[GFWI] Chapter 3: Mii

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: Sinisterr and Biodegradable

Proofreader: JadeCloud

“Are you looking for a party member?”

A girlish voice emanated from somewhere nearby.

Confused, I looked around, but I couldn’t seem to find the speaker.

“Down, Onii-San.”


Upon looking down, I realized that a figure had been standing right beside me; I had failed to notice due to her height.

“Nice to meet you, Onii-San, my name is Mii. I saw you signing up at the registration window earlier. You must be F-rank, right?”

The girl’s petite stature only reached to about my chest, perhaps even lower. She seemed to be a beast-man with two cat-like ears (the triangle ones covered with a mass of tangled hair) adorning her head and twitching back and forth.

Her hair was cut short and splashed a reddish maroon. Her round, red eyes had the vertical pupils of a cat, and there seemed to be fangs in her mouth. Huh. Cute.

She was wearing a short-sleeved shirt with trousers and matching gloves and boots that fit well. I noticed a dagger on her waist belt. Perhaps a Thief?

I bent down and stroked her head.

“Little girl, this is an Adventurer’s Guild. Children shouldn’t be playing here.”

“Hey! No!” She exclaimed. “Mii isn’t a child! She’s a good adventurer!”

The tail growing behind her stood upright and her face turned red in protest.

Well, I guess I should stop messing around.

“It was a joke. I heard good adventurers always have good jokes on hand. Mine might be poor, but everything comes with practice.”

“Wow… this Onii-San’s jokes are terrible…”

The beast-man girl looked appalled. It seems that my joke skill level might be an issue in the future.

“Anyway, you look like a Thief, am I correct?”

“Yes.” She confirms, “and you’re a Magician, right?”

“Well… I suppose that’s true.”

The same thing happened during registration earlier, so I replied the same way.

‘Magician’ was a title that anyone with the slightest bit of magic can claim; it wasn’t necessary to complete academy courses or anything. If some village wizard taught you some beginner magic, you’d be able to call yourself a Magician regardless of how skilled you actually are.

On the other hand, those who completed Magic Schooling received the title of ‘Mage’. Students were admitted as long as they could pay tuition, but it took a good amount of effort to graduate. In general, only 20-30% of students enrolled would be able to obtain the title of Mage.

Therefore, while it wasn’t wrong to call me a Magician, Mage would have been a little more accurate.

Oh well. I didn’t really have a reason to correct them. I wasn’t too self-conscious about it.

The beast-man girl beamed at my response.

“Perfect,” she said. “Along with Mii, there is a Warrior and a Cleric in Mii’s party… We’re all F-ranks. I was just looking for another F-rank. Want to join our party?”


The invitation I received wasn’t too bad of an outcome for me — perhaps even ideal. She had a team of F-ranks, and the balance was good in terms of classes.

Adventurers were said to be less inclined to party with people ranked lower than them. After all, few adventurers wanted to go through the trouble of guiding a newbie’s hand through everything. At some point, the extra member just became extra baggage.

Even if I were invited by a high-ranking adventurer, I’d probably only accept it as a last resort. Differences in rank might be troublesome during reward distribution and other issues where party hierarchies might come into play.

This girl’s invitation was perfect timing. I had no reason to refuse.

“I like what you’ve said so far,” I said, “could I see the other party members?”

It was dangerous to think about things based on titles alone, and it wouldn’t be too late to make a decision after meeting and talking with them.

“Of course. My friends are in that bar over there, just follow me!”

Mii gracefully navigated through the guild hall, her fleet footsteps fluttering like a dancer’s as I followed her lead.

Translator and Editor Notes:

Well…thus is the missed releases from Friday. No releases for Saturday and Sunday because the schedule is 5 chapters per week. ~ Asada

Thanks for reading! More chapters to come next week 🙂 ~ sinisterr

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