[VHBF] Chapter 20 (2/2): Kiss Me

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Translator: Shi Xiao Ling

Editor: Asada and Bluehm

The next day was the weekend. The dumpling didn’t have to go to school or get up early.

So that night, Luo Sheng was busy and came back home after 11 o’clock in the evening. In the living room, there were only few dim wall lights left in the porch. 

Luo Sheng turned on the lights and went to pour himself a glass of water. He loosened his tie and leaned lazily on the sofa.

As the man drank water, he closed his eyes for a while, stretched his hand to the side, then suddenly felt a soft and warm breath on his arms.

There was something else on the sofa.

The little bump was a little dumpling in a green dinosaur one-piece Pajamas, crouching in a corner of the sofa, and was covered with a small fur blanket.

The little dumpling was small, and the blanket was also green like her green pajamas. Luo Sheng hadn’t noticed it before. If he hadn’t touched her, he might not have been able to find her.

The little dumpling mouth was a little open, sleeping soundly. Luo Sheng frowned a little, and just when he was about to pick up the dumpling, the sleeping little dumpling started to talk in her sleep. One didn’t know what she was dreaming about as she murmured, “Daddy, you are back…”

The man was stunned for a moment. When he came back to his senses, the little dinosaur in his arms was awake. She looked at him with big confused eyes. After a while, she said, “It’s not a dream?!!”

 Her voice suddenly raised in surprise: “Baba, you are back!”

‘That’s exactly the same as when I talk in my sleep.’ Thought Luo Sheng to himself.

Luo Sheng: “…”

“How can you sleep here?”

Dad looked very unhappy, his face was dark, his brows were frowned tightly. The little dumpling felt a little guilty, and said in a small voice: “YinYin, YinYin sneaked down. Grandma and Grandpa don’t know. “

The biological clock of the little dumpling was set to fall asleep at β–‘ β–‘ every day. Mr. Luo was a little old and also worked, hence slept regularly. He would go to bed before 10 o’clock every day.

The little dumpling was afraid that grandma would find out. So she specifically asked uncle system to wake her up after 10 o’clock. She wanted to wait for Dad to come back!

The little dumpling knew what it was like to come back to an empty home after a hard day’s work. Dad must be tired and scared.

The little dumpling had always been at home by herself since she remembered. The bad woman who raised her was not at home for three days at a time and the dumpling was left alone.

Later, she learned the skill of picking up bottles. She picked up a lot of bottles and sold them for money. The little girl would happily hold the money and return home. But there was no one at home. She was all alone.

So in YinYin’s heart, a person who comes back home after hard work would be very afraid, just like her, afraid and sad.

YinYin sat on dad’s lap and her little chubby claws climbed up to dad’s neck. She smiled sweetly and brightly at Dad. “Daddy, you are not alone when you come back. You don’t have to be afraid!”

Luo Sheng stared at the little dumpling’s sweet smile and twisted his head to one side. He then threatened the dumpling fiercely, “No one is allowed downstairs after bedtime. If one does they would be kidnapped by the scary big mouse!”

The little dumpling was not afraid. She was not a naive dumpling. She had seen mice before. She almost caught them when she was very hungry. Before, she used to live in a very small and broken place. Mice were a very common thing for the dumpling.

YinYin wanted to say that she was not afraid! But looking at her father’s face, she still took care of her father’s self-esteem. She said sweetly, “Daddy is right! It’s too late and we could be picked up by the mouse, so Dad can’t come back so late! “

Luo Sheng went upstairs with a ball in his arms.

He washed her hands and feet again, and made a glass of milk. This was the first time that Luo Sheng had done these things, which was always done by Mrs. Luo or the nanny.

He was very clumsy. When he put water to boiler, he didn’t adjust the temperature. When he tried the water temperature, he almost burnt his fingers.

The little dumpling was just sitting by the side and watching him, laughing and boasting about how well Daddy cares for her!

Luo Sheng: “…”

Before going to bed, the little dumpling grabbed her father’s clothes and said, “Today, Daddy sleep with YinYin!”

Luo Sheng had always been lawless and domineering person. He also slept in the same domineering way as he had when he was young. Look at the small dinosaur dumpling. She looked so soft and fluffy. It seemed that she could be pinched and flattened by accident. He refused decisively with a cold face. “No way!”

The little dumpling pouted and looked up at her Daddy with her big watery eyes, trying to make him soften.

YinYin was a little girl who could only observe the words and feelings of the other person. Seeing that even after a while, Daddy’s face still hasn’t softened, she took the opportunity to ask, “Fine!! Goodnight daddy. But, but dad has to do something YinYin asks.”

She raised her face, closed her eyes, and pointed to her forehead and cheek. “Good night kiss!”

This was what the little dumpling had learnt from the friends in her class. The children said that her father wouldn’t love her after he found her a mother.

Before, her father would always kiss her. But after finding her a mother, he would not kiss her anymore. She was very sad. She felt that her father must not love her anymore. Her friend told the dumpling very seriously to check whether her father really loved her. She only needed a kiss to know.

In addition to being sad for a good friend, YinYin also put her heart on it. Uncle system always said that her father didn’t remember her and didn’t like her, but the dumpling still felt that her father must still love her. She also firmly believed in herself.

In order to verify whether dad really liked her, YinYin closed her eyes and waited anxiously for Dad’s kiss.

The whole body of Luo Sheng was froze in the same spot. His body was as stiff as wood, watching the little dumpling look up at him moving her small head, showing her white and clean little chubby face. He, pulling the corners of his lips thought to himself. He kissing his daughter? Is that even possible?

Translator and Editor Notes:

Go for it, YinYin! ~ Bluehm

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