out was sitting with a companion at a table for four. A single look at the two figures seated there, and my expectations were instantly subverted. Both of them were girls, humans that seem to be my age or perhaps younger.

One was reclining with her feet on the table, feisty black eyes with black hair tied in a ponytail. She was wearing a foreigner’s garb — a folk costume from some nation in the East. I believe they call it a ‘kimono hakama’.

Sheathed and slung at her side was a curved sword of similar origin. A ‘katana’, I think.

The girl across from her was decked in beautiful white Cleric robes with sky blue tones. Her platinum blonde hair was neatly trimmed to a semi-short length, and her entire look was complimented by purple eyes that, combined with her tightly sealed lips, gave off a serious, dignified impression.

Another feature of hers — albeit a little crude — was the size of her breasts that pushed her white robes forward, creating a silhouette reminiscent of some deity of motherhood.

That the other two party members would be women was unexpected.

However, if I considered the situation rationally, this wasn’t really an issue. It’d be inappropriate to deem someone incapable purely on the basis of their gender.

Certainly, women were generally inferior in some physical aspects such as muscle mass, but research reports have also shown that women had greater amounts of qi flowing about their bodies than men. In light of this information, it’d be strange to conclude that female adventurers were inferior to their male counterparts.

Therefore, their genders shouldn’t be a problem.

Rather, something else was bothering me.

“I was told the party had a Warrior, but there seems to be a slight discrepancy. You are actually a ‘Samurai’, if I’m not mistaken. A practitioner of a unique style of eastern swordsmanship. Am I correct?”

The dark-haired girl, feet still on the table, leaned forward with a start.

“Oh, you know about us? Honestly, I can’t make myself understood by saying Samurai, so I’ve grown accustomed to just calling myself a Warrior. I can’t believe it. This is great!”

Saying all that, the black-haired girl held out her right hand to me.

“I’m Satsuki the Samurai. You?”

“William. I studied magic and arts at the Witchcraft Institute. My knowledge of Samurai is more of a superficial knowledge than actual understanding.”

I shook her hand, introducing myself.

“Hey, that’s fine. I’m just happy someone recognized me.” The girl let out a cheerful laugh and smiled earnestly at me.

This Samurai girl struck me as a straightforward individual.

Or, at least, not a bad person.

The girl in Cleric robes extended a hand too.

“I’m Cyril, a Holy Order Cleric serving Ahatna — goddess of light and justice.”

“Name’s William. Good to meet you.”

I also extended my hand and replied.

It was time to make a decision. My intuition was telling me that they weren’t bad people. In that case, there was no reason to decline.

And so, I decided to party with them.

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