[VHBF] Chapter 22 (1/2): Do You Have Any Appointments?

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Translator: Shi Xiao Ling

Editor: Bluehm

It was nearly noon, the Bai group was like a large-scale machine that does not stop. Everyone was too busy to even drink a glass of water.

The order that the Bai group signed this time was too big. The project contract with M company, a multinational group, would last for as long as three years, which was a qualitative leap for the group. The stock price of the company had risen by quite a bit, and the prospects of the company were also quite optimistic. Hence, these employees couldn’t avoid working overtime, they were busy like bees.

Fortunately, although the new president acted unexpectedly fierce and domineering, he was also very generous and they had no shortage of overtime bonus.

Seeing that it was almost time for lunch and they hadn’t eaten yet, someone asked what to eat at noon?

“I heard that the canteen cooked fish with lemon pickles today. Why not go get some?”

The male employee lying on the table waving his hands and said that he was too lazy to walk. The canteen was on the 23rd floor. In the past, he had to take the elevator to go up there and then line up to pick up lunch. Please! Mercy!

“I have something to do after I finish.”

“Then take out?”

The office compartment had a resting room. You could eat directly in there, without walking and queuing up for long hours.

They agreed on this proposition and went ahead. The take out cards were all kept by the girl at the front desk. She picked took out the take out cards and looked at them one by one.

At this time, a black Maybach stopped at the door of the company.

Two adult men dressed in black, tall and burly; one wearing sunglasses, the other one was not, wearing gloves onstead. He picked up a little girl in a pink princess skirt from the car.

The girl was about three years old. She was round and chubby. Her facial features were delicate and lovely. She looked around curiously with her clear eyes while sitting in the arms of her bodyguard uncle and thought that everything looked strange.

So this was where dad works!

The bodyguard asked, “Miss YinYin, do you want to go up now?”

“I’ll give Mr. Luo a call.”

The little dumpling quickly waved and said, “I want to surprise Daddy like they do it on TV! Dad will be very happy when he sees me! “

Bodyguard: “OK. “

The bodyguard, who wasn’t holding the baby, pulled a Pink Hello Kitty lunchbox out of the Maybach and left with the car into the underground garage.

“Who are you looking for?” asked the front desk lady with a professional smile.

The bodyguard frowned. He was born tall and fierce. He frowned as if he wanted to fight with others. The front desk lady was shocked.

He corrected in a deep voice: “It’s three people. To be exact, it’s just one person. Our miss YinYin is here to find Luo Sheng.”

“Luo Sheng?” After thinking about it for a while, the front desk lady finally reflected who they were talking about. Their new president has a bad reputation in the outside world. He was known as the No.1 dandy in city A. Everyone outside called Luo Sheng, who should be their president.

She smiled: “Do you have any appointments?”

The front desk added: “The president has been very busy recently.”

The little dumpling listened to her with a heartache, and hurriedly said: “I know Daddy is very busy, but I will not disturb him, so I will just send my father rice.”


The girl on the front desk was stunned on the spot. She looked at the pink dumpling carefully. She was dressed delicately and looked lovely, just like a doll. She was innocent and lovely, but was the president married?

She didn’t dare to call the president’s office. Assistant Zhang answered the phone, and the front desk girl said, “Assistant Zhang, there is a three-year-old girl downstairs who says she’s looking for her father.”

Assistant Zhang was very busy. The president, the great devil, had not eaten yet after work. He is urging a document to be used. He was so busy that he didn’t want to say, “What do you want to do to find your father and be the police?” [E/N: Can’t really make sense out of this line.]

Then he hung up the phone. Assistant Zhao, the chubby guy, passed by but he didn’t hear what was said clearly. He only saw how he shouted and said, “Don’t be angry. Be patient.”

Assistant Zhao had years of experience and was well qualified for the job and the person was brought in by president Luo. Assistant Zhang quickly said yes and continued his work.

After being hung up on, the front desk girl didn’t dare to call again. Afraid of being sprayed by assistant Zhang again, she said that they should go back and come again next time after they had made an appointment.

The little dumpling wrinkled her little chubby face and asked the bodyguard uncle, “Daddy is daddy. Why don’t they let me see him?”

The girl in his arms was the rightful successor of the Bai group. She had inherited her parents’ shares and was the real owner of the building.

The bodyguard was about to say something.

Behind him a whistle sounded, “Yo, YinYin, come to find dad?”

The little dumpling looked around, it’s uncle Mianmian!

“Marshmallow!!! You came!!!!” She exclaimed.

Gu Mian: “…”

“Bah, don’t call me Mianmian(marshmallow). You forgot how to call uncle Gu?”

But the little dumpling still thought that it sounded nice. She repeatedly called him marshmallow this and marshmallow that. She was very angry with the Yellow haired youth. Just as he was about to pinch the little dumplings face.

The tall and cold bodyguard stepped forward to stop him, and the expressionless face seemed to say, “Not one step further!”

Gu Mian: “…”

“Looking for Dad, right? Uncle Marshmallow, bah! Uncle Gu will take you up! “

The little dumpling smiled happily, “Mashmallow is so good!”

Gu Mian: “Give uncle Gu a hug and then I’ll take you up! And don’t call me marshmallow! “

The little dumping knew the current affairs very well, thus immediately changed her mouth and called for uncle Gu, stretching out her little chubby hands from the bodyguard’s arms, “Uncle Gu hold me!”

Gu Mian held the chubby girl in his arms and stared at the bodyguard defiantly.

The bodyguard continued to look expressionless.

Just as the yellow haired youth was about to enter the elevator with the girl in his arms. The receptionist stopped them in a hurry. Young Master Gu often came to the company with the president. She knew him, but she didn’t know the child and the two men. Just now assistant Zhang said that there was no father here, so she dare not to let these people go and stops them.

Gu Mian raised his eyebrows. “This is the dear daughter of brother Luo. Are you sure you want to stop her?”

He pointed at the little dumpling in his arms. “Her name is Bai.”

The front desk lady stood still, and kept staring at one big, one small and two black bodyguards entering the elevator.

She was a newcomer, but before she had arrived at the company she had known that the Luo family had adopted the little princess of the Bai family. This matter had made a lot of fuss on the Internet for a long time. She also knew that their president’s company was inherited by him to help his daughter run the company

She almost forgot!

This was the Bai group. The child’s surname was Bai.

Translator and Editor Notes:

Edited~ Bluehm

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