[HGEG] Chapter 40: Eighth Passenger

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada

Except for robots, there’s no way for anyone to act like that. Human may try to act that way as much as they wanted but the volume and tone will gradually become different, including their expressions.That youngster is able to do it without even lilifting his eyebrows!

Even Xin Meng can’t believe it. Is it real? Is it a robot?

In the end, Xiong JiaBao, who loves video games, calmed down and broke the mystery, “Is this like those NPCs who can only say the same sentence?”

Xin Meng and Dong Xiu thought about it before concluding the possibility was very high. Li Yougen, who had never played a game before, didn’t know what they were talking about and could just tremble in place as he saw the youngster repeat the same words! Qi XiaoKui sneered and ridiculed him: “Don’t pee yourself here. If the demon gets disgusted and leave, we won’t be able to complete the task.”

Li Yougen’s face changed from green to red in a matter of seconds but since he has pushed Qi XiaoKui to death in the zombie game. He was in no position to say anything. He could only curse her inside his own mind since he didn’t dare say it out loud.

After that Xin Meng and Xiong JiaBao tried a few more times and even Dong Xiu tried too. It could be confirmed that Xiong JiaBao’s words were right. Just like in ordinary games, the NPC was programmed to say the same thing as long as you clicked on them. It’s just that now they are facing the real deal with flesh and blood, which they could even touch and feel their temperature. It was almost creepy!

Xin Meng pulled Xiong JiaBao two steps back to get farther from the shamate, which made the youngster turn his head forward and continue to look ahead with the same posture he was when they entered the bus!

“T-Terrible” Xiong JiaBao hugged Xin Meng’s arm tightly and the big man tried to hide behind the small Xin Meng, it looked fairly ridiculous. “Whenever I saw it on games, I never thought how scary it would be it that happened to a real person!”

Xin Meng was trying to comfort him when Dong Xiu sneered and said, “Idiot! That’s how games should be, the NPCs that can talk to you are much more terrible!”

Although his wording was bad, his words were true. Isn’t it normal for an NPC to act this way? Those NPCs that looked like real people were much more stranger and terrifying. In the beginning, Jie Zi and later in the Xiu Se Village they were almost killed by those intelligent NPCs.

But even if they agree, in this closed environment, Xin Meng can’t get rid of the weirdness and fear he feels.

Xiong JiaBao finally gathered his courage again. Dong Xiu said he should talk with the coquettish woman and then the other NPCs to hear what they had to say but as soon as he walked past the shamate’s seat, he glanced automatically at the empty chair and yelled in fright. He immediately turned around and ran to hid behind Xin Meng.

“What’s wrong?” Xin Meng made him jump.

“T-there’s something on it!”

Xiong JiaBao still hid behind Xin Meng, showing only his head and his stretched arm to give him instructions but Xin Meng couldn’t see anything so he had to go over there with the large “package” on his back. Taking a closer look he was startled, it turned out there was nothing on the seat except for a worn rabbit doll.

That’s the eight passenger!

The doll was very dirty and old, the white body was already gray and it had a few patches on it. One of its ears was torn and the dirty cotton was exposed for them to see. It looked as if it was found in a garbage dump however the two bright red eyes were very clean. When you looked at it, the light was refracted and it appeared to be glowing.

No wonder why Xiong JiaBao was so scared. In a game like this, seeing a rag doll that appears so frequently in horror movies surely can scare someone. Xiong JiaBao could swear this doll was the demon!

But they aren’t sure of that yet because the doll is still lying there quietly without any reaction. Xin Meng tentatively talked to the doll and as result he heard a strange voice “Gu gu…”

It appears there’s a sound device installed inside. It should make little girls happy but as it echoed in the bus, it only made Li Yougen more scared.

“Wait!” He yelled as he ran to the front of the bus, hugging his stuck suit jacket as if it made him feel safer. “Is that the demon? Isn’t it?!”

Xin Meng observed the doll but saw no changes on it. He shook his head, “No, at least not for now, it’s just an ordinary rag doll.”

Xiong JiaBao didn’t dare say anything anymore. Xin Meng himself had to pass the doll and talk with the woman. You Yi, who had his arms crossed in front of his chest and leaned to the side since they entered the bus, finally straightened up his posture “I’m with you.”

Xiong JiaBao: “…” So much difference in treatment!

Having someone as companion gave Xin Meng enough courage already. He ignored the doll that was still ‘muttering’ and walked towards the woman who sent him a kiss.

“Hello…” Xin Meng didn’t know what to say. In fact, it didn’t matter what he said as long as it got the NPCs attention, equivalent to ‘clicking with a mouse’.

With an enchanting voice the woman with makeup said to Xin Meng: “Handsome, don’t you want a bite?”

Xin Meng: “…”

You Yi asked Xin Meng, “Tempted?”

Xin Meng couldn’t answer. He saw the woman had heard You Yi and turned towards him, making a kissing sound, “Handsome, don’t you want a bite?”

You Yi: “…”

Xin Meng: “Hahaha!”

Xiong JiaBao looked at Xin Meng who was still smiling and whispered to Qi XiaoKui in admiration, “Brother Xin is really tough, he can still laugh at a time like this. I want to be like that too!”

Qi XiaoKui looked at him as if he was a fool. “Love is a shield.”

Xiong JiaBao originally talked without thinking and didn’t expect the girl would answer him so he looked at her with surprise, “Oh, sister, you are very smart and sharp, I like it! By the way, your hair looks very cool that way. Why were you covering you face with it before? To look like a ghost? Sister, I’m telling you…”

Qi XiaoKui: “…”

Xin Meng was dragged by the waist from the range of the woman to the last row. Sitting in the middle of the row, a pair of lovers whispered together and as long as they were closer, they could hear them clearly.

Boy: “Do you want to drink milk tea or eat sweet potatoes?”

Girl: “Both~”

Boy: “You can only choose one.”

Girl: “Then I want to eat chocolate~”

Boy: “Aren’t you trying to lose weight?”

Girl: “Today is my day off~”

Those three questions were constantly repeated which made Xin Meng tear up laughing. He tried to say ‘hello’ to them but it still only repeated their conversation, it appeared that those questions were their only ‘line’.

They appear to be in love, the girl acts very spoiled and the boy pampers her. They are watched with envy.

Xin Meng didn’t know what was going on and glanced at You Yi’s cold face.

Xin Meng: “…”

Seeing You Yi’s expression, he had goosebumps all over his body…

Since he wanted to get out of that strange atmosphere, Xin Meng walked back to the front towards the first seat on the right side.

The woman holding the child was still looking down and they couldn’t see her expression however when he got closer, he was able to see that her lips were actually moving. When Xin Meng approached he became able to hear her humming a nursery rhyme and sometimes the melody was very familiar: “Sleep… Sleep… My dear baby…”

The woman is soft and casual and her song was very short. Xin Meng said hi to the woman and this time the song was not a line. The woman looked up to stare at Xin Meng and bought her index finger to her lips, “Shhh- Don’t wake my child.”

After that, she looked down and continued to watch her child. Xin Meng’s eyes followed but he couldn’t see the child’s face since their face was blocked by a thin cloth.

Everything was quiet.

Is there really a child in there?

Xin Meng was a little dubious and walked a few steps to continue, this time approaching the old man who looked very difficult to speak to.

“H-Hello…” Xin Meng tried to be more polite since they were dealing with an elder.


However the old man had a particularly strong reaction. He smashed his cane against the ground and angrily yelled at Xin Meng: “Respect your elders and cherish the young. Who refuses to give me a seat?!”

Xin Meng made a frightened sound, afraid that the old man would hit him with a cane…

The tall middle-aged man in the back was also mumbling something and Xin Meng listened as he talked to himself, “I really don’t want to go home, I forgot to buy her flowers. That old witch will certainly scold me, she’s already so sure I have another lover. I don’t want to think about it. I don’t even have money to buy cigarettes, what kind of mistress* can I afford?!”

His monologue was the longest. After listening to it Xin Meng just wanted to laugh. It’s quite true, how can he afford a mistress with such small allowance?

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Meng is all: (Rolling up his sleeves) Nowadays, men change when they have money. Hurry up, turn in the money!

Favorite Xiao Meng Meng: (Inexplicable silence) …

Meng is all: (Angry) Why? You still want to keep your money to hook up with another woman?

Favorite Xiao Meng Meng: … I have no money…

Meng is all: (Σ( ° △ °|||)︴) Liar!

Translator and Editor Notes:

*Xiao san: a woman who is having an affair with a married man, generally younger and prettier than the man’s wife.~Zucci

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  1. Since, in those kinds of games, you can pick up object and use them to interact with the NPCs, can they do the same?

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