[GFWI] Chapter 2: Party

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Translator: McTavish

Editor: Sinisterr and Biodegradable

Proofreader: JadeCloud

Adventurers were rated by an index called “rank”. Altogether, there were seven ranks: F, E, D, C, B, A, and S. I had just registered as an adventurer, placing me in the lowest rank, F.

F-rank was the so-called “start-up” level. In order to rise to E-rank, an F-ranked adventurer must have completed the corresponding rank quest three times.

However, the E-rank was still an area of immaturity. It wasn’t until D-rank and onward where one could comfortably call oneself an authentic adventurer. I’d heard that this is where most adventurers stay.

The higher C-rank pointed to skilled adventurers worthy of being called professionals. Though they might not have been extraordinary, they were top-notch adventurers whose skills and accomplishments had earned them recognition. It was said that C-ranks constitute 10-20% of all adventurers.

Above C-rank was B-rank, a world of only a handful of elite adventurers. It was undeniably a super-class.

An adventurer based in the city of Atlatia would know only two adventurers with the ability to compete for B-rank, among a hundred adventurers in total.

There were no A-ranks in Atlatia.

Regardless, it was time to get my head out of the clouds. Currently, I was just an F-rank adventurer, so it’d be best to concentrate on the goal at hand: moving up to E-rank.

“Goblin Elimination — E-rank quest?”

I stood in front of the bulletin board and took off one of the posters, checking the contents.


Goblin Elimination (Quest Rank: E)
Reward: 20 gold coins
Contents: Mayor of Mito village.

A group of goblins have settled in a cave near the village. They came in the middle of the night and devoured the fields, not only stealing livestock, but also killing the village hunter Mort! We can’t ignore them anymore, kill all of them!


I looked at the paper and pondered on what was written with my hand on my chin.

Goblin Elimination seemed to be the classic quest for apprentice adventurers to take. For a person like me, with no experience as an adventurer, gaining experience with orthodox quests wasn’t a bad option.

The reward given was also a reasonable amount, given the content of the quest. The daily rate a manual laborer received when working from dawn to dusk is one gold coin — enough to reside in a hotel for a couple of days.

The goblin extermination quest would likely take two or three days, including the round trip travel time to the village that issued the request. The twenty gold coins was a good amount, considering that it was a quest that fledgling adventurers receive and the burden on the villagers who needed to prepare the reward.

But this quest had one big problem.

The quest rank for this “Goblin Elimination” was “E”. An E-rank quest could only be received by a party of at least four F-ranked adventurers.

In order to receive E-rank quests, you needed a total of 4 points of “ability”. Since the ability value of the F-rank adventurer was considered one point, it would be necessary for an F-rank adventurer to party with three or more people in order to receive the E rank quest.

Also, an adventurer’s ability value doubled as their rank rose. Two points for an E-rank adventurer rose to four points for a D-rank, and eight points for a C-rank, and so on.

Therefore, an adventurer of the D-rank or higher could hypothetically receive the goblin quest alone. Whether a D-ranked adventurer could actually take on a cave of goblins alone is another question.

Regardless, it was impossible for an F-rank adventurer such as I to receive this quest without a party. I returned the poster and looked back at the bulletin board.

“A party…”

Just as I was muttering to myself, I heard someone, somewhere, ask:

“Are you looking for a party member?”

Translator and Editor Notes:

This novel shall be an excellent adventure with you all to partake in. ~ McTavish

Let the challenges commence! ~ sinisterr

Hello fellow mates, this is our newest Translation project. It’s a fantasy comedy adventure. Give it a try and tell us your opinions in the comment 😉 ~ Asada

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