[VHBF] Chapter 21(1/2): "Kiss Is The Only Standard To Test True Love!!"

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Translator: Shi Xiao Ling

Editor: Bluehm

YinYin raised her little head, but her neck was sore after a while. She hadn’t seen any movement from her father yet. She quietly opened a small slit in her left eye and looked at him.

Daddy had lowered his head and she didn’t know what he was thinking. His brows were frowning tightly. It was the fierce and impatient look that the little dumpling was familiar with.

Now, the little dumpling was a little sad. “Uncle system, it turns out that what you said was true. Daddy really doesn’t love me!”

System: “…”

The little dumpling felt sadness washing over her from her core. Unknowingly, she had her eyes wide open now. When Luo Sheng finally looked at her, he saw the little ball with her eyes reddened and a little moist.

Seeing that daddy had already seen her, the little dumpling quickly covered her eyes with her small paws and turned her back to her daddy and snorted slightly, as if telling him to coax her back by talking sweetly.

Unfortunately, Luo Sheng didn’t happen to be that receptive of a person. He hesitated for a bit, then pulled the quilt and covered the little dumpling. “Lie down and sleep.”

The little dumpling: “Hum!”

Luo Sheng: “…”

It was not until the footsteps of her father walking far away was heard, that the little dumpling turned around and looked at her father’s figure. She felt wronged and shouted angrily, “Daddy, I don’t like you anymore!”

‘Since you don’t like me, I don’t like you either!!!’ The little dumpling thought to herself.

System: “Haha.”

Damn it!! She couldn’t believe it!

But now the little dumpling was really angry. She had sworn that her father would kiss her. Now, the little dumpling’s little dumpling heart is broken into pieces.

He paused. “Still not asleep?”

The little dumpling was going crazy. “Dad, let’s have a mid-night talk!”

(Bingzhu night talk) Midnight talk was a word that the little dumpling had picked up from an animated film. She knew, in the evening, there were some intimate words to say between two people, like she and Daddy, this was called Midnight talk!

Ordinary people may walk away at this time, not caring about the childish words of a three-year-old child, but Luo Sheng somehow felt at a loss when he looked at the clear and pure eyes of the little dumpling, there was no guilt or deciet in them.

Since childhood, for the man who didn’t know how to write the word “guilt” had come back, and he just sat on the carpet under the little dumpling’s bed, “Say, what do you want to say?”

The little dumpling reacted quickly. She climbed down from the bed and sat opposite to her father. She tried to cross her legs like her father. Unfortunately, her legs were too short to be held in place.

In the end, she just sat there with her leads spread out like an ‘A’ with her short legs covered with yellow green dinosaur claws printed pajamas, which her hands stretched out and placed on both sides to support her from falling backwards, like a dinosaur cub that had just broken out of its shell. She was very clumsy.

There was a smile in Luo Sheng’s eyes.

The little dumpling sat down and looked up at daddy sitting on the opposite side.

Her face was solemn, and she thought of the way the adults were negotiating on TV. The girl subconsciously straightened her back, puffed out her chest and put two small hands on both sides.

After finishing these whole set of actions, the little dumpling felt that the atmosphere was in place, so she cleared her throat and wanted to speak. She could see the smile on her father’s face. She was angry, “Daddy, no laughing!”

“Be serious! You can’t make jokes. Be good!”

The little dumpling was very persistent, so she stared at Luo Sheng. After staring at him for a while, seeing that he had stopped laughing she continued and said, “Daddy, do you like YinYin or not? Let’s talk about it clearly today!”

A small girl dressed in a green dinosaur pajamas was talking to her father with a serious expression for the first time in her life. She attached great importance to it. After that, she reached out her little fat claws and said, “Now please, Daddy speak!”

The corners of Luo Sheng’s mouth were drawn up into a smirk or maybe a smile, so he was full of emotion. “I don’t like you.”

YinYin: “…”

The little dumpling was very angry. Fortunately, she firmly believed that her father must have liked her best. And thats why the dumpling didn’t die on the spot or become a dead dumpling.

The little YinYin had the tolerance of a bear cub, “Dad, I’ll give you another chance! Just once! “(TL: Not sure if bear cubs have a lot of tolerance)

Finally, under the strict eyes of the little dumpling, the man nodded his head lazily, reluctantly, just like he was going along with whatever she wanted to gain peace of mind.

This was automatically filter by the little dumpling to ‘Like’! She happily stood up and clapped her hands. After clapping her eyes, she leaned over and stretched her neck. She looked up and said, “Now, daddy, please kiss me!”

The little face was tender and chubby. Luo Sheng could not help but pinch it. The dumpling immediately scolded, “It’s a kiss, not a pinch!”

Luo Sheng had never kissed anyone in his life. Not even his own mother, let alone such a soft baby.

Luo Sheng tried to let the little dumpling go to bed earlier. But she kept tossing and toiling about. YiYin didn’t like it, she didn’t want to. She wrinkled her little chubby face and said, ”That’s not fair, dad is cheating!”

Her eyes were full of tears, dripping down her face, “The kids in my class said that kiss is the only standard to test true love. If daddy doesn’t kiss YinYin, then whatever you say is a lie!!!”

Luo Sheng: “…”

Where was this wonderful theory from?

When she saw her father just sitting still even after her saying so much, she began to cry. She was sensible enough to remember that it was night time, afraid of waking her grandparents, she only sobbed quietly, hanging her head down, and feeling like a left behind child who had been abused.

Luo Sheng hesitated, reached out and touched the ball’s hairy head. “Don’t cry.”

The little dumpling cried more happily.

After a while, she looked up, with tears on her face, and looked at Luo Sheng with her beautiful big red eyes. The little dumpling half choked and half belched as she said: “Daddy, do you not like YinYin at all? “

Even a man with a heart as strong as iron couldn’t bear it.He bent down stiffly and printed a kiss on the little chubby face of the little dumpling.

And soon the little dumpling’s eyes brightened, she was kissed by Daddy. She put her hands around her father’s neck and kissed him on his chin: “Dad, YinYin also loves you!”

The warm and sincere little dumpling never knew what the manupulation was. She wrote all her admiration for her Daddy in his eyes and engraved it on her face, which made Luo Sheng full of milk fragrance.

Patting her little head with his big hands, he said coldly “OK, sleep?”

This time, the little dumpling happily went to bed. She lied on the bed in good manner and daddy covered her up with the quilt. After that, she smiles at her daddy, “Daddy, good night!”

Translator and Editor Notes:

Another chapter coming soon~ ShiXiaoLing

Edited~ Bluehm

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