[HGEG] Chapter 39: The First Bus

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: xTechon

The vehicle stopped right next to the sign, with the front door opened while the rear door remained closed and no one got out.

Six people stood still, staring at the empty cab and, for a moment, everyone was speechless.

“G-Ghost…” Li Yougen stuttered and his voice broke.

You Yi was the first to walk towards the weird bus and when he passed by Xin Meng he pulled his arm, “Come! If you wait until the door closes and you can’t get in. You will die.”

Only then Xin Meng reacted, he saw there was a small countdown on the door’s window and there were only 22 seconds left!

He hurried to follow You Yi, but was pushed by someone before he could get in the car. Li Yougen was behind them and heard what he said, so he hurried to the bus without fear, pushing Xin Meng out of the way and following You Yi. He got into the bus and Xin Meng was left behind, rubbing his aching shoulder as he gnawed his teeth. He remembered that in the first game Li Yougen also only cared only about his own escape and pushed someone to death. Now he was doing the same trick again. Xin Meng silently remembered himself to be careful in the future, but then he saw Li Yougen, who had just got in the bus, scream and run back to the door. Li Yougen was with his back to him and with a bang he fell to the platform.

What happened?

“You! What are you pushing me for! Bastard, bastard! You…” Li Yougen tried to stand up as he scolded wildly.

Xin Meng looked at the door and saw You Yi slowly walking to the door, giving a stern glance to Li Yougen who screamed in pain. Li Yougen was like a radio without a button, so he just kept shouting.

You Yi spared him one glance, then moved his eyes to Xin Meng and extended his hand to him. Xin Meng was very happy and grabbed the huge hand that helped him get into the car. Behind him, Xiong JiaBao, Qi XiaoKui and Dong Xiu waited, they didn’t dare to squeeze their way forward, so they just anxiously waited You Ti. Li Yougen had delayed them.

In the end, everyone except Xin Meng and You Yi had to hurry, the last being Li Yougen, who had to rush to the bus with only one second left. The door closed right on his back and his suit jacket got stuck and refused to come out. In the end, Li Yougen could only curse and take off his jacket to try to take it out with both hands.

However, the iron-grey suit continued stuck in the door gap, looking weird and funny.

“It seems we are stuck here until the next stop” Dong Xiu muttered.

The others were silent for a while but maybe because of all the things they experienced, they felt different from when they first entered the game. They quickly returned to reality and, coincidentally, the floor began to shake slightly and the bus started to move.

Xin Meng glanced through the window but found out it was too dark to see anything, even the platform became invisible, let alone the scenery. Yes, obviously since this game is inside a bus, it didn’t matter how the outside looked.

That fact would soon come back to slap his face.

Anyways, at the time Xin Meng didn’t know the future development. He looked back at the interior of the bus. The bus looked a few years old already, the green chairs were full of scratches and stains, and there’s nothing very clean. Of course, it’s not like it was very dirty, it was just an ordinary public bus.

There are not many seats in the bus. There are single seats in the front, four on the left and right rows, and a row of connected seats on the back, which were also four. The last seat is right next to the rear door.

And there are passengers on the bus…

Imagining that one of those passengers could be the ‘demon’, Xin meng carefully observed one by one.

There was a young boy on the first seat on left. He dressed in a very familiar way, Xin Meng couldn’t help glancing at Xiong JiaBao. Maybe he familiarity was only thanks to their hair. The youngster also followed the shamate style…

He wore a black and gray wig twice as big as his own hair, every single strand of hair looked electrified, that hair almost covered his whole face leaving on a small gap where his eyes could be seen with heavy eyeliner that made him look like a panda, matching his skin with a thick white foundation. He had his lips painted purple and black, with a lip ring hanging on the corner of his mouth. He looked even more terrible than a ghost…

It was the same as those shamates Xin Meng has seen on the internet.

After hurting his eyes, he quickly looked away. The seat behind the shamate guy was empty. Then there was a woman, about 25 or 26 years old, with wavy curly hair, charming makeup and red skirt. Her neckline was so low that you could almost see the two bumps on her chest and… Since it was like that, it meant she wore no bra…

She seemed to notice Xin Meng’s stare and she popped her lips, giving him an air kiss. At first glance, you could see she was not a serious woman…

Still, he blushed in embarrassment, but found out that no matter who looked at the woman would receive the same treatment, so he calmed down.

The seat behind the woman was empty, and there were only two people sitting on the left side.

The first row in the right is empty, and on the seconds seat there’s a woman in her thirties holding what appeared to be a puppet. Unlike the other woman, she’s wearing simple, long trousers and a shirt with a thick coat. She has short hair that reaches her shoulders and she’s looking down at the baby in her arms so he couldn’t see her expression.

Behind her, there was an old man with white hair, a yellowish face and lots of wrinkles. He was wearing a suit and had a walking stick on his hands, he was bending over and squirting his eyes. The sight was very unfriendly, and he appeared to be ready to jump over to scold you anytime. Xin Meng looked at him for a while and quickly turned away.

Behind the old man, there was a middle-aged man in his forties who wore a turtleneck sweater tightly wrapped around his neck. His cheeks were very bony, he seemed to be tall since his legs couldn’t be fully stretched in the chair. When their group came in, he appeared to be very angry. He was mumbling something, but his voice was relatively low, so they couldn’t hear it.

In the back, there were the last row of seats, but there were only two people in the four seats. There’s a young couple sitting in the middle. The girl is wearing a cute bow on her hair, with a cotton jacket, a skirt and leggings. She looked very young and playful. The boy was covered by a scarf that was obviously hand-made and the two whispered to each other, judging by their expressions, they appeared to be very happy.

The atmosphere in the bus was weird.

The six of them got on the bus noisily. Li Yougen was still making a ruckus at the door, however, only the coquettish woman and the old man looked at them once, the others didn’t raise their heads, as if they weren’t there.

“What to do?” Xin Meng whispered.

Dong Xiu gave him a scornful look, his chin was slightly raised and he said arrogantly, “In this case, it’s most likely for the “demon” to be a person. We obviously should observe each person first, and if they are innocents, then look at other items. This will save us time.”

“I see nothing wrong with those people” Li Yougen, who almost didn’t enter the bus and even lost his coat, sounded very upset. “If you want to do it like that, I’ll leave it up to you!”

Dong Xiu glanced at him resentfully but he didn’t answer. He wasn’t a fool like Xiong JiaBao.

Speaking of Xiong JiaBao…

Dong Xiu’s glasses flashed coldly and he suddenly started to laugh, “I can’t see anything either, we better think of a way to talk with them. If there’s any useful information, even if we find the demon, there shouldn’t be any problems unless there’s direct exposure, so whoever asks should be safe. And only one person asking questions should me more appropriate while the others watch their conversation, so if there’s anything wrong, it will be very likely we find out. Let’s start by the youngsters, but since I don’t belong to the shamate family, I think he won’t reply to me. I heard the shamate family does not have a good temper…”

After hearing it, Xiong JiaBao immediately answered eagerly, “I am! I’m also from the shamate family! I will ask!”

Xin Meng shook his head, Xiong JiaBao really didn’t remember his own mistakes. Dong Xiu used the same trick to make Xiong JiaBao touch the stone and become a monsters, but even now he’s still so impulsive, it seems he had no brain.

Maybe those five extra resurrections allowed him to relax to a certain extent.

Seeing that Xiong JiaBao already accepted, Xin Meng didn’t stop him. Since the end of the previous game, Xin Meng understood that everyone has to make their own decisions. He may save someone once in a while, but cannot guarantee their safety every time. Not to mention he and Xiong JiaBao are not in the same page, so he only gets more and more tired having to save him again and again…

Xin Meng just glanced at You Yi, and when he looked up, a pair of dark pupils stared right back, as if he could see the real feeling inside Xin Meng’s heart. Xin Meng panicked and immediately looked away.

Xiong JiaBao went over the shamate’s side and with a cool posture, he asked, “Hey, dude, your wig is cool, where did you get it?”

The young shamate heard someone talking to him and fiercely turned around with a terrifying expression, “Fuck off, grandpa.”

Xiong JiaBao: “…”

Everyone: “…”

“So this is the real attitude of a shame” Xin Meng muttered. “Xiong JiaBao is just a domestic copycat…”

Xiong JiaBao still tried to talk, “Dude, what are you calling me? How do you say that when we are all the same family, look at my hair!” He fiddled with his colorful hair. “This is real hair dye, how is it? Cooler than a wig?”

The shamate still had the same expression and continued to curse, “Fuck off, grandpa.”

Xiong Jiabao: “…”

He was also a bit angry, “Shameless! We are all family, why are you cursing?”

The youngster remained motionless, “Fuck off, grandpa.”

Xiong JiaBao froze, Xin Meng rushed to hold him back, “Wait!”

He carefully observed the expression the shamate had on, still staring fiercely at Xiong JiaBao and not even caring for Xin Meng, as if he wasn’t seeing him. Xin Meng said tentatively, “Hello.”

The shamate rolled his eyes, finally focusing on Xin Meng, “Fuck off, grandpa.”

“Ah!” Xiong JiaBao fell to the ground with a terrified gasp.

The others also noticed the problem, it made their hair stand!

No matter who he spoke to, every time he speaks, his tone and words are all the same!

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