[VHBF] Chapter 19 (2/2): Beautiful Uncle!!!!!

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Translator: Shi Xiao Ling

Editor: Asada and Bluehm

Miss. Wang said, ”The main purpose of me telling all these things is to teach you that it’s wrong to fight among yourself. Only bad children fight. All of you must not quarrel or fight among yourself nor talk bad behind others back. You should all get along well with each other, be good children and friends with each other.”

But when the other children heard their teachers announcement, they suddenly realized who the original culprit was. The one who bullied YinYin were these two, Li XiaoAi and Xu PengPeng?

After class, a number of kids gathered near those two kids. The young children would not say anything too vicious since they didn’t know how to. So, they attacked the culprits together accusing them that they were too bad.

“Knowing that YinYin likes her father best, you said bad things about her father!”

“The teacher said you can’t make fun of your classmates. Next time, YinYin, come back and tell us if someone bullies you again. We will support you. They won’t dare to hit you!”

What was the meaning of supporting? Even the kid who said this was not clear about that. She had picked this dialogue up from the adults. Anyway, she knew that it meant something like helping your friend and scaring the bad guys away!

YinYin raised her little chubby paws. “Although they say bad things about my father, and I won’t forgive them about that, it’s not right that we bully people for no reason either. We should be good children!”

“And, and…” the little dumpling suddenly felt guilty. Now she thought back to the way she was fighting. It seemed to her that she was behaving in a really fierce and ugly manner!

She then said with a guilty expression on her face, “And I beat them too, I’m not right. I’m not right. I’m a good kid! I shouln’t have done that!”

The innocent young dumpling felt that she had her revenge when her father had come to pick her up. She was very satisfied. She didn’t know what her father, who was a good child in her eyes, had done to the Li family.

Other kids listened to the little dumpling with their eyes shining. At their age, few children could say so many things at once. They were listening intently!

Some advices may not work when they were said by their parents and teachers, but when they were said by their friends of the same age, they were very convinced! And from the bottom of their hearts, they thought that they could even preach these teaching to the masses!!!

Bai YinYin was so pretty!

“YinYin is so strong!”

“We will listen to you. We won’t bully people at will anymore!”

Miss. Wang, who was passing by: “…”

Aiiii….She spent half an hour to educate them in vain. She was not even good as a three-year-old dumpling???

The little dumpling had just arrived at home from school, removed her shoes, put the shoes together with dad’s big shoes, and ran inside her home like a galloping deer.

“Grandpa and grandma, I’m back!”

“Daddy’s back, too!”

Sitting on the sofa in the living room was a familiar figure, with a tall and straight posture, mild temperament, and bright eyes. The little dumpling rushed towards the man, “Beautiful uncle!”

Mu Bai smiled and nodded at the warm and naive little dumpling, and his eyes fell on her for a moment. Then he raised his eyes and looked at the tall man behind her.

He raised his eyebrows in a slight surprise.

Luo Sheng nodded back at him.

The last time Mu Bai saw Luo Sheng, the prince of Luo Group, his impression was of a typically cold and noble young man. He was uninhibited, arrogant and unpredictable.

This time, the man was dressed in a black suit, and his brown curly hair was dyed back to black again. His look was clean and refreshing. At a glance, he seemed to be a young and promising elite president. He looked down thoughtfully.

After the case of Zhang, Su and Liu families had ended, director Li transferred him to A city to practice and accumulate experience. In fact, he had especially ordered him to pay more attention to Luo Sheng.

For people who had been handling cases for many years of their lives, they had an intuition that this young man is not as simple as he appeared to be.

Mu Bai also thought that Luo Sheng, a dandy who seemed to be fooling around in the outside world, was worth studying into.

Although the two men had met each other before, they had calculated a lot of ideas in their heads in this brief moment.

 The little dumpling had not seen this beautiful uncle for a long time. She thought that he would have gone back home after catching the bad guys and she would never be able to see him again. She was so happy that she forgot that her father was standing beside her for a while.

She climbed up on the sofa and sat next to her beautiful uncle. Then she began to talk.

“Beautiful uncle, when did you come?”

“Beautiful uncle after you caught bad guys, you didn’t go home?”

“How about that uncle, the chief uncle? Why didn’t he come with you?”

“By the way, pretty uncle, I’ll treat you candy!”

The little dumpling took out a milk candy from her schoolbag. Today, the candies given by her father were distributed to other children in the kindergarten. This milk candy was what she had saved up for herself in the end. YinYin handed it over with her little paws. “Uncle! I will give this to you!”

Last time, this beautiful uncle had caught the bad guys and had allowed her daddy to take care of her when he was going to leave!

Ever since she could remember, she hadn’t received much kindness from others. The little dumpling very much cherished other people’s kindness to her. She never failed to live up to their expectations.

She had a doll that was really treasured by her and she had placed it in her room. 

Although she didn’t know how she lost it later, dad told her that it was taken away by the mouse. When YinYin heard that she thought to herself, ‘The doll was so lovely, the mouse must have liked it too!’

Thinking of this, the little dumpling felt that the milk candy in her hand was very heavy. This was her last candy. She raised her little face, twisted her little eyebrows, and said in a sad voice, “Uncle, I lost the doll you gave me…”

Mu Bai tried to comfort the little dumpling by saying that it was fine and he would buy her another one later.

But who could have predicted that as soon as she heard that the little dumpling’s hand with the milk candy shrunk back and said with a hollow heart: “Since beautiful uncle is fine with me loosing your doll, you must also pretend that you lost my milk candy!”

After that, the little dumpling stuffed her candy back to the schoolbag and said in relief, “That’s good!”

Mu Bai: “…”

The face of the man behind the little dumpling blossomed into a satisfied smile. No one could make this greedy, stingy little dumpling willing to separate from a candy!

The candy was eaten up by the little dumpling and the happy girl exhaled loudly in satisfaction loudly.

Luo Sheng went upstairs to change his clothes and came downstairs. The Little dumpling was holding a small picture book in her hands and pointed to the picture above and said, “This is what I drew today, this is my father, this is me!”

“YinYin is very proud of herself, the teacher praised me for painting well today”.

The little dumpling was experienced in drawing. In order to make her father recognize her, she made a schedule and since she could not write, she used drawings instead. The little dumpling felt that she had practiced well enough.

The lines on it were crooked, the strokes were tender, but the colors of the picture were colorful and bright. Mu Bai looked into the clear and bright eyes of the little dumpling, which were full of vitality and innocent happiness.

Mu Bai asked about the wound on the dumpling’s face. The little dumpling was even more proud to talk about it, because beautiful uncle was a policeman, who caught bad people. He looked good, and gave her gifts. In the little dumpling’s heart, he was a good uncle worthy of trust.

So she didn’t say much about the kindergarten. She had no scruples about telling about her bravery to her beautiful uncle and told her how she got revenge.

“I can fight two kids on my own!” She held out her little chubby finger and showed it to him, “Two!”

After boasting about herself, she began to show off her father again. The young girl didn’t know how to speak many words but she still narrated happily, “Father is more powerful! As soon as Dad entered the teacher’s office, those bad uncles and aunties were shocked silly by Dad. They dare not speak loudly to Dad. That Auntie scolded me before, but when Dad entered, she dared not to scold me anymore…… “

Tuanzi said a lot. She was so excited. She got up from the sofa, turned her small chubby waist, and raised her head high to look at Mu Bai, and said, “Dad is the most powerful dad in the world, the most lovely dad, beautiful uncle. What do you think?”

Translator and Editor Notes:

This dumpling is really cute lol. 😂 ~ Asada

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