[PBCT] Chapter 17: Third Prince. Sauran

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Translator: Redeyes

Editor: Asada and Kenny Stryker

Proofreader: JadeCloud

They returned to the Fourth Garden mansion once again. Gettenwo laughed with a carefree smile as they came out safely without any accident.

“I guess she was tolerant because she’s an older sister. Is that not a strong point?” ~Gettenwo

“No. She’s usually more impatient. Weird.” ~Sugen

“I can’t help but think when it’s going to be over. Well, let’s go to the next person. Will I be free after we see the third prince?” ~Gettenwo

It seems that the reason for her good mood was that the end was finally near. We have not found any strong points yet, but I had promised to free Gettenwo once the inspection on the third person was over.

Only Sauran was left.

After resting in the living room, they walked into the Third Garden. On the way there, Gettenwo put her hand on her chin as if worried about something.

“I suddenly thought about the next one, Sauran. I haven’t got a faint clue about his intentions. Until now, it was apparent for people to get the feeling that he’s a “Dignified Pervert” and a “Smart Idiot” but, this time, there is suddenly no impression of him coming to my mind.” ~Gettenwo

“That kind of evaluation would mean, Brother Ran, is a “Despicable Lecher” ~Sugen

“Despicable Lecher” ~Gettenwo

Gettenmaru repeated the pronunciation like an immature parrot.

“That… Just the sound alone, isn’t that much worse than the two which I said before?The former two at least said: “dignified” or “smart,” but this time, it’s “Despicable” and “Lecher.” Isn’t he beyond saving?” ~Gettenwo

“That’s right. So, in some ways, he is the most difficult enemy.” ~Sugen

The fence to the Third Garden can be seen. Compared to the other two siblings, the fence to Sauran’s Garden was full of gaps. You can step across it normally without having to jump over.

This was to make it easier for the lady-in-waiting to come in when he calls her over. It seemed that he had considered this, but there was no case of any success till now.

“However, Gettenwo, if you think it a little bit, being despicable isn’t that bad.” ~Sugen

“Really?” ~Gettenwo

“Uh-huh… For example, let’s say that each of our siblings had a duel with the Emperor. At best, we would be defeated in minutes — Maybe only Sauran would have more than enough energy preserved.” ~Sugen

Gettenwo, who had witnessed the strength of the Emperor, might understand that he was amazing. I jumped a little on the spot and opened my eyes.

“Isn’t that a great thing? Then, among all of you, isn’t he’s the strongest?” ~Gettenwo

“That’s definitely different. That person’s way of fighting is just despicable.” ~Sugen

I explained the basic strategy of Sauran to Gettenwo.

If you fought against a strong enemy, you just need to take a step back. Avoid and escape. When it comes to a single duel, look for the decisive factor in running out of strength. Only those who were evidently in lower rank will be attacking.

“That’s certainly, not a very pleasant tactic…” ~Gettenwo

Her voice turned meek as Gettenwo narrowed her eyes.

However, I did not intend to deny this tactic completely. In a sense, it is true. I absolutely did not plan to copy it.

“Afterwards, he’d often use tools. If the situation allowed it, he would set up a trap as well. The bell which helps us prevent your escape was also made by Sauran.” ~Sugen

“You all have skills that aren’t praiseworthy.” ~Gettenwo

“He’s a shrewd guy. He made a blood paste that looks exactly like a real one to feign illness…” ~Sugen

After that, “Mu?” Gettenwo tilted her head.

“What’s the matter?” ~Sugen

“Wait. Isn’t that a good point to be praised? Just that being able to make something shrewd isn’t stupid. If you reverse the way you think, then you can say he is cautious, and then it will look better.~Gettenwo

Oh, and I sighed.

“That’s right… he could be praised that way…” ~Sugen

“What does that mean? Is there a situation that cannot be praised?” ~Gettenwo

“You’ll know it when you go there.” ~Sugen

And then, as we came to see Sauran’s mansion, the freezing expression of Gettenwo was worth it.

On one side was shining with gold.

From the fences to roofs and pillars, everything was dazzling with gold color. If it had a taste like Ryausha’s Garden, it could have been treated as a kind of beauty, but there was just gold color, and the modeling was very bad.

It only looks like a badly built mansion of money.

“Of course, This amount of gold cannot be used for the prince’s own mansion. This is just decorated with a metal foil of “Gold” created by Sauran.”  ~Sugen

“… for what?” ~Gettenwo

” Well… to show off to the lady-in-waiting.” ~Sugen

Gettenwo’s cheek twitched.

Then, while turning off our presence, we turned to the front of the mansion. And then, there was a large signboard with lanterns to imitate the pub in the red-light district.

“Welcome to the Third Prince, Sauran’s house. We sincerely welcome you. I pray that you are the destined companion.” ~The Signboard

It was useless writing, and I was irritated.

“… What’s up with that sign?” ~Gettenwo

“Each time a new lady-in-waiting arrives, he puts it out. That’s right, Is it time for a successor to come …?” ~Sugen

“This mansion should have been the one to burn rather than the one before.” ~Gettenwo

I nodded hard at Gettenwo’s argument.

As there was no sign of ambush, we daringly tred to access further. The doorway was left open as if to show his intent to welcome us. As we approached, a voice leaked from the inside.

Obviously, it was Sauran’s voice.

“‘I have been waiting for you’ — That was wrong. ‘I dreamed of your coming’ This is suitable for the first voice. It looks like the novice maiden dyed her cheek. ‘Excellent martial arts and excellent eyebrow. The best prince in general. Only you, led by Sauran, is the luckiest girl in Ando’ — I am the best. No woman won’t fall for this killing punch line … fu~ I’m looking forward to this.” ~Sauran

We peeped from the entrance through the door to the living room. Sauran, who sat at the desk, was grumbling a monologue while he wrote a dubious document.

Of course, that was not the script for a speech. As he probably heard that a new lady-in-waiting arrived, he abandoned the speech dispute and started writing a welcome script.

No. The content of that monologue was more important. To show himself better, he listed out the strong points that he acknowledged. This speech — When looking for the strong points, it could be called a fatal strike.

That’s it.

“That’s amazing. Despite exposing such strong points, it doesn’t really touch my heart…” ~Gettenwo

“That’s right. Brother Ran did not try to make himself big enough to die at this time, but it’s surprisingly unconvincing. So, I can see the strong points, but I can’t praise it.” ~Sugen

If you quoted that word as it is and used it in the script of the speech, the speech would be quick, but even I, who had no choice in avoiding the throne, had a considerable sense of rejection. He was a man that had so much to physiologically dislike.

“What should we do, Gettenwo? Can you find out something good?” ~Sugen

“Impossible. How can you fight a losing battle?” ~Gettenwo

“I guess so… then should we go home?” ~Sugen

“Wait. For now, let’s watch until the lady-in-waiting arrives. By any chance –, if we’re about to fall victim to that guy, we should stop.” ~Gettenwo

Gattenwo’s habit as a bandit came out.

As a matter of fact, because Sauran was only skillful with his mouth, and had never reached out his hands, I didn’t have to worry about it. But well, the possibility of being cornered and running into misfortune could not be ignored.

Judging from the content of the monologue, I knew she would come without waiting for too long. So, I waited beside the door.

Even if you did not hide with effort, there was no fear that Sauran would be distracted.

Then, as the sunset, the lanterns began to illuminate the unpleasant big signboard, a figure was coming from the court.

— A strangely big shadow.

“Oh, aren’t you, Master Sugen?” ~strange person

And then, the big shadow was a face that I knew.

Among the guards who guarded the court, he is the most eagerly trained young bald-head man. Thanks to the daily training, the large body was covered with muscles, completely like a terrible giant.

I don’t know his name, but because of his impressive look, he called himself ‘Muscle Boy.’

“What’s going on? Is there any business with His Highness Sauran?” ~Muscle Boy

“No. I just took a walk and lost my way into the Third Garden. I’ll go back to my mansion, please keep it a secret from Brother Ran that I was here.” ~Sugen

“It’s like that. I understand.” ~Muscle Boy

Detecting the approaching Muscle Boy, Gettenwo, who must not be recognized, quickly hid away.

Of course, with me, I could hide the same way. However, I did not dare.

Suddenly, I had a premonition and stayed.

“Oh… By the way, what do you need to do for Brother Ran at this time?” ~Sugen

“Me? No, actually–” ~Muscle Boy

To summarize the story of Muscle Boy, it was like this.

At last, there were no more lady-in-waiting candidates who wanted to be assigned to Sauran.
But the Imperial Courthouse was looking for a suitable person.

Therefore, “I want to see the secrets of the strength of the heirs up close.” the Muscle Boy raised his hand.

That’s all.

“Is that it? Please do your best. Surely Brother Ran will be happy. Please devote yourself to him.” ~Sugen

“I am grateful for your words. I will do my best.” ~Muscle Boy

With the thumping sounds of footsteps like a giant, the Muscle Boy went into Sauran’s mansion while cutting the wind with his shoulder.

Gettenwo and I, however, just left quietly.

Translator and Editor Notes:

Kinda hoping to see Sauran’s interaction with the two

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