[HGEG] Chapter 36: Bloody Truth

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: xTechon

Xin Meng was baffled by this card. It was a simple sentence, but he couldn’t understand the meaning.

Seeing that the sky was getting darker, You Yi turned around and took the cards in Xin Meng’s hands, “Fantasying is useless, we will know when the moment is right.”

Xin Meng stretched lazily, “That’s right, let’s think about how to clear the task first. Let’s take Xiong JiaBao down the valley to take a look.” They returned to Xiong JiaBao’s room, found out that Wu XueHua was sitting by the bed and, seeing them, she smiled.

“Did you finish talking? You took so long that you missed dinner! If you are hungry, there’s food in the kitchen, do you want me to heat some for you?”

Wu XueHua’s attitude was very warm, but Xin Meng remembered the meat and shook his head, “N-No, no need to go through so much trouble, we aren’t hungry.”

Wu XueHua twirled her fingers around her hair and smiled playfully, “It’s not trouble, you saved not only my cousin, but everyone. Like my dad said, you are the saviors of this village, we are very grateful!”

The girl’s expression was very eager, but Xin Meng really had no appetite. He looked at You Yi, You Yi shook his head and then Xin Meng said, “There’s no need. We don’t feel like eating.”

“Well,” Wu XueHua pouted and pointed to a few glasses of water in the table, “A cup of water, then?”

Xin Meng shyly refuses. Wu XueHua pointed to Xiong JiaBao and said, “I’ve given him a drink with this mountain’s special herb, we all drink that when we are sick. Usually works, his fever faded a bit, he will be better before tomorrow.”

Xin Meng looked at Xiong JiaBao and was surprised that his face was not that red anymore, but there’s still a certain pinkness to his cheeks, his eyes looking at Wu XueHua’s lips in a daze… Lips and eyes full of color.

Xin Meng “…”

How the medicine is fed, he probably already knows…

‘Even his legs are gone, but he can still think about it?’

‘What a great experience it was!’ thought Xion JiaBao.

When Wu XueHua left, she instructed them to quickly drink the water so it wouldn’t get cold, she was very considerate. Actually, she was a good girl, but because of certain things she had done to a certain someone before, Xin Meng was unable to like her…

Looking at the glass filled with water, Xin Meng walked over to pick the cup. This time, the glass was cleaned and so was the water inside, and there was a certain amount or warmth. Xin Meng was really thirsty and wanted to drink the water, but when the cup was almost at his lips, he remembered that the water was taken from the reservoir, and that there were dead bodies in the water…

There was a surge in his stomach, Xin Meng quickly put the glass back on the table and walked away from it. His lips were still a little dry and he was trying hard to endure when an unopened mineral bottle appeared in front of him. He glanced at You Yi.

‘This man was the most considerate…’

Xin Meng took the mineral water and smiled.

Xin Meng tried hard to sit up but couldn’t support his upper body at all. He waved his hands and yelled, “C’mon, get me that glass of water, the yellow one!”

Xin Meng saw that there was indeed a yellow teacup, “Why do you want this?”

“Because it’s HuaHua’s… No, HueHua’s!” Xiong JiaBao’s face flushed red, Xin Meng rolled his eyes and handed it to Xiong JiaBao. He said angrily, “Hurry up! After drinking, we will go out of the valley to clear the mission!”

Xiong JiaBao asked, “Have you found a way to clear the task?”

“Not sure yet, but it’s very likely we have.” Xin Meng quickly explained his analysis and continued, “Let’s go down the mountain to see if we can get out.”

Xiong JiaBao’s face changed a bit and he said bitterly, “Brother, your big brother’s legs are like this, I can’t help it…”

“What then?” Xin Meng questioned, “You don’t want to go out? It’s okay, as long as we can get out, it should count as clearance.”

“No, no, I don’t mean that” Xiong JiaBao said pitifully, “I mean… Can you guys see it first? If you are able to go out, please trouble yourselves to come back and pick me up. Anyways, the ghosts are gone and there’s time to spare now…”

Xin Meng’s face darkened as he said nothing.

“I know I’m asking too much, but I can’t help it. I’ll bleed as soon as I move my leg. If we can’t go out, I’ll have to come back. There’s no hospital or anything here, as soon as I lose too much blood, I’ll die again…” Xiong JiaBao set the tea cup aside and folded his hands together, begging, “And even if you two are able to go out, I may not be able to clear the task immediately, so the infection will kill me… You know, you will die forever if you die thrice and won’t be able to return to reality. My mother is waiting for me at home…”

Xiong JiaBao as talked and talked, it was getting sadder and more adorable, Xin Meng couldn’t bear it.

“I can’t afford gambling, brother Xin, I have already died once and there’s only two lives left…” Xiong JiaBao said as tears came down his cheeks, he wiped them with his arms and looked even more pitiful.

Xin Meng thinned his lips, “Then stay awake, we will be back soon.”

Xiong JiaBao nodded quickly.

When the two went out, Xiong JiaBao picked up the teacup with in amazement, looked at it like an idiot and drank the water as he circled it with his tongue, trying to lick every corner that Wu XuaHua might have drunk. His mind was drowned in that soft touch of when the medicine was fed, and he couldn’t even feel the bitterness of the herbal liquid…

Recalling that good moment, Xiong JiaBao smiled and closed his eyes.

Xin Meng and You Yi ran trough the mountain road and soon came to its end. The blocked wall had really disappeared, replaced by a kind of dark chaos, exactly like the one inside the door they passed in the last game.

“Of course!” Xin Meng was so happy that he couldn’t wait to rush forward, but thinking of Xiong JiaBao, he held back and turned around, ready to pick him up.

As soon as he walked to the village chief’s house, You Yi grabbed his wrist, “Wait, something is wrong!”

“What’s wrong?” Xin Meng looked around and found nothing out of ordinary. He looked at the house where Xiong JiaBao was, ‘The window that was closed before was now open? But it’s not strange to close windows, so?’

You Yi glanced at him, “This village is very primitive, have you seen candles?”

Xin Meng froze, “No,” and then reacted, turning around sharply, looking at the windows on the chief’s bedroom!

There’s a candlelight inside!

“There’s candles in the village?” Xin Meng murmured. “Yes, they said that occasionally someone would leave the valley to go outside…”

His reasoning made sense, but maybe because of You Yi’s state, Xin Meng also became anxious. The two stopped talking and lurked towards the window, with light footsteps. Waiting next to the window, Xin Meng carefully raised his head and peeked inside. At first glance, he widened his eyes and couldn’t believe what he was seeing, he almost screamed.

‘Blood. Blood everywhere!’

Xiong JiaBao, with his exposed calf, was placed on a long table with a deep cut on his neck. The entire head was only connected to the rest of the body by a thin layer of flesh and skin. He was already dead!

The ground around him had become a pool of blood.

The familiar and responsible village chief Wu Dacheng; Wu XueHua, who was considered a king and good girl moments before; and Wu Deli, who thanked them for saving his life in the afternoon; wore blood-stained clothes. With an apron, holding a kitchen knife in his hands, he lifted his hands and made a deep cut on Xiong JiaBao, cutting a long strip of meat…

Xin Meng was truly scared this time, almost falling to the ground with his fingers shaking, the corners of his eyes were wet. Fortunately, You Yi caught him in time without making noise, but he had a bitter look on his face.

They heard the voices inside.

“We’ve been lucky lately, we had many fresh meats and everyone was able to have a full meal.” That was Wu Dacheng talking.

“Yeah, and since they solved the ghost problem, that won’t happen again, so we can go back to eating meat freely,” said Wu Deli. “That woman’s meat who was cooked last time, turns out that several folks who ate her died, and even outsiders were affected. So scary. Everyone was only eating vegetables recently; their faces were all green. I told XueHua that if I can’t eat meat, I would prefer death.”

“You are such a worrywart. Even if those ghosts were bad, you really thought they could kill the whole village?” Wu XueHua said with disdain. “When they were alive, they weren’t able to run from us, as if they can kill me!”

“Don’t say that, they were very powerful” Wu Dacheng said solemnly. “For many years, the villagers have brought foreigners in and we shared them. Those people turned into ghosts after their deaths, it was indeed scary. Jianwei’s family was completely destroyed!”

Wu Deli asked quickly, “Then, uncle Jianwei’s body… And XiaoMei’s…”

Wu Dacheng teased, “I knew you were thinking about XiaoMei, I’ve already distributed Jianwei’s and Dongzi’s meat around, XiaoMei is yours. After all, you two still had a marriage pact and would get married soon. It’s all yours, no one had a saying about it.”

Wu Deli was overjoyed, “All mine?! Thanks, uncle!”

The people inside laughed, Xin Meng almost vomited. You Yi covered his ears, but Xin Meng shook his head. Even though he was disgusted, he wanted to know the whole truth.

The conversation inside the room continued.

“It’s a pity that those outsiders buried their dead friends, the meat can’t be eaten if it’s all dirty” said Wu Deli, disappointed.

“One had almost no meat left on his bones, I took out the internal organs and put it on the kitchen, then gave them the remnants to bury, as for the other… In the reservoir, everyone went for Jianwei’s meat, they forgot about the other one. And it wasn’t good to be too obvious in front of those outsiders, that was our mistake.” Wu Dacheng said. “But that’s nothing. The remaining three are enough for us to share at least two pounds of meat.”

“Talking about them, where are the other two?” Wu Deli wondered. “Won’t they run away?”

“No,” Wu XueHua answered quickly. “I gave them water mixed with medicine before, they would faint as soon as they drink it, but it seemed they went into the mountain immediately after drinking, by now the effect should have hit them. I don’t know which way they went, but if you look around, you will definitely find them.”

Translator and Editor Notes:

Editor: I called it, I immediately guessed they were cannibals the moment they had a feast of almost pure meat. I struggled so hard to hold back spoiling the story with a prediction and I was right. The thing I liked about this arc is that even if you weren’t super suspicious of the meat at the banquet in the beginning, the author left a bunch of clues leading to this so it doesn’t feel out of place like other horror stories. ~xTechon

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