[VHBF] Chapter 20(1/2): We Can’t Waste Money!!!

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Translator: Shi Xiao Ling

Editor: Asada and Bluehm

MuBai had always been a gentle person. He smiles when he sees people. But now he wasn’t smiling or talking to the little dumpling. Why? Because he was thinking about a certain person who seemed to be too good in the little dumpling’s eyes: Luo Sheng.

‘He’s good? I’m afraid that man has nothing to do with being good in all his life.’ thought MuBai to himself.

But the young and naive little dumpling thought that her father was the best person in the world and was full of enthusiasm, boasting to the whole world.

MuBai glimpsed back at the tall man and didn’t know how long he had been standing there. He had changed into a leisurely suit and was lazily standing and staring at him. Looking at him and challenging him with a smile. It seemed that he was watching him and the dumpling talking and was now claiming. My daughter’s favorite is me!

MuBai suddenly felt funny. How could such a naive man, jealous just because his daughter said a few more words to him, be the one to defeat his opponent in a short time?

Hence he let go of his needless worries, deliberately approached the girl and took out a bag of candies from the bag he had with him.

It was a small bag. The outer package was not transparent, and one cannot see what was inside. MuBai deliberately picked up the bag and shook it in front of the dumpling.

The greedy dumpling was really attracted by this action of his. She swallowed her saliva secretly and looked up at MuBai with her eyes glued to the bag of candies in his hands. “Beautiful uncle, what’s in it?”

“Look well!” MuBai said in an exaggerated way. It seemed that he was afraid to expose his intention and had to exaggerate in a roundabout way.

MuBai replied that he didn’t know. The little dumpling’s eyes brightened when she heard it. “How about YinYin finds this out for you, uncle?”

As soon as she finished saying this, the little dumpling was picked up by a big hand behind her. Her hands and feet were waving in the air, struggling to get down, like a small cub that was pinched by the neck by it’s mother, fluttering about.

The little dumpling was so anxious that she refused her father for the first time. “Dad, please let me go. I want to help my beautiful uncle taste the candy!”

Luo Sheng gnashed his teeth and said in a low voice besides little dumpling’s ear, “Today’s candy limit has exceeded the standard. You can’t eat anymore candies!”

Seeing that the little dumpling was still not calming down, he hummed and with an evil smile he tapped the little dumpling’s chubby tummy, “Do you want to be laughed at by MianMian again?”

At that moment all of the little dumpling’s struggling stopped abruptly, then she shook her little head vigrously in denial “No!! Uncle MianMian is bad, I don’t want to be laughed at by him!”

She turned her head hard and said to MuBai, “Beautiful uncle, hide it quickly. Don’t let me see it. When YinYin sees it, I want to eat. And when you eat, you will gain fat!”

MuBai was willing to hide the candies as the little dumpling had asked him to, but she then continued painfully, “Beautiful uncle, hide yourself and don’t let YinYin see you!”

“When YinYin sees you, I think of that bag of candies!”

MuBai: “…”

‘From this day on, I don’t know if I like the little dumpling very much or I’m more familiar with her. When I’m free, I will visit Luo’s house.’ thought MuBai to himself .

Since he was born, he was handsome, gentle, polite and self-restraint. At a sight, he was the kind of excellent and obedient child of others’ family that one’s mother would nag to you about. He and Luo Sheng were two extremes.

Mrs. Luo liked this other family’s child very much. They talked with him very happily.

MuBai was naturally popular with women. He looked handsome, listened closely to what was being said and also speaks appropriately. He could talk about anything under the sky. He could talk about his family’s merits and demerits with an old woman like Mrs. Luo.

To the three-year-old little girl, he could also coax her to smile, and was called by her as the beautiful uncle very cordially.

But in Luo Sheng’s eyes, MuBai was really annoying. He was the No. 1 on his blacklist every time he saw him enter the door. He hated him enough to throw him out immediately!

Bai group was recently talking with a multinational group about cooperation, which was the largest project that Bai group had taken over since its establishment. When this news came out, Bai group’s value immediately soared.

Luo Sheng didn’t have enough time to pick up the girl after school for several days, but he sent his most trusted assistant to take charge of the pick-up for fear of another fight incident.

This assistant was a 40 year old middle-aged man, with hair slightly balding, body slightly fat, and fair. He liked to laugh, especially when facing the lovely girl, he was a kind uncle.

Zhao Wen smiled and saw a young girl in pink waving goodbye to her teachers and classmates, then came running quickly with a red face.

Seeing the chubby uncle the little dumpling was a little disappointed. She pouted and asked: “Uncle Zhao, dad is still not here today?”

The girl asked this question at least once a day. Zhao Wen smiled and said, “The company has received a big project. Mr. Luo is always busy.”

Seeing the little dumpling sitting in the back child seat with her small head hanging down, Zhao Wen said: “Miss YinYin, Mr. Luo is a grown-up. He needs to make money to support you, right?”

Afraid that the little dumpling can’t understand it and affect Mr. Luo’s daughter’s feelings, Zhao Wen said: “Our company is Miss YinYin’s company, and your father helps you manage the company. When Miss YinYin grows up, she will have no worries about food and clothing. She will buy any beautiful skirt she wants!”

The little dumpling couldn’t understand. She was always a poor and struggling dumpling. She had to break a candy into two pieces to eat. She had no idea about her being a rich woman. It was harder for her to understand what a company was than to talk to the little dumpling about collecting bottles to earn money.

But Dad worked hard. Dad had to earn money to support her, so he was too busy to pick her up. He came back late every day. YinYin understood that.

She frowned with heartache. “Uncle, you should tell Dad that I want him to have a good meal. He can’t be too hard on himself.”

The chubby assistant laughed more gently. No wonder their boss doted on the little princess so much like a pearl in his palm. Despite their boss’s bad comments, his work style was also a bit overbearing, but every day he would still ask about the little princess.

That situation was similar on either sides. They couldn’t do anything about it either. Like father like daughter. This little one who keeps remembering her father and kept talking about her father.

The big one seemed to be impatient, but Zhao Wen felt that there was something that he had to do with the little dumpling. He was afraid that their boss would not be short of going mad.

YinYin asked a lot of questions in the car. The chubby uncle told her that her father was so busy that he had even forgotten to eat. Zhao Wen meant to tell the little dumpling that it wasn’t that his boss didn’t come to pick her up on purpose. He was really too busy, so he gave her an example, saying that the boss was too busy even to eat.

The little dumpling was very distressed when she heard this. When she came home, her little chubby face was wrinkled up.

At home when Mrs. Luo saw her, she took the dumpling in her arms and asked: “What’s wrong with YinYin today? Looking like a little old man! “

The girl in her arms seemed to be tangled for a long time and said after a while, “Grandma, dad works hard!”

Mrs. Luo was very pleased. She felt that it was good for the dumpling to know about adults’ hard work. She smiled and touched the little dumplings head. “When this time is over, and dad is not busy anymore, let him take you out to play and go to the amusement park, okay?”

The Little dumplingi’s eyes brightened when she heard this, thinking about the amusement park, a paradise like place, a fun place, so expensive!!!

The Little dumpling immediately waved her hands and said, “Dad has worked hard and we can’t waste money.”

Translator and Editor Notes:

Oh…I really like the dumpling. Btw the schedule of the author is getting stable now. So she can starts publishing more frequently but unfortunately we can’t promise anything. 😅 ~ Asada

Edited ~ Bluehm

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