[HGEG] Chapter 41: Fifteen Minutes

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada

After speaking to every passenger, nothing was found wrong.

“Brother Dong, is there a problem?” Xiong JiaBao noticed Xin Meng was unable to come up with anything and quietly approached Dong Xiu.

Dong Xiu was at ease due his respectful tone and explained patiently: “There are two suspects. The first one is the rabbit doll since it’s impossible it took the bus by itself and it’s even more strange to be alone at the seat. The other is the baby the woman is carrying. Till now, the baby hasn’t made a single sound and we couldn’t see his face so there’s a chance it’s the demon.”

His analysis calmed Xiong JiaBao’s heart. He nodded diligently, he was scared enough by that doll already.

However there was another problem. The card said ‘Find out before the next stop’ so how do they do that? They need to point to the demon? If it’s that simple, why don’t they point everywhere?

Xiong JiaBao’s head was really something and he said “Let’s point our fingers to both, there’s nothing wrong with that!”

These NPCs have no intelligence or wisdom so even if they are wrong no one will find it weird. That’s too convenient!

He should just do it! Xiong JiaBao rushed forward and pointed his fingers both at the rabbit doll and the baby, then he shouted, “I found you! You are the demon! Demon! It’s you!”

The bus was quiet and nothing occurred.

The woman holding the baby raised her head and put a finger to her mouth, “Shh- Don’t wake my child.”

Xiong JiaBao nodded and the woman lowered her head again with gentleness on her eyes as she looked at her baby.

Rabbit doll: “Gu gu… Gu gu…”

Xiong JiaBao “…” S-scary… QAQ

Dong Xiu pushed his glasses up and then crossed his arms in front of his chest, “I guess not.”

Xiong JiaBao continued to point at every passenger, still nothing happened.

“Why?” Xiong JiaBao scratched his hair in an annoyed way. “Isn’t it a person but something else?”

He tried to point at various objects and even Li Yougen overcame his fear to help him. Almost everything in the entire bus was pointed at and the two of them jumped around like mad, but they couldn’t find out the demon.

“Damn!” Xiong JiaBao kicked the first seat of the right side. “How can we find it?! We pointed at everything, everything!

Qi XiaoKui was leaning on the door and laughed as she watched them jumping around, like she was watching monkeys, she teased with a grin, “I have already told you this game is smart, do you really think you can clear the task with a lucky guess?”

After acting like a NPC the last time, Qi XiaoKui seemed to have a deeper understanding of the game than everyone else. In other words, she knew how terrible the game was.

Xin Meng quickly understood what she meant, “Such a smart game will not be like those 2D games. Even if the NPCs are not intelligent, the intelligence of it may be reflected in other aspects. For example, maybe we can only clear it if we determine for sure who the demon is?”

Qi XiaoKui nodded.

Everyone glanced at each other. If they were told before that they would have such a puzzle game, they would all sneer and daydream but now everyone was speechless.

As the group fell into silence, there was suddenly a loud scream that came with no warning. The group immediately turned their heads to look at Li Yougen who was standing between the left and right rows of seats, but his body was stiff and his skin was turning teal. With a popping sound, he disappeared under everyone’s gaze, just like a smoke cloud!

“Li Yougen!” The group fell into horror. Xiong JiaBao, who was the closest to him, shouted in shock and hurried to the front of the bus, but before he reached their group, Li Yougen appeared again just where he went missing!

His face was pale and a luminescent green sign appeared on his head, flashing the number “4”.

“Y-You died once?” Dong Xiu asked incredulously as he stared at the number. However, that number just appeared for a short period of time and disappeared after five or six seconds.

Li Yougen’s lips trembled and he was speechless. His legs gave out and his crotch became wet.

“What the hell happened?” Dong Xiu insisted. “Why did you suddenly die? What did you see? Did you see the demon?”

Thinking of what he just saw made Li Yougen’s blood flow backwards and, sweating cold, he started yelling like crazy: “Demon, demon… It’s the devil… It’s the devil!”

He yelled, waving his hands and feet around uncontrollably, kicking the air. Xin Meng and Xiong JiaBao tried to calm him down but it was useless. In the end, Qi XiaoKui walked to the front and raised her hand to slap his face!

The sound echoed in the bus. Xiong JiaBao couldn’t help but cover his own cheek and clench his teeth. The sound of the slap was not low, it must’ve been painful…

The pain was effective and Li Yougen was dazed for a little. Thanks God he stopped yelling but he kept frowning and still looked as if his spirit flew away, his body was also still shaking.

“Nonsense. The card have told us long ago that we are looking for a demon, does your brain even work?”

Qi XiaoKui has always been taciturn but was now scolding people and becoming an eye-opened. Li Yougen was slapped, his cheeks were red and swollen and his mouth was open wide as he was being scolded. He became immediately anxious and slammed the ground with his palms while shouting, “You damn girl! You don’t even know how terrible it is! It will kill us all! We will die! We will certainly die!”

“What the hell did you see?” Dong Xiu frowned.

“I saw… A mountain of corpses…” Li Yougen’s was stuttering and he nervously played with the hem of his shirt, tearing it to pieces, “A monster, yes! That’s right! Monster! A monster with tentacles like a octopus was on the bottom of the hill waving countless dripping red tentacles, each holding a dead person before it lift them to its mouth and…”

Recalling the picture, Li Yougen turned around and vomited.

Others also followed his description and imagined how disgusting it was but they were not scared as Li Yougen. Xiong JiaBao moved the hand on his cheek to cover his nose and mouth, “You weren’t caught by it?”

“N-No” Li Yougen gasped. “I seemed to be pulled into that space and there was only a small distance from the monster. I looked at it and it stopped in the moment he was eating someone’s head. It just looked at me and when I saw its eyes I came back.”

“Before that, did anything special happened?” Xin Meng asked. “Was there anything you saw or did?”

Li Yougen froze and shook his head. “I didn’t do anything, I was just passing by that rabbit down when…”

“So it’s really that thing!” Xiong JiaBao said excitedly. “I said it was the doll, right?! Classical horror items, ah! It’s so common for it to be possessed by a demon!”

“But when you yelled at it, the doll didn’t react.” Xin Meng said. “If it’s really it, we should’ve cleared the task from the beginning so it shouldn’t be it.”

“Maybe it’s about out faith?” Xiong JiaBao said cheerfully. “Come on, everyone think together in your heart- ‘The demon is the rabbit doll’! If we all think that at the same time the demon will reveal itself! I’ll count one, two, three, one, two…”

Dong Xiu couldn’t bear it anymore and raised his eyebrows while cursing. “Enough! If you want to stay with all your limbs, shut up!”

There was no progress. The group had no clue. They could only keep asking Li Yougen, but Li Yougen swore he didn’t do anything. His eyes flickered a little and Xin Meng knew he was hiding something, still he kept quiet.

However, after this incident, no one dared to go to the middle of the bus anymore.

“Pay attention to time” Suddenly You Yi, who had been listening to them in silence, opened his mouth. He looked at Xin Meng and said, “After fifteen minutes we will reach our next stop, we will fail the mission.”

Xin Meng hesitated. He remembered the card said “before the next stop” so it meant there was a time limit. He noticed that before, but was too busy with the situation inside the car that he forgot about that.

“Ho do you know the time?”

You Yi stretched his arm so Xin Meng and the other could see what he was pointing at. Just above the empty driver’s seat, there was a small round clock with no hour or second pointer, just a black and slender minute pointer in the 9’s direction.

The watch was very weird and lacked two pointers. If you didn’t pay attention to it, it can be easily ignored and taken as a simple decoration.

“There’s a time limit!” Xiong JiaBao yelled after recognizing the truth. “Hurry up! Say with me! Say the rag doll is the demon!”

Maybe it was because his expression was too firm or maybe because no one had a better idea, but everyone repeated those words quietly. It was useless, the weird-looking doll was not the real demon…

“Gu gu gu gu…”

The doll’s clear and bloody eyes are constantly shinning under the lights, mocking them.

Translator and Editor Notes:

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