[HGEG] Chapter 31: My Name

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada

They were seen as food!

Xin Meng struggled to shake her limbs of, but it only made him sink little by little. Those corpse things were getting closes and closes, and when Xin Meng returned to his senses, he was completely surrounded!

The water in the reservoir was very clear, the corpses he could see all opened and closed their blue lips, eyes that were not quite eyes looked at him with greed and their resentment almost devoured him! Xin Meng could only look at them with horror, he was afraid and struggled in all directions to escape, even downstream. But he found that his escape has been blocked for a long time. He doesn’t know when those things appeared from the top and bottom, approaching him with hunger!

This won’t work! Calm down! Calm…

Fear had already reached to the extreme, but Xin Meng was able to calm down. After calming down, he remembered that this wasn’t true. This is just a game. Since it’s a game, there will always a way to get out. There must be an escape route, a hint, a clue must be somewhere around!

The air inside his lungs was almost gone, but trying to calm himself, he looked back and forth among the countless corpses approaching, but it was too difficult. The pure black eyes and cracked lips made them look the same, but they were different in shape, there were man and woman, young and old, people with different colors and short, young children, the most terrifying was that he even saw a baby!

Is there really a clue?

But he has been surrounded by those corpses, he can no longer see the outside, the clue cannot appear elsewhere!

Xin Meng eyes were painful already, but then he remembered a short game he once played, looking for an I in a bunch of Ls…

However, the nature of those games was completely different, there was no hesitation or pressure, and he could play only if he desired to, and shut down if he didn’t want to. But this game is terrible!

Under the huge pressure of survival, Xin Meng’s concentration reached an unprecedent level. He scanned the left side and then the right at a fast speed. When the right side was almost finished, suddenly he saw a familiar figure!

It’s… It’s her!

The figure was also naked, with a pale complexion, long black hair hanging down her cheeks, her head bowed…

Qi XiaoKui!

Xin Meng looked at her in disbelief, why was she there? It’s really her! Is she dead!

He unconsciously reached out to Qi XiaoKui, and she slightly raised her head, revealing half of her face. Xin Meng’s worry didn’t disappear. Qi XiaoKui’s face was pale unlike a living person’s face, but her eyes were still black and white and her mouth wasn’t cut open. Qi XiaoKui and Xin Meng stared at each other, their lips closed.

Xin Meng rubbed his eyes hard, trying to see clearly, but the surrounding bodies didn’t stop during this time, getting closer and closer. Qi XiaoKui frowned then slowed down and said something silently.

Xin Meng sheard it clearly this time, she said: “My name.”

The speed of the corpses rushing up suddenly accelerated. Xin Meng instinctively knew that was Qi XiaoKui’s hint for him to escape, he was no longer afraid of water. When the first corpse bit his arm, he opened his mouth and shouted, “Qi-Xiao-Kui!”

A lot of water entered his mouth, squeezing out the last bit of air inside his lungs. He didn’t know what he was shouting underwater, but the pain on his arm disappeared immediately just like all the other corpses.

Qi XiaoKui glanced one last time at him, then turned around and disappeared.

Xin Meng escaped the fate of being eaten, but in the end, his vision went dark due lack of oxygen and so he lost consciousness.

He he opened his eyes again, his vision was full of stars.

The night on the mountain is quieter and darker than the outside world. Without pollution, the stars become extremely bright. Usually those invisible ones emit just a faint light, and the others are all covered by the city lights. Now, it showed their existence. Xin Meng even saw constellations he hasn’t seen in a long time.

He blinked and suddenly remembered something, and so immediately turned over to sit up, finding out he was at the reservoir’s shore. His body was wet, his hair was dripping, and there was a small bonfire next to him. You Yi was sitting next to the fire, drying his shirt on it. He was naked, showing his strong muscles, the flames only made his outline stronger. Although he was always expressionless, he made him feel safe.

Xin Mend looked at him dumbly, a bit lost, until You Yi came over and, with his rough palms, moved the bangs that covered his forehead.

You Yi said softly, “Fever.”

Xin Meng looked up with blank eyes, thinking how he didn’t feel that You Yi’s palms were as hot as before, it was because his own face was hot…

After repeatedly being scared and drowning over and over, Xin Meng ended up with a high fever, and was vaguely caught by You Yi. Leaning on his shoulder, he looked around and not seeing Dong Xiu, he asked You Yi, “Where’s Dong Xiu?”

You Yi said nothing and pointed to the shore, Xin Meng stretched his neck and glanced at it…

The water messed up with his hair, his clothes were torn and his face was down. The blood flowing down quickly diluted, turning pink, and he flowed to the center of the reservoir…

It was cold.

“How could this happen…” Xin Meng murmured, then he seemed to remember something and grabbed You Yi’s clothes, “I just saw Qi XiaoKui! Just now in the water, I saw her asking me to call her name, I don’t know why but as soon as I called… Those corpses disappeared!”

In practice, the word “ghosts” are more suitable to describe those things, but Xin Meng didn’t dare say this word during the night, so he replaced it with “corpses” as if it wasn’t as terrible.

“I saw too” You Yi said.

“She’s dead…” Xin Meng said. “No wonder why we couldn’t find her. Turns out she’s already dead. Her appearance was the same described by the villagers, but why did she drown a year before? Was the coffin hers? She couldn’t be here a year earlier than us, the time is not right. I think she’s not that corpse, but how could she be dead, and if she’s dead, where did her corpse go? How did she became a monster? Dong Xiu is also dead now, will he become one too?”

Xin Meng kept asking question, his mind was chaotic and the fever made him dizzy. This game was too weird. Although the previous zombie instance was full of crisis everywhere, the danger was clear, but this instance is more like a soft knife slowly cutting meat, slowly torturing. Until now, they didn’t even know what the mission was, how to clear it, and where the danger was. His dead teammates probably didn’t even understand why they died!

“Don’t think too much,” You Yi covered him with his coat. “Maybe its just a game setting. She became a ghost as soon as she stepped in the game and became a key to escape. As long as you find her and call her name, it’s possible to live. Calm down.”

The jacket carried his body temperature, so the shivering Xin Meng was warmed by it and gradually stopped feeling cold. He calmed down and You Yi snapped him out of his thoughts. The more he thought about it, the more likely it got. The game never said they can’t take roles as characters. Since Qi XiaoKui did arrive one year earlier, it’s possible that she became the woman that died one year before as soon as she came in. It is also true that Xin Meng was saved because he saw her.

But there are still some inexplicable things, like why Qi XiaoKui left when those things disappeared? Although they weren’t reliable, Xin Meng knows that if she could choose, Qi XiaoKui wouldn’t prefer going with those ghosts. Was it a game setting?

Not only did they lack Qi XiaoKui but they also lacked her card, and lots of information couldn’t be connected.

Anyways, it was not suitable for them to stay any longer at the reservoir. Assisted by You Yi, their returned to their residence. As soon as he got to the bed, he fell into a coma. You Yi took care of him for the whole night.

The first thing Xin Meng wanted to do when we woke up was to go to the village chief’s house and ask him to find someone that can help collect Dong Xiu’s body. After all, they were teammates. It wasn’t suitable to leave him like that, and it would also pollute the reservoir.

“There’s two of you that also died…” The village chief’s words were very heavy, and he looked even more sorry than them.

“Two?” Xin Meng frowned.

The village chief pointed to the backyard, “The one named Li Yougen was found dead in the mountain by Wu DeLi. His corpse… Well, you’ll know when you look at it.”

Xin Meng hurried to the backyard and saw a white cloth with a human shape, he glanced inside the cloth and saw Li Yougen, who was far beyond recognition.

The hole body was full of holes, as if bitten by something, and some places had sharp tooth marks… It was almost the same state as Dong Xiu’s body, but far more serious.

The village chief followed, and seeing those marks his face turned blue, “There’s going to be a big disaster in the village.”

Xin Meng was not comfortable and covered the body with the cloth again, asking: “Village chief, why do you say that?”

The village head didn’t say anything, just shook his head. Xin Meng asked again and the village chief answered, “These deaths in the last two days in the village. What’s the disaster?”

Xin Meng always felt that the village chief didn’t tell the truth, but couldn’t ask anymore.

What was the village head hiding?

Does it have something to do with the drowning woman?

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