[PBCT] Chapter 18: The Light That was not yet Seen

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Translator: Redeyes

Editor: Asada and Kenny Stryker

Proofreader: JadeCloud

For a man, there was no going back on what he has already said.

I have not gained anything, but I removed the bell sound trap from Gettenwo’s guesthouse as was promised.

“Come back once a week. Also, it’s fine for you to be a bandit, but be careful when you sneak in into dangerous places. I’ll help you when you need it, so call me.” ~Sugen

“I know without you saying that this many times. If I didn’t do as you say, would you come again and kidnap me? I’m sorry for causing trouble.” ~Gettenwo

I released her without consulting the others, but she promised to show up regularly, so there should be no problem. I can tell my siblings tomorrow. Since we were all lazy, one of us wouldn’t bother to bring her back alone.

Wearing cheap clothes when walking down the castle unnaturally, Gettenwo adapted to the straw sandals on her feet.

Unless my siblings were in the way, it would be easy for Gettenwo to get out of the palace through the palace guards.

And, Gettenwo, who jumped several times on the spot to warm up, turned around suddenly.

“I forgot to say this, but for the speech–” ~Gettenwo

“Leave it to me. It will be a tough fight, but I absolutely won’t lose.” ~Sugen

“Nobody cares about that. Certainly, the Emperor said that the speech will be given at Bujin-Sai[1]?” ~Gettenwo

“That’s right.” ~Sugen

Bujin-Sai was an event held in Ando once a year. Although it was a festival in which everyone prays for victory of the war, the aspect of revitalizing the warriors was also important.

Therefore, rather than the solemn Shinto [2] ritual, there were food stands, exhibitions, and the like. The atmosphere was as lively as a banquet.

There was a saying that nearly half of the sake sold in Ando was consumed during this festival.

“The town people are looking forward to this festival. It would be selfish to crush each other, but don’t cause trouble and pour water on the festival mood.” ~Gettenwo

“Oh. Father had reminded me of that.” ~Sugen

“The Emperor?” ~Gettenwo

“Oh. Since there is the intention to show that “The Emperor had the blessing of the war gods” during the festival. I will definitely not damage the prestige.” ~Sugen

Father, the Emperor, provided entertainment to his subjects at this festival while showing his prestige skillfully.

For example, the plan to open up the Imperial Garden.

Outsiders were usually not allowed to enter the court for security reasons. However, during the festival, a small part of the garden was allowed to the general public. In addition, they are free to enjoy cherry blossom viewing and drinking there.

Of course, when you allow general access, the danger of dubious strangers getting in greatly increases.

However, in response to this, the Emperor personally gave his authorization by saying, “With us is the protection of the War Gods, everything should be fine.” And with these words, no major incident had ever occurred. On the street, the rumor spread that “The Emperor has the blessing of the war gods.”–Anyway, I guess the Emperor removed the assassins on his own without anyone noticing.

“That’s why I won’t set the podium on fire. Don’t worry.” ~Sugen

“You bastard, If I didn’t tell you to be careful, would you have considered that plan?” ~Gettenwo

Of course. In this situation, all possible plans must be considered.

Because I could not find the strong points of my brothers, I had to work on a different approach.

“Well… No problem. Until the first day of the festival which is the speech, there is still almost half a month. With my exceptional brains, the plan will gush up like Hot Spring Water.” ~Sugen

“Well, that’s good. Then, I’m gonna go back. Goodbye.” ~Gettenwo

Gettenwo rushed out after saying farewell without any feelings. In a few days, the fame of the bandit, Gettenwo, will be heard in the castle. I felt proud of my sister.

“I want to do my best not to lose to my hard-working little sister, but… Should I sleep here today? Is that all right?”


My last memory was that I laid in a futon and slept.

There is no way afterward, unless he was confined or restrained by another one of his siblings could he fall unconscious.

But, after then, while thinking indiscriminately, “Oh, not like this,” he just spent idle time that he could not remember.

There were blurry fragments of memories. Iifu continued to stay in bed in spite of training abandonment, Ryausha was pressed to rebuild her mansion, and Sauran disappeared after saying ‘Don’t look for me.”

But all of that was only trivial to me.


“Yo, I showed you my face after a long time. I brought you some things. What’s wrong, bastard! Your face looks like you’re dying. Did you get poisoned?” ~Gettenwo

It was on the night before the completely cornered speech that my memory regained its colors.

That unusual evening, Gettenwo was in a good mood and brought some sweet dumplings.

“…Gettenwo. What’s wrong? Aren’t you unusually extravagant today?” ~Sugen

“Oh, today I defeated a villain after a long time, so I’m feeling good and motivated. It’s not that! Bastard, I’ve heard what happened!” ~Gettenwo

“I just haven’t eaten these few days.” ~Sugen

“Not ‘just’ you fool!” ~Gettenwo

Lying on my back in the study as I just rolled and looked in the ceiling, Gettenwo forced the sweet dumpling into my mouth. Instantly, the water in the jug was poured.

“Seriously. In this situation, did you not come up with anything after all?” ~Gettenwo

 “I’m not the problem. My brothers and sisters are the ones with merits at all…”

“You keep on shifting the blame persistently. That’s not gonna be productive. Quickly, rest, and sleep. Anyway, the other guys should be no different.” ~Gettenwo

Willing to keep a watch until he recovered, Gettenwo sat down on the floor cross-legged. Moreover, if she stepped out of the court, the people would praise her as the world’s best bandit.

Seriously, what a big difference from my other siblings.

At least, if even a very small part of Gettenwo’s popularity could be divided among his siblings –…?

At that time, I felt a tiny light shining in my head.

However, my exhausted consciousness was unable to pick up that light and fell into the darkness.

Translator and Editor Notes:

[1] Bujin-Sai – Demon-Fighting Festival
[2] Shinto – a religion

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