[VHBF] Chapter 21(2/2): Yinyin Still Likes Grandma! And Grandpa Too!

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Translator: Shi Xiao Ling

Editor: Bluehm

It seemed to be of no surprise that once something was broken by principle, nothing could happen later.

Luo Sheng felt that he had been poisoned by a certain cub. Otherwise, why did he, who wanted to hit people before when he saw her crying, surrender?

Later, the tall man came back and the little dumpling had already fallen asleep. He covered the sleeping girl with the quilt. Standing in front of her bed, he hesitated for a long time, then stooped down, lightly planted his thin lips on the little dumplings forehead, and said, “Good night.”

The system was silent, and decided not to tell the little girl about this incident, afraid of her getting unbearable due to overexcitement.

Later, Luo Sheng posted a post on the Internet and asked, “What’s the matter with me?”.

The comments below were full of joy. All of them are hahaha-ing. Luo Sheng frowned and picked out several valuable answers from them.

His object: “Congratulations, all your actions are in line with the characteristics of the new baby’s father. The landlord must be a baby’s father who loves his daughter very much, right? Ha ha ha ha… “

Pig has two ears: “When my husband had just become a father, it was the same, and as time goes on, the symptoms get deeper and deeper. Now he’s totally inseparable from our baby. From your description, it’s not far away…”

One, two, three: “My daughter came to shake hands with you.”

Baby her father: “Who does not have a few weaknesses in their lives? Man! Isn’t that the first time you’ve had this experience? In such a hurry to post, ha ha ha, I’m so happy! “

Half dry Bai Kai: “I’ve come to tell you that your behavior is completely normal, but your daughter’s control is a little deeper…”

After reading all the messages in silence, Luo Sheng suddenly remembered the messages of those netizens when the microblog official post that they adopted the cub. He fought with them for three hundred rounds, and now he recalled several messages.

Luo Sheng said to himself, “A dandy can’t be a father? Teach a bad kid? How can I be a father if I can’t take good care of myself? “

He smiled and laid his legs on the chair lazily, “Do I have the talent to be a father? “

This is a postscript.

Tuanzi was kissed by her father for the first time. That was the most loving good night kiss. She was so happy that she gotten up half an hour earlier than usual.

But even so, when she came out of the room, Dad had already gone to work.

Today was the weekend, she didn’t need to go to school. The little dumpling trampled the little rabbit slippers as she ran to grandma. She ran up to her and snuggled up nicely, “Grandma, you are really good-looking today!”

Mrs. Luo smiled and asked her what was the matter.

“How sweet is your mouth in the morning? Come on, what’s up? “

The Little dumpling blushed with embarrassment and stirred her little finger. “Where’s Daddy?”

“Your father went to work.”

“That, that…” The little dumpling said, “YinYin doesn’t have to go to school today!”

Mrs. Luo wondered: “I know. YinYin doesn’t go to school today. How about this weekend? Do you want to play? Grandma asked if Uncle Mu was free to take you out? “

MuBai and Luo family got along well with the little dumpling, except for a certain father.

Mrs. Luo has no idea how to play when she was this old, and she couldn’t take the girl out to play. It was not convenient for Mr. Luo since his legs were still injured. Luo Sheng was busy with the company’s business. There was only MuBai left who was suitable to take the girl out.

Mrs. Luo thought that the little dumpling should have been happy. After all, she usually liked MuBai very much. ‘Beautiful uncle’ that’s how she called him intimately. But she shakes her little head and says no.

The little dumpling blushed and kowtowed and said, “Grandma, can I go to Daddy’s office to find him?”

YinYin was kissed by Daddy last night, and her small glass heart was satisfied. But then she recalled that fat uncle said that her father was too busy to eat, so she felt very sad.

She discussed with the system, “Uncle system, I want to find my father in the company and bring him rice!”

After thinking about it systematically, Mrs. Luo thought that it was a good proposal and agreed with it.

But the little dumpling was still young. The furthest way she could go out alone was to walk around the community with their big golden haired MaoMao. Even so, they were followed by the nanny from far behind.

The little dumpling shakes her grandmother’s arm to play coquettish, “Grandma ~ ~”

Mrs. Luo was stabbed by the sweet and soft sound of milk. She didn’t think of anything at once, and just nodded.

She promised the dumpling that she could not regret it. She pointed to two bodyguards and a driver at home and asked them to send her to Bai group to find their father.

YinYin excitedly walked around behind the cook aunty, and says, “Dad likes braised pork ribs, fish and eggplant, and auntie don’t put onions. Dad doesn’t like…”

Like a little adult, the little girl was directing the aunty to cook. Not only the aunt didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but even Mrs. Luo was standing outside the kitchen door speechless. She was also very happy. “If you can do it, you can listen to YinYin. Our YinYin cares about Dad. She knows everything!”

The dumpling raised its head and was an extremely proud dumpling, “Of course! I like Daddy the best! “

Then she thought of something, and hurriedly added: “Yinyin still likes Grandma! And Grandpa too! “



Translator and Editor Notes:

Edited~ Bluehm

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