[HGEG] Chapter 32: Time of Disappearance

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: xTechon

‘Was that woman resentful for drowning. She is really the one who came back to the village to kill innocents?’

According to horror game tropes, the possibilities are quite great.

At the same time, Wu DeLi’s horrified shout came from outside the house. “Uncle! Uncle! Come outside! There are more deaths!”

Wu Dacheng was shocked and hurried out, Xin Meng and You Yi glanced at each other before following.

Wu DeLi was in the front yard, wandering around like a headless fly. When he saw Wu Dacheng coming out, he forgot about respect and quickly grabbed Wu Dancheng’s arm to drag him out, as he anxiously spoke, “Uncle! Something happened! We went to the reservoir to collect the dead body and we found three more bodies in the water! It was uncle JianWei, Dong and XiaoMei!

Wu Dacheng turned pale. JianWei was his brother, Wu Dong was JianWei’s son and XiaoMei his daughter. Now this family of three died together.

The group stumbled and ran to the reservoir and when they heard the crying from a distance, Wu Dacheng’s legs went soft. Fortunately, Xin Meng was on his side and prevented him from falling to the ground. Wu Dacheng couldn’t even thank him; he hurried and passed the surrounding crowd. The three bodies were foaming, filled with bite marks. His vision went black and he passed out.

“Village chief! Village chief!”

“Village chief! What’s wrong?!”

“Hurry up and carry him back! Carry the chief back!”

The crowd was rioting, and the villagers didn’t have time to wipe their tears before they hurried away. When the village head was taken away, Wu DeLi looked at those relatives and thought of his dead mother. Sorrowful, he couldn’t help his tears. A crying noise surrounded them, and inside their hearts, they all felt uncomfortable listening.

Xin Meng was greatly affected by the atmosphere. His eyes started to moisten, he quickly wiped the corner of his eyes and went to help. After all, there were more dead villagers and he was embarrassed to let them care about Dong Xiu’s body. He could only drag Dong Xiu’s body out of the water and find a way to resettle it. It was simple. He looked at Dong Xiu but couldn’t think of where to start.

“How were you bitten like this?” Xin Meng whispered. “Those ghosts are too cruel, killing and torturing in such way…”

He didn’t have much room to sympathize with them because, according to his previous experience, he could have been one of those bodies. If he hadn’t found Qi XiaoKui in time, he would have been one of those cold bodies.

When he finished, Xin Meng didn’t lift him away like the villagers, put him in a coffin and bury him in a funeral, he didn’t have those privileges. He dug a pit and directly buried Li Yougen and Dong Xiu together.

If the Dong Xiu that always went in and out of five stars hotels knew about this, he would never wear those clothes again. He went into the dirty soil with a man he looked down on. Thinking of Dong Xiu alive in the next game, his sorrows were all forgotten, Xin Meng was even looking forward to it.

“Right, what about Xiong JiaBao?” Xin Meng was busy finishing Dong Xiu’s and Li Yougen’s affairs, and suddenly it came to him that he never seen that dumb shamate again. ‘Such a big thing happened, and he didn’t even wake up?’ Speaking of him, when they were talking in the village chief’s house and Wu DeLi came in yelling, he didn’t see Xiong JiaBao coming out. ‘Was he such a heavy sleeper?’

Xin Meng hesitated, ‘could it be that Xiong JiaBao was involved?’

When he was walking back to the chief’s house, he saw Xiong JiaBao walking towards him with an uneasy expression. He saw Xin Meng’s hands full of dirt and rubbed his belly innocently, asking: “Were you digging sweet potatoes? Are there any left, I’m starving!”

Xin Meng: “…”

“So much happened today, where have you been?” Xin Meng asked suspiciously.

“Ah?” Xiong JiaBao understood. “What happened? I have been sleeping the whole time. I woke up and saw that the house was empty and there was no one next door. I was hungry, then I came to find some food… By the way, I met Wu Dong on the way, and I must say, his sister is so beautiful, not as much as Wu XueHua but…”

“Wait!” Xin Meng interrupted. “Who did you say you met?”

“Wu Dong,” Xiong JiaBao said stupidly, “and his sister Wu XiaoMei. I originally wanted to talk with XiaoMei, but her dad glared at me, so I left.”

Xin Meng grabbed his arm and widened his eyes, “When did that happen?”

Xiong JiaBao scratched his head. “Maybe… Ten minutes ago? I don’t remember too well.”

‘Ten minutes ago? That’s wrong! They saw the bodies of the three in the reservoir with their own eyes!’

Xin Meng felt all the hairs on his back stood up. He stared at Xiong JiaBao and asked nervously, “Are you sure?”

“So so,” Xiong JiaBao eyed him strangely. “What happened to you? I’m probably correct, I looked at the clock, it was nine o’clock at the time…” He glanced at his watch and cried in surprise. “Why is it ten o’clock now? I just looked at the watch, it was nine o’clock just now!”

Xiong JiaBao was stubborn, but Xin Meng grabbed his wrist and looked at the watch. The pointer was moving normally. He thought about it and then asked, “Look at the sun, when you came out, is was the same height?”

Xiong JiaBao looked up, surprised, “No, ah– when I came out, the sun wasn’t that high!”

He said afterwards, “The temperature doesn’t seem right… What’s going on?”

Looking around and then looking at the serious Xin Meng, Xiong JiaBao was dumbfounded, “I crossed time? An hour… This is so cool!”

Xin Meng saw him like this and couldn’t help frowning, “You really have no memory of this hour?”

Xiong JiaBao thought for a while, “It doesn’t feel like something is missing. I just met the three, said a few words and then went to the mountain… Right, what did I do when I went up the mountain?”

Xiong JiaBao muttered to himself in confusion, Xin Meng now reminded him, and he seemed to find that something was wrong.

“Weren’t you looking for food? Why didn’t you go to the village and run to the mountain?” Xin Meng asked sharply.

“I… Why did I go to the mountain…?” Xiong JiaBao finally found out what was wrong. “I don’t know why I wanted to go to the mountain, but… I just went naturally…”

The three stood in the woods, opposite to each other. In addition to the expressionless You Yi, Xin Meng and Xiong JiaBao both had and ominous premonition. Although the temperature around noon had warmed up, they still felt cold from the bottom of their hearts to their fingertips.

“This… I’m a little scared…” Xiong JiaBao rubbed his arms. “Let’s go back, let’s go, there must be more people back there.”

Xin Meng had no other idea. He looked at You Yi and You Yi nodded, so the three reached a consensus and went down the mountain.

However, when Xin Meng was about to turn around, something suddenly swept through the corner of his eyes… A pale face.

The man’s face was twisted strangely, and he revealed a horrible smile, he stared at Xin Meng directly.

“Ah!” Xin Meng yelled, took two steps back and was immediately held by You Yi. You Yi bowed his head and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Xin Meng turned his head around, but only saw Xiong JiaBao standing there, staring at him with a grimace.

The grimace disappeared.

Xin Meng calmed down, waved at the two and said with a smile, “It’s okay, I just saw it wrong and thought the tree branch was a snake.”

Xiong JiaBao teased, “And here I thought you were calm. Don’t scare yourself!”

Xin Meng reluctantly smiled and waited for Xiong JiaBao to leave before he approached You Yi’s ear and lowered his voice, “Just now, I saw a ‘thing’ entangled in Xiong JiaBao’s body.”

He didn’t think he was hallucinating. That thing’s face smiled at him, then with a soft body like a snake wrapped around Xiong JiaBao. Although he only saw a glimpse of it, he was sure, it was wrapping around Xiong JiaBao. The hour that disappeared was also very intriguing.

Combining the time when the three villagers went missing and died, some creepy speculations emerged on his mind-

He’s afraid Xiong JiaBao carried that thing with him and met the three before they died.

‘But there’s still a problem. Why did that thing first attack Wu JianWei and not Xiong JiaBao? Is… Is Xiong JiaBao a tool for it to move, was it attached to him to attack everyone he met?’

‘He went to the mountain due that thing’s will in order to… In order to find the two of them?’

‘Was it going to kill them?!’

“It seems Xiong JiaBao is not aware of it.” Xin Meng said. “Should we… Keep a distance from him for a while?”

The fear of almost being eaten by countless ghosts in the water remained in Xin Meng’s heart, coupled with physical discomfort, making him a little weak.

A big hand fell gently on top of his head and stroked him softly. Xin Meng looked up and saw You Yi eyeing him kindly. His beautiful brown eyes reflected Xin Meng’s figure, he heard him whispering, “We can’t escape. Escaping won’t solve the problem.”

“But…” Xin Meng frowned, looking pitiful, “I’m a bit…”

‘For me, I’m aftraid of showing weakness, but with the powerful You Yi… It should be okay?’

Moreover, although You Yi rarely participated in their discussions, he was always so calm. No matter what dangers they encountered, he never panics or gets afraid. The same feeling Xin Meng gave to the others before, You Yi also gave him– a feeling of support and stability. As long as he looked inside You Yi’s calm eyes, he could calm down quickly.

If Xin Meng was a sedative for others, You Yi was the same for Xin Meng.

In fact, You Yi was the most suitable person to lead the team. With his leadership, the group wouldn’t be so confused.

However, there are two problems. One is that You Yi has no interest in it, and the other is that Dong Xiu is always fighting for power selfishly within the team. Splitting is inevitable. Fortunately, You Yi is on his side.

Thinking of that, Xin Meng was more stable. He asked him directly, “What should I do?”

“Find the problem and solve it.” You Yi did not hesitate at all. He has strong confidence, and with perseverance, he always goes forward, no difficulties can make him go back or tremble.

“En” Xin Meng nodded strongly, and the short-lived weakness was finally set aside. He bent his eyebrows and smiled again.

The two went down the mountain, Xin Meng asked You Yi on the road, “Do you want to get some sleep? Yesterday you were up all-night taking care of me…”

You Yi shook his head, “No, I’m not sleepy.”

He had a fever yesterday, he didn’t expect You Yi would take care of him. If it wasn’t for him, he would probably be unable to get up today. Xin Meng was very moved by it and felt very warm, but he kept thinking it would be inappropriate to say something, “thank you” seemed too ordinary, and they had to talk about the previous topic again. “There must be something wrong with Xiong JiaBao. What do you think is the problem?”

You Yi said, “Look if there’s anything extra on him.”

Unexpectedly, You Yi answered him. Xin Meng felt more energetic and said, “When I saw him, I felt there was something wrong with his necklace, but then I asked him and there was nothing wrong with his answer.”

You Yi reminded, “Don’t forget the ‘attention to details’ written on the card. In other words, the problem may be hidden in the smallest details, and if there’s anything, you should pay attention to it. Ask him again.”

“En” Xin Meng thought about it and nodded.

Translator and Editor Notes:

Hey! forgot to update this week. I punched a girl btw, it was kinda nice, wanted to do that for the whole year. Going on vacation day 11. My sis came back home and I guess they (her and my parents) are fine now. Dad broke his feet, so now I’m enjoying watching him jump around the house… he fell trying to pee today. also i’m ranking on A3… who else plays that? if you do pls say so, i need friends with the itaru card. Anyways, life’s good. ~ Zucci

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