[NTBG] Chapter 34 (2/2): Was it Destiny?

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi (edited)

Soon, the police and the ambulance arrived.

My father too came at the same time to take my sister back home.

I explained the situation to the police. I told him that he is former stalker who was planning to attack my sister and after hearing the recording, the police press charges against him as I expected.

Fortunately, the recording did not include the scenes where I questioned and threatened them. So I will not be blamed for the incident at all.

Due to my sister’s previous stalking case and the current criminal case, I was moved to a police station. The investigation continued till the morning. 

The police was angry because I did not report the situation to them and preached how on dangerous my actions were.

One police officer said,

“Rarely do people can judge situations calmly. People who don’t know the details often blame others. Even if they think that they can remain calm in the situation, it’s extremely hard for everyone else to also be calm in such cases.”

I felt a little saved. When I left the police station, dazzling light was falling from the sky.

“Huh, the air here is good.”

I said the words which I wanted to say.

Returning to the station was a problem but at least I got a good opportunity to talk.

“What are you talking about?….Is your head okay?”

“I don’t know what to say..”

I gently turned around as he heard a voice from my side. My father and sister were standing on the side.

Did they hear what I said?

“Both of us are on leave today.”

“I came to pick you up because I was worried. I wouldn’t be able to do the job properly even if I went. I am sorry….that I got you involved…Um, thank you, Onii-sama.”

Um… It’s embarrassing to hear your gratefulness directly.

But I feel rewarded for everything which I have done so far. I received thanks from my sister.

“That’s a long story and I better not tell it in front of the police station. Let’s go home.”

My sister sat next to me, on the backside of the car.

Neither of them said anything but they seem to want to hear about the incident.

Well, how far should I tell them? If I lie, maybe I will be interviewed by my sister again. 

If so, would it better to tell them about this with a little less seriousness?

I decided to tell my father and sister all about it.

“That Yoshinaga wasn’t properly punished at all. That was a waste.”

My angry sister is kicking the front passenger seat.

“I understand your feelings, but stay calm. As for Yoshio, I have to scold you for your behavior.”

My father quietly spoke but his tone is severe. You can tell that he is angry.

The police has already lectured me enough to regret it.

“But, You did it for your sister. I am proud of you as your parent.”


Oh, damn. I am about to cry.

It were just few words but I am really happy to be praised by the father.

“But at that time the situation was really dangerous. Even though I am an atheist but still I want to thank God for your luck.”

I think so too.

By the way, all of them are supposedly fallen on ground due to food poisoning.

The same afternoon, the five of them seemed to have ate oysters as some form of celebration, as told by the detectives.

I can’t say for sure as I haven’t experienced food poisoning but was it really food poisoning?

Maybe, but? I can’t say for sure when asked about it.

Even if they might be excreting foam due to the food poisoning why would they hold down their throat and scratch their eyes?

I was as if they are attacked by Poison Smoke.

I have never seen the poisoner so I am assuming it according to the games and animes. And it does seem far from reality.

“Hmnn….. as expected..”

“Why did you groan with your arms folded? Oh, no, that’s not good.”

My though were interrupted due the unexpected words from my sister.

“Why is there Destiny in the packback?”

The lizard sent from the Village of Fate gave me fate?

That means it was there.

Perhaps the mysterious phenomenon….no way…

“Is it possible?”

I couldn’t abandon the possibility of what I thought.

Translator and Editor Notes:

All hail the Lizardsaurus for saving the life of the mc. Btw I am free now so I will continue the regular releases. ~ Asada

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    • Nah, it’s probably not a dragon, first of it would be too op, and lastly… He wouldn’t be able to hide it, it would be causing him many problems and eventually come in between him and the village.
      Beside, dragons don’t eat fruits… As far as i remember.

    • Nah, that would be too op, and beside, how would he hide a dragon? Be real.
      If it was discovered, it would cause him many problems, and it would come in between him and the village.
      Beside… Dragons don’t diet on fruits.

    • Well the releases are not getting updated for some reason. All the novels should get automatically updated but we are facing some issues to some odd reasons.

  1. See? Destiny’s will shall reach out, and the pagans shall be struck, for this, was their destinies.

    By the way, nice teasing titlz. I feel like it was slightly aimed at me, but not too sure~
    Thanks for the chapter.
    If Destiny will it, then thou shalt accept thee’s fate.

    • Most likely, it bit them. Could also be some sort of sting/needle shooting, or maybe even a smoke…but i put my bet on a bite. But a mist/smoke could make some sense since it can’t bite two peeps at rhe same time.

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