[PBCT] Chapter 16: The Second Princess. Ryausha

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Translator: Redeyes

Editor: Asada and Kenny Stryker

Proofreader: JadeCloud

“Next is my sister.” ~ Sugen

“Have you not learned your lesson, bastard?” ~Gettenwo

Although he escaped from Iifu, he was not uninjured. There were scratches all over his body, and a large fist mark was on his face.

Gettenwo was waiting while sipping her tea as he escaped back to his home in the fourth garden. I considered the possibility of her escaping during this time, but surprisingly, she was staying loyal.

In consideration of that, I forgave her for her earlier betrayal.

“But, if you think about it, isn’t it easier to find your sister Ryausha’s strong points? She looks beautiful, and her head functions better than yours.” ~Gettenwo

“Oh… to be honest, I just thought about that.” ~ Sugen

“just?” ~ Gettenwo

I nodded.

” Hey, did your older sister play a prank and put makeup on you before?” ~Gettenwo

” Well, that thing happened.” ~Sugen

“At that time, you must have looked beautiful. Your elder sister is good with her makeup skills, and she’s originally beautiful as well. Her face without makeup is on par with ten average people. Actually, your face without makeup is just like a child — ?” ~Gettenwo

“You bastard. You should understand a little bit of the way of women. If you think that you can be beautiful by patting some powder, then your foundations are not good enough.” ~ Sugen

Gettenwo wrinkled her eyebrows as she put the cup on the table roughly.

“Good or bad appearance had nothing to do with the Emperor’s qualities. Even if it was listed as a strong point, it is unrelated to the succession of the throne.” ~Sugen

“Don’t dispute justification in that case, you bastard… But, what will happen to Iifu? Wouldn’t it be too much to be an emperor and wear no clothes?” ~Gettenwo

“No. The Emperor works regardless of beauty, but he doesn’t work without wearing clothes.” ~Sugen

” I am angry that I can’t refute.” ~Gettenwo

Gettenwo’s lips turned displeased, and she looked away. As things did not go the way she expected, she became sulky like a child.

“And then… did you say that my sister’s head functions better?” ~Sugen

” Oh, yes. That would be a beneficial ability as the Emperor.” ~Gettenwo

” Don’t be deceived. She’s actually an idiot. She’s far from a true genius like me.” ~Sugen

When she heard that, Gettenwo’s face turned miserable. For her little sister to be concerned for her, Ryausha was also a pitiable thing.

“So next is to my sister’s Second Garden. Well, it is a fact that she is intelligent, and if we look around the house, we could find one of her strong points. At least it should be easier than Iifu.”

“You bastard… This time, I won’t do anything.”

Despite saying that, Gettenwo was once again loyal. Once a promise was made, being loyal was a virtue. Unfortunately, there was no point in finding this strong point, as Gettenwo wasn’t part of the picture.

Together with Gettenwo, I ran along the court area for a short while.

The Second Garden, which was located at the farthest corner of the court, was the largest area. A splendid garden that embodied a beautiful scene spread beyond the border of the fence.

Trees with flowers blooming in the four seasons were planted. The imitation stream was babbling the waterway. In contrast to Iifu’s Garden, it was full of a sense of nobleness.

“This is amazing …” ~Gettenwo

Gettenwo was also impressed. Because of her occupation as a thief, she had good intuition. She could perceive that even a decoration stone in the garden was worth a lot.

“But Gettenwo, don’t be surprised too quickly. Elder Sister’s mansion is even more amazing. Anyhow, even me, who was incapable to judge it, got goosebumps, when I saw it for the first time. It is living art.’ Oh, it’s about time to see it.” ~Sugen

“I regret that I didn’t break in to steal. Well, that’s fine. If you say so much, it should be worth worship–” ~Gettenwo

As we turned our gaze forward, the conversation between Gettenwo and me stopped.

Because, im their path was not a luxurious mansion, but white smoke rising up with a massive pillar of fire.

— Ryausha’s mansion was lit in flames.

” You finally came… I guessed that you will be coming this way to observe your adversaries’ movement.” ~Ryausha

And, standing upright behind us, Ryausha was shouting while clapping her hands. She seemed to be hiding behind the shadow of a tree nearby.

“That’s too bad. I have already destroyed the evidence beforehand. Now, if you search through my house, there is nothing but charcoal and ash. You can’t find any fragment of a trace of my good points… Fu fu, You missed your chance, and I guess I will have to say ‘my condolences’?” ~Ryausha

“Hey, what kind of face should I make when someone was burning her own house in front of me and was saying ‘my condolences’?” ~Gettenwo

Gettenwo pulled my sleeve and asked. I replied, “Please look humble.” Gettenwo’s face turned humble.

“Yes. I want to see that face! The expression of being beaten, frustration, suffering in agony…! Oh, what a great feeling!” ~Ryausha

Ryausha kept on laughing loudly.

I secretly whispered to Gettenwo.

“This is the fatal useless point of my elder sister. She likes to plan a trap too much and has this habit of disregarding the hard blow that she has to bear with herself.” ~Sugen

“That’s awesome. In an instant, her rating fell to the same level as yours.” ~Gettenwo

“I will show you something a little more interesting.” ~Sugen

In fact, burning her entire home was the perfect destruction of evidence. The mission to find any good point was a failure.

At least, it was only a diversion.

I got into a performing mode,

“What the hell….! This is my sister’s strength, there is only her beautiful face that has almost nothing to do with the throne! No, wait. But, with elder sister’s beautiful face, isnt it possible that she could grab the hearts of the subjects…?” ~Sugen

” Fu fu… That’s sweet. I will erase that hope!” ~Ryausha

Ryausha snapped her fingers, and an old woman caretaker slipped out of nowhere.

“Young lady, what is your order?” ~Old housekeeper

“Old housekeeper. Prepare sweet pastry and greasy dishes as much as possible at once. Till the day of the speech, martial arts practice will be discontinued. I’ll get fat enough to make this beautiful face disappear!” ~Ryausha

“I understand” ~Old housekeeper

Beside the old woman who was nodding politely, Ryausha showed a triumphant smile.

I also took the next move as I lose.

“Wait. No matter how fat you are, with the beautiful long hair alone on you may attract everyone.” ~Sugen

“Old caretaker. In addition, bring a razor. I’m going to shave my head bald.” ~Ryausha

“I understand.” ~Old housekeeper

When this happened, Ryausha would not stop. She was personally going to the path of destruction–


I was drop-kicked on my back and plunged with my face into the ground.

“Will you stay calm! This bastard is trying to trick you!” ~Gettenwo

Gettenwo turned to Ryausha and shouted a warning. Ryausha tilted her head, but after a while, with a “Haa,” she returned to her sanity.

“That was dangerous… How dare you try to deceive me, Sugen.” ~Ryausha

“It’s because you’re not too keen, either.” ~Gettenwo

That was exactly what Gettenwo said. Ryausha, who can be played with such sloppy performance, was completely inferior.

However, such arguments do not apply between us siblings.

I quickly got up and readied myself to escape at any time. This time, I did not admit my defeat like with Iifu. A Kodachi [1] for self-defense was hidden in my pocket.

If worse comes to worst. I was preparing for Ryausha’s attack while retreating slowly– The next moment, Ryausha showed a surprisingly gentle smile.

“… Elder sister? Are you not angry?” ~Sugen

“Oh. I am not an uncouth person to attack with a sword at this degree. I am paying for my mistake for half of the thing I did myself.” ~Ryausha

If it was not mentioned “attacking with a sword” in that situation, I think she passed as a dangerous person.

“Thank you for stopping me, Gettenwo-chan. I am really happy that you are going to be this fool’s partner, like Sugen.” ~Ryausha

“I don’t remember being this guy’s partner. I was just simply being dragged around.” ~Gettenwo

“No, no. Modesty is good. That was good. Ufufu.” ~Ryausha

Her calm attitude was rather uncanny. She was absolutely planning something.

I was determined to retreat without getting involved in this strange tactic. I pulled Gettenwo’s hand and turned back from the place.

“I will tell Father that your relationship looks really good. I’m sure he will be very happy.” ~Ryausha

I wonder why.

At the nonchalant words that Ryausha said as we left the place, I could feel a strange, ominous feeling.

Translator and Editor Notes:

[1] Kodachi, or a small swords

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