[HGEG] Chapter 29: Ghost Wall

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada

Even after questioning for a long time, You Yi didn’t answer. Xin Men was somehow discouraged because of this. Through this period of time, he got to know some of You Yi’s personality. Although he has been obediently following Xin Meng everywhere, he is actually a very stubborn person. If there’s something he doesn’t want to say, no one will be able to make him speak, even Xin Meng.

Xin Meng stays like a dog with its tail between its legs for a long time. You Yi is quiet, but he’s not angry. If it was someone else, You Yi would have probably turned away or beat up that person.

It seems that he can only rely on himself.

Yes, since he met You Yi, maybe due the extraordinary power he had, or how calm he was, he gradually developed a feeling of dependence, although its not huge for now still its a bad thing. In this terrible game, if you want to survive, the most important thing is relying on yourself. If you decide to count on others… Xiong JiaBao has learned his lesson.

The two secretly arranged the grave on the mountain, meanwhile, Li Yougen and Dong Xiu were looking for them in the village and, of course, they couldn’t find them.

“Those two, where are they!” Li Yougen spit his words everywhere, not caring about morality. “They haven’t been taken away by the water ghost, right?”

Dong Xiu answered in his mind. He had this feeling that those two had already found the clues for the mission clearance but deliberately refused to tell them, so they can be taken by a ghosts for all that matters.

“Go on, keep searching!” Dong Xiu’s lenses reflected a ray of light. He sneered inside his heart, thinking of what type of character Dong Xiu is. He is known as a winning general in the negotiation table in the city X, not even the big foxes could go against him. Meanwhile, Xin Meng is just a young kid. You Yi is a bit difficult to deal with, but so what? Anyways, it’s not like he wants to fight Xin Meng, but with his level of intelligence, he knows that even if Xin Meng is able to complete the task, he won’t even notice it.

So he looks for them, maybe he can solve the plot, no matter how bad they are, see what they are doing and make his own judgments.

Xiu Se village is very small. After searching for a while, the two walked around the village and finally went to the village chief’s house. Xiong JiaBao was staying at the small warehouse Xin Meng used to stay. Now he held bad feeling against Dong Xiu and Li Yougen. He saw them entering the house, but was too lazy to talk, and rolled around to continue sleeping.

“We searched everywhere” said Li Yougen. “Nothing happened, right?”

Dong Xiu looked out of the window and looked at the forest on the mountains, not far away, like a giant green beast. “No, they should be up in the mountains.”

“Are we searching there?” Li Yougen also looked out of the window, not willing to go.

“We must go!” Dong Xi glared at him coldly. “Do you still want to be as clueless as the time you died?”

Li Yougen mumbled reluctantly, “The mountain is big, there is no way we will find them!”

“Look separately” Dong Xiu stared outside. “I go to the south side of the mountain, you go to the north, remember not to make noise, be careful and observe them.”

“Okay” Li Yougen reluctantly agreed, but he wasn’t very happy in his heart. There was dissatisfaction with Dong Xiu, and resentment against those two.

Xiong JiaBao was on the bed sleeping.

They were standing at the chief’s door. One went south and one went north. No one noticed, through the other window, the village chief was holding a cigarette while staring at them closely.

Li Yougen ascended to the north mountain, cursing, “Dong Xiu, that jerk, he really thinks he’s the leader. Why is he the one ordering? I’m still a party member, is he unable to understand that? The party commands the country, no matter where, I should be the one leading! Ordering me around like that!”

The more he said, the angrier he got, and when he bypassed by a small stone, he kicked and it flew around. , While scolding he didn’t see where he was going, just looked at the path under his foot, walking with his head down. He didn’t notice his surroundings were getting darker.

“And Xin Meng, that slut!” Li Yougen changed his curses, picked up the dry branches on the ground and messed with the leaves next to him, making a rattling noise to cover up the silence around him. “Taking advantage on knowing how to seduce a man! Looking for what, looking for a place to fuck, for a booty call! Look for what clues! If I catch a glimpse of it, I will take a picture and post online. Shameless bitch! Cheap slut! Faggot!”

He kept on cursing, harder and harder, saying anything unpleasant about his teammates except himself. For You Yi, probably because of the previous trauma, he scolded with a lowered voice, afraid of being heard by the man with abnormal ears, humiliated.

However, that made him notice there was something wrong.

It’s dark already?

When they went out, it was only three or four in the afternoon, and there were at least two hour before the sunset, why is it so dark now…

Li Yougen scratched his head when he found it was only getting darker and darker. He could see the back of his hand before, but now he can only see its outline. He quickly stopped and didn’t dare go any further, and his legs began to tremble.

“W-What’s going on?”

Li Yougen looked around in panic. Those trees slowly changed into various distorted shadows in the dark, the colors like an abyss, he couldn’t see clearly in the dark, just a group of what appeared to be monsters dancing in the dark, about to pounce on him!

“Ah-!” Li Yougen screamed in shock, and refusing to go any further he turned around and ran back, wondering when he fell into this silence. There were the sound of him stepping on the leaves, making a clear rustling sound, but he couldn’t hear it at all. His ears only heard the loud drum of his heartbeat. It was almost as if someone was covering his ears…

Li Yougen turned his head slightly and the view almost made him have a heart attack.

There were really two pale, boneless hands, tightly covering his ears!

And the owner of those hands, a female ghost with a face as white as paper, stuck to his cheek. When he saw it, she smiled at him. There was no tooth inside her mouth, only a bloody gum left. When she opened her mouth, her tongue that was covered in sticky blood fell out. Black pupils, without white, stared at him just like that.

“Ghost!” Li Yougen screamed and ran forward madly, trying to get the female ghost off. “Help!”

The female ghost didn’t catch up immediately, Li Yougen kept running forward, and the female ghost stood on the spot and looked at him. Her pure black eyes bent down, revealing a weird smile.

Li Yougen rushed forward desperately. After throwing the ghost away, his ears returned to normal and he could hear the sound around him. He glanced back, but there was nothing behind him, the female ghost disappeared, even so he didn’t dare stop. All he wanted was to rush down the mountain in one breath, return to the village, to a crowded place where he would be safe!

He ran for full ten minutes non-stop, but there was still only darkness in front of him. He inadvertently turned his head and found the branches and leaves smashed by him were not far away from him!

Hitting a ghost wall!*

Li Yougen was frightened, he no longer cared about Dong Xiu’s words and starts shouting, hoping that anyone can hear him and come help!

“Help! Help! Someone save me!”

No one answered.

Li Yougen was trapped in the darkness, surrounded by the shadows of strange shaped branches. He looked up and the sky was dark, with no light, just shadows. The wind sent a breeze towards him. Except for the rustle of the leaves flying, there was no sound, as if the whole world disappeared.

“Help…” Li Yougen’s call for help came to an abrupt halt. He saw that from the dark and slender trees in front of him, a fuzzy shadow appeared, then two, three, four…

Countless figures appeared next to the trees. They were wearing tattered clothes, their faces were as white as paper, and black wholes replaced their eyes. They stared at Li Yougen, who couldn’t even move.

Run! Run away! Hurry up!

Li Yougen kept screaming and shouting, but his feet were motionless, as if he lost contact with his body and, standing still, he could only watch the shadows approach slowly. He shook his head frantically and his tears were rolling down, a hot fluid down his thighs.

The ghosts had the appearance of people. They were male and female, young and old. They showed a weird smile at him, and they were not far. The ghosts began to bleed and their original intact skin began to crack, like a wall falling down piece by piece. Li Yougen’s wide eyes were covered with bloodshot, his eyes were helplessly, but even his fingers were unable to move, imagine running away!

No… Don’t…

Suddenly, the ghosts saw their meal and flew towards Li Yougen!

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh-!” A cream echoed in the forest, but at the foot of the mountain, not a trace of it could be heard.

The ghosts crumpled together, squeezing and squeezing, and the creepy sound of chewing could be heard. He couldn’t open his eyes anymore. Li Yougen became a blood man, mourning sorrowfully, feeling the ghosts bite the flesh off his body. He was being eaten by the ghosts!

The torture lasted for an entire hour. Li Yougen’s eyes were red and his body was numb from pain. He lifted his trembling hands and stretched it out in a certain direction.


The ghost that was still enjoying his body bite his throat and his blood splattered all over the ground. Li Yougen’s hands fell weakly and he completely lost consciousness.

Translator and Editor Notes:

Hitting a ghost wall – a VERY specific phenomenon where people get lost and find themselves at the place where they started/passed before, circling around lost. As if a ghost had built a wall that prevented them from leaving.

Thanks to Li Yougen I now know all the ways to say slut/bitch in chinese.

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