[HGEG] Chapter 33: The Last Card

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: xTechon

When they reached Xiong JiaBao, Xiong JiaBao was squatting on the ground, rubbing his legs with both hands, shouting.

“What’s wrong with you?!” Xin Meng asked.

Xiong JiaBao turned over, pain showing on his face, “I don’t know- my legs suddenly started hurting, but I don’t see anything on it!”

Xin Meng looked down and saw that Xiong JiaBao had his calves exposed, with a few old scars on it. Overall, it was smooth, without green or purple marks.

“Ouch!” Xiong JiaBao yelled. “It’s hurting again! What the hell is going on?!”

In such sensitive period, to be in that situation, even someone like Xiong JiaBao felt embarrassed and lost face.

The two looked at Xiong JiaBao’s calf, but there was no change on it, however, Xiong JiaBao kept saying it hurt.

“Oh, there isn’t any infectious disease here, right?” Xiong JiaBao said. “If I die because of this, I’ll become a joke for them!”

Xin Meng was speechless. At a time like this, he still remembered hating Dong Xiu. He offered Xiong JiaBao a hand, but he couldn’t make it, he could only sit on the dirt road and look around. There was no one in the house nearby, it was the home of Wu JianWei and the other two who died.

Xin Meng’s mouth twitched, “You surely stopped at a great place.”

Xiong JiaBao hadn’t figured out the situation yet, so naturally, he had no idea what Xin Meng was talking about. He only felt his leg getting more and more painful, as if someone was biting it and tearing his flesh piece by piece.

Looking at his leg, he saw nothing, and when it was touched, his skin felt normal.

‘It should be a nerve…’ Xiong JiaBao thought with hesitation. He was afraid of ghosts and didn’t want to mention anything strange, so he didn’t say it at first and Xin Meng didn’t know how much it actually hurt.

Seeing that he wouldn’t be able to get up for a while, Xin Meng squatted next to him and carefully examined the necklace on his chest. The many necklaces were all entangled, but still quite distinguishable from each other. Every time he looked at them, he felt there was something wrong, but every time he counted it, there was no problem. He counted it five or six times, to a point Xin Meng’s eyes were dry, but he still saw nothing out of the ordinary.

“What should I do?” Xin Meng couldn’t help himself and asked You Yi for help.

You Yi took a towel from his bag, twisted it and then tied it directly around Xiong JiaBao’s eyes.

“Hey! What are you doing?!” Xiong JiaBao tried to struggle, but the growing pain in his body made his hands weak, so he didn’t push You Yi away.

Xin Meng saw him trying to grab the towel and quickly stopped, “Don’t move! We just want to be sure of something, wait a little.”

Xiong JiaBao muttered unwillingly, “What’s the matter, it still hurts even if I don’t look!”

Xin Meng explained, “This is very important. If we aren’t sure, we will all be in danger, and you will die first.”

Xiong JiaBao “…” The first to die… “Then do it quickly! Hurry up!”

Xin Meng looked at You Yi and You Yi asked Xiong JiaBao: “How many skulls there are on your necklace?”

Xiong JiaBao said without thinking, “Seven. One big, six small.”

You Yi didn’t continue to ask, instead, looked at Xin Meng. Xin Meng understood his intentions and, after listening, continued, “How many crosses?”

Xiong JiaBao answered quickly, “Four. There are two necklaces with crosses, one with three and the other with a huge one.”

Xin Meng: “What about snakes?”

“One. And one tiger.”

Xin Meng eliminated the weirdly shaped snake and the tiger; they were the least likely to be the problem.

Then he asked, “How many teeth are there?”

Xiong JiaBao, “Six!” He had just said it, but then became a little uncertain. “Or maybe… Five? I don’t remember clearly…”

Xin Meng stared at his chest, there were six teeth on the necklace, “I asked you that day, you were very sure that it was six.”

Xiong JiaBao frowned and said with doubt, “Is that so? Let me think about again…”

Xin Meng’s eyes didn’t leave those six teeth for a while, and he could also see You Yi’s muscles tense, ready to act.

Xiong JiaBao made a weird expression, muttering, “I think there were only five, but why did I think there were six…”

Just when he had vaguely muttered about it, one of the teeth suddenly started to vibrate before it started to swell. A long-haired, pale and horrible ghost came out of the teeth, and giggling sharply, it attacked Xin Meng!

“Ah!” Xin Meng was so scared his heart almost stopped. Fortunately, You Yi reacted very quickly and pulled him away. The female ghost swooped away, turned around and smiled at them.

The ghost smile was extremely disturbing. Her pure black eyes bent into a crescent moon, just like her bloody cracked mouth. The arc was very exaggerated, like a face mask, with the corner of it bleeding. Xin Meng recognized her immediately, it was the ghost that bit him in the water.

He felt his arm beginning to ache. The place where a piece of his flesh was bitten off and later treated by You Yi seemed to be bleeding again. He held You Yi’s hands tightly as he rushed to escape.

It’s strange that the female ghost just flung herself at them but didn’t catch anyone or continue to chase after them. Instead, it turned it’s head slowly, looking at Xiong JiaBao, who was still on the ground.

Xin Meng seemed to hear something coming out the ghost’s mouth…

“Meat… We… Meat… Eat…”

Xiong JiaBao didn’t know anything as he was still blindfolded. He felt something was wrong around him and shouted, “Hey! Brother Xin! What happened? Are you sure of it now? Can I take this off? Ah!”

The ghost approached him slowly, Xin Meng said in a hurry, “Run quickly! She’s coming to you!”

“W-Who?” Xiong JiaBao listened to Xin Meng’s voice almost breaking. He sounded so tense that he forgot about the pain on his legs, he pulled the towel down and opened his eyes. As soon as he did it, he met the black pupils. His legs became jelly, and he couldn’t even stand up, let alone escape.

The ghost approached Xiong JiaBao quickly and layed on his legs with a smirk before biting it. Xiong JiaBao kept crying in pain, kicking his legs like crazy, but he was unable to get rid of it. The ghost took one bite at a time while Xiong JiaBao rolled around in pain. Xin Meng was also very anxious, desperately thinking about countermeasures.

It was weird, the female ghost had only taken six or seven bites, but Xiong JiaBao’s whole calf disappeared piece by piece, and as his flesh was removed, his bare tibia began to show.*

Xin Meng finally discovered why Xiong JiaBao was complaining about his leg hurting before. Turned out that the female ghost had been eating his leg the whole time.

Xiong JiaBao’s face was completely pale, but he could only watch the female ghost eat his own leg. He kept screaming, asking Xin Meng and You Yi for help. Xin Meng knew it was useless to come forward to help, but he could still save him. After thinking about it, he could only shout at Xiong JiaBao, “Call out to ‘Qi XiaoKui’!”

Xiong JiaBao was pained and afraid, he couldn’t understand what Xin Meng was talking about. Xin Meng had to shout several times before he yelled reluctantly, “Q-Qi XiaoKui… Qi XiaoKui… Qi XiaoKui!”

His voice echoed in that small open place. The ghost seemed as if a pause button was pressed, it stopped the chewing and slowly raised her head, looking at Xiong JiaBao with dissatisfaction before disappearing.

Xiong JiaBao escaped death, but he couldn’t move due to pain. He dragged his two bony calves and groaned on the ground. The temperature around them decreased. Xin Meng fiercely turned his head and saw Qi XiaoKui standing like a dead person on the other side.

The girl who was a perfect cosplay of Sadako is worthy of that name. Even if he knew she wasn’t evil, Xin Meng couldn’t help trembling…

He still gathered his courage, took two steps closer and, with a trembling voice, asked “Qi XiaoKui, how did you become like this?”

Qi XiaoKui didn’t speak, just stared at him quietly, but Xin Meng saw the pain inside her eyes, “Why don’t you talk? Is it a game setting? It’s not letting you talk?”

Qi XiaoKui nodded this time.

“That…” Xin Meng didn’t know what to say.

Qi XiaoKui pulled out a familiar white card from the robe on her body, tossed on the ground, then turned around and disappeared.

Xin Meng was a little embarrassed. Instead of picking up the card, he first said to You Yi, “If she was turned into a ghost the moment she stepped in, why did she look so pained just now? Was she forced to kill someone? Or did she eat human flesh?”

Thinking of it makes him shiver!

You Yi shook his head, he only said, “The game won’t directly force the player to eliminate their humanity in order to survive, but it will set traps. If you accidentally step on it, anything can happen.”

He actually answered and showed certain familiarity with the game. Xin Meng noticed it and asked with surprise, “You… You aren’t playing this game for the first time?”

“En” You Yi admitted, and then there was no more.

Xin Meng remembered that You Yi never said he was playing this game for the first time, no wonder why he was so powerful! The rookie Xin Meng is somewhat dumbfounded, so it isn’t that he’s stupid, just that his teammate had a lot of experience…

Although Xin Meng is curious about the instance You Yi played before, he knows it’s not proper to ask right now.

He stepped forward, picked up the card and turned it over.

[The place where it starts is often the place where it ends.]

Translator and Editor Notes:

*Editor: The Tibia is the main bone in the leg in the shin area. Further details on what was edited is in the paragraph below.

It originally said “…removed, his bare bones appeared on his blood leg in front of everyone!” It was made clear in a previous sentence that it was his leg was getting eaten and ‘bare bones’ is just vague. It’s also implied that if you can see somebody’s bones while their alive that not only is it bloody but that everyone present can see so those details in the sentence are redundant. In the end, it was cut down to “…removed, his bare tibia began to show.” Not only does it further specify what is being eaten if it’s not already clear, but it also conveys the same meaning as the original sentence without being as ‘wordy’ or ‘choppy’ while also keeping it consistent with third person narration which shouldn’t have an “!”. I just wanted to take this time to explain my thought process behind one of the edits that was made to this series to make it read better in place of the TN that typically appear for this series. [I didn’t see any TNs for this chapter during drafts]

Enough about edits, thanks for reading HGEG and other projects on Asada Translations, have a nice day and see you next time! ~xTechon

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