[HGEG] Chapter 30: Water Predators

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada

When Dong Xiu walked to the south side of the mountain, it didn’t take long for him to find Xin Meng and You Yi who were going down the mountain. Xin Meng was very suspicious, “Were you looking for us?”

He glanced behind and around them, then looked at the shovel dirty with soil in You Yi’s hands. Dong Xiu pushed his glasses and pretended to be ignorant. “I was just worried about you. There have been a lots of death in the village recently, I was afraid something bad happened with you two. It’s better to not leave the team alone, it’s better to be together for help.”

To be honest, what Dong Xiu said, Xin Meng didn’t believe a word of it. He being worried about them? And that it’s better to be together so he can help them? He would run away first!

But Xin Meng didn’t say it. “You came alone? Where are Li Yougen and Xiong JiaBao?”

Dong Xiu sneered, “That shamate is sleeping. Li Yougen and I came, he’s on the other side.”

Xin Meng nodded, “Let’s go back.”

“Wait” Dong Xiu said. “Were you are the top of the mountain just now? Did you find anything?”

Xin Meng knew his intentions, but didn’t intend on hiding the truth. Naturally, he knows he can’t only rely on himself to clear the mission. It is said that the more the better, not to mention Dong Xiu is actually very clever. He was thinking of returning to the village and calling everyone together to talk about it, but since Dong Xiu was there, he told about the grave.

“I’ll take a look” Dong Xiu said after listening. “Is it far from here?”

So the three returned to the grave of the unknown woman.

Dong Xiu made five or six laps around the grave, but saw nothing. He looked at You Yi, “Can you lend me the shovel? I want to open it again.”

Xin Meng frowned and was a little hesitant, after all, it’s not a good thing to dug a grave, but You Yi had thrown the shovel over and pulled Xin Meng aside, holding his arms so they could watch Dong Xiu. Dong Xiu saw them sitting idly at the side, showing that they wouldn’t help at all, and no matter how much he cursed inside his heart, he dug the grave by himself.

The corner of the familiar coffin was exposed, and then the entire lid. Xin Meng looked at the dark soil and had that feeling again, but couldn’t catch it very well. He continued to stare the coffin, but took a few steps closer to You Yi.

The small coffin was exposed again and, since You Yi had opened it before, the lid and the coffin were already separated. Dong Xiu pushed it gently and the lid fell off. Xin Meng had a bad omen. This time, he hid behind You Yi, only showing his head. The skull was silently resting on the pile of bones. He didn’t feel that aura of resentment that he felt before. It really was just his hallucination.

Dong Xiu was also surprised, but still carefully analyzed the pile of bones for a while, wondering, “Did it become ossified in just one year? Why was it so fast?”

He asked him, and Xin Meng wasn’t sure either, “It may be possible under certain conditions, such as high heat or high pressure…”

Dong Xiu answered coldly, “This is not a volcano, where is that high pressure and heat.”

“So the village chief lied?” Xin Meng asked. “So the corpse hasn’t been here for just a year, but many year ago? Why would they lie?”

There’s no way they can find an answer for this, but they have to keep the doubts in their minds.

When they came here before, Xin Meng was worried this corpse was Qi XiaoKui, and he was bit relaxed after he found out it wasn’t. There were many aspects he didn’t observe carefully, and Dong Xiu, putting aside his character, had an awesome insight and analytical ability, allowing him to see the corpse as it was. A lot of details were missed by Xin Meng.

“Also, the contents in the coffin are also very weird.” Dong Xiu pointed it out. “Only a pile of bones in it?”

Xin Meng looked at the scattered bones, noticing how clean they were, and suddenly his eyes went wide, “Yes! They are too clean!”

Not to mention that there were no clothes. Maybe the villagers didn’t put clothes on her, but more importantly, there wasn’t even a bit of skin or flesh inside the coffin!

She wasn’t buried directly on the ground, but inside a closed coffin, how could there be none of it? How was it so clean?

Suddenly, a cold wind came from nowhere, sending goosebumps all over Xin Meng body. He felt a cold penetrate into his bone, making him freeze/

“What-What’s the matter…” Dong Xiu trembled with his arms frozen. “Why is it suddenly so cold?”

Xin Meng had a bad presage. What have they triggered? Something bad will happen soon!

Sure enough, the wind not only didn’t pass, but got stronger and bigger, and the cool wind blew the fallen leaves and dust to the sky. Xin Meng couldn’t open his eyes, and tiny stones and leaves hit his face, hurting his skin. After a while, he could hardly stand up!

When he tilted to the side and was about to fall to the ground, he stepped into nothing, and then his whole person fell into the water with a splash!

The cold water quickly wrapped his body, Xin Meng was unprepared and took a sip of water, and even worse, he couldn’t swim at all!

He moved his limbs in panic, but it only accelerated the speed of his sinking. He didn’t dare open his eyes and struggled helplessly. His lungs started to hurt. The shadow of death wrapped him, as Xin Meng gradually drowned in the water, he would soon become the first player to drown to death. However, just when he was despaired, a strong arm stretched out to him, holding his waist tightly and taking him away. Xin Meng grabbed the man’s body and clothes in panic, like grabbing a life-saving straw, and finally rushed out of the water. Xin Meng coughed violently, his lungs were about to burst, and his mind was a mess.

You Yi held on to the coughing and detached Xin Meng, fixing him on his arms, and used his hand to lift the wet hair that covered his face. With his thumb he helped him wipe away his tears, and Xin Meng’s eyes were stained with water vapor. Looking like an animal cub, he couldn’t help but feel soft.

However, Xin Meng doesn’t feel good. The feeling of drowning is terrible for a dry duck like him. He doesn’t even care about who saved him, and he can’t look around to observe his surroundings. His fingers are still unmovable, grabbing You Yi’s clothes, he shuddered, panting constantly.

No matter what, the three people left the water. Dong Xiu used to go to the gym before, and he could swim very well. He went to the surface even earlier than You Yi, who went to save someone. Now, he was looking around.

“This… The reservoir?!” Dong Xiu’s face was filled with horror. “How come we are here?!

Thinking of the people who died in the reservoir before, it was hard to stand still!

“Come on!” Shouted Dong Xiu. “We must leave quickly!”

After that, he began to swim to the shore. Xin Meng was a bit calmed and was pulled by You Yi to the shore, but not after long, Xin Meng felt his clothes being pulled by something, dragging him! He looked at You Yi in panic, only to see that he also frowned, staying in the same place, as if he encountered the same situation. Dong Xiu in front of them shouted, “Who is pulling me! Xin Meng, you…”

When Dong Xiu looked back and found that Xin Meng and You Yi were far from him, he stopped abruptly, his head looking back and forth, and the whole scene had a familiar feeling, where did he see it…

That’s right! When Wu Qiang and the others went into the reservoir to pull Wu Xuizhi’s body, the same thing happened!

Xin Meng’s heart throbbed. He remembered that in the end, Wu Qiang and the rest were pulled underwater, and then turned into three corpses!

Would that happen to them?

What to do, what to do…

Before Xin Meng can think of a way to escape in the middle of his chaotic thoughts, he feels that his ankles seems to be caught by two hands, and then he was dragged underwater!

Xin Meng didn’t have the chance to scream before he was pulled underwater again. Fortunately, he had held You Yi’s hand before, assuring him a bit. In addition, he wanted to understand the previous events and had a little mental preparation. Xin Meng took a deep breath, sank again and opened his eyes.

His eyes can only see darkness, his ears can only hear the rumbling sound of the water. His hand and You Yi’s are separated, the hands on his ankles disappear, Xin Meng sinks down, and he is left alone in the world…

He keeps turning his head to look around, the fear inside his heart is at the maximum at the imminent danger. The crisis of being drowned at any time!

Soon, he saw a white dot appearing at his feet, and then it gradually grew larger. It seemed that something was floating from the bottom of the water. It was swimming towards him. The white spot is getting bigger and bigger, until it reached a distance where Xin Meng can see it, and he widens his eyes in fear!

The naked pale body, resembling a jellyfish in the sea, came to him. Its equally white face had two black patches where the white of the eyes should be, staring right at Xin Meng. The corner of the cut mouth almost reached its ear, and there were just red gum, no teeth. Xin Meng saw that there were no lips, but she said silently, “Food, food…”

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