[NTBG] Chapter 34 (1/2): Food Poisoning?

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi (edited)

Yoshinaga is in front of me and the other two are diagonally behind. They surrounded me so I can’t move recklessly.

Although their expressions aren’t the same, they still all seem twisted.

If I was martial art practitioner then there probably would have been a way to get away with force but at most I have only trained my muscles with muscle training.

There is no way I can beat them. I might not be able to hit them.

The opponents have a stun gun, knife and baton.

All are dangerous but the most important thing to watch out for is the stun gun. If the freedom of the body is lost, then there will be no way to resist.

I imitate a karate like stance…..I can’t help but feel that my limbs are shaking a little bit.

“Well, I am going to do this with the difference in number of the people as well as armed with weapons. It looks like you practice martial arts but do you really think you can win?”

He said this with, a little bit alarmed. Thank you muscle training.

I should use this time to think of how to get through this.

Just like Gams, I have no choice but to use my head.

“If you do this then it won’t be for free you know?”

“Oh hey, are you begging for life now? It’s bad brother. Don’t worry. The two people behind your back belong to a bit of a violent place. So they can easily clean up this situation, right?”

This is awful.

I have no way to know whether it’s true or not.

But I can say for sure that there wasn’t any hesitation.

“Everyone go at once.”

Damn, attacking one by one is the basisc of an action scene. Stop this effective method.

All of them bent a little, ready to jump right away.

Looking at Yoshinaga, my body shakes a little due to the cold wind.

…….This is impossible. I am not Gams. There is no way that I can win 3 to 1 when they armed as well.

Should I escape and about loudly for help and try to run into the convenience store or should I take one of them down with me?

I can’t be said to be agile but I still need to try.

As I was about to start running…..

“Gigi, Geha..what…..breathing…..”

“My throat hurts. Eyes, eyes….my tears are not stopping.”

The two people behind me suddenly start rubbing their eyes and holding their throats while panting.

What are they doing? What happened suddenly?

Other than Yoshinaga, the other two fell down.

“What the hell?????”

Yoshinaga shouts, backing up while swinging his knife at me. I don’t know why though.

The two behind are splitting bubbles from their mouths and jerking.

I can’t understand this extraordinary situation? But it’s still an opportunity. On top of that my opponent seems to be misunderstanding the situation.

I lowered my hood so he cannot see my expression. With so much darkness around me, it should be fine.

“What did you think? Did you really think that someone who has been stabbed by you earlier will come without preparation. If you don’t want them to die the you better take them to the hospital as soon as possible. If you want to meet the same Fate then come forward.”

I imitate a villain like voice while lightly kicking the two of them on the ground just to frighten the opponents.

“Seriously, what did you do……I will remember this Damm it!!”

When Yoshinaga raised his hand again, two more people came out of the car in front of the store and rushed to their fallen comrades.

….there were still reinforcements? I would have been caught if I choose to run to the convenience store.

Yoshinaga keeps an eye on me and moves around in a circle while keeping a distance from me.

Then soon he fell down….


The other two had came to help him have also fallen.

Five me fell near me, and the bubble-puffing sight was now a reality once again. My head coudnt keep up with the situation.

I don’t really understand why.


I am neither joking about this or doing any of his. Anyway, it’s definitely an abnormal situation.

I won’t hurt at all if I just abandon then as it is but it would be stupid if they die by any chance and the Police think of me as the culprit.

I took a deep breath to calm down myself.

After making sure that there aren’t any witness, I ran to the convenience store.

“I am sorry but can you please call the Police and the ambulance. Outside…Outside five people are lying on the ground.”

“Is that true?”

“Yes, right there!!”

I pulled out one of the two clerks and went out immediately. He immediately understood the emergency situation and called the ambulance and the police.

To be honest, I thought of leaving the store and say goodbye to the clerk but the security camera at the convenience store will sell me out. Anyway my sister should soon arrive at the bus stop.

I don’t know why Yoshinaga and his colleagues fell down. I should just wait for now and then provide the police with the recording of all their rants and plans.

It’s unclear why all of this happens but the stalking case will be finally resolved.

“Sorry, could you help me carry them?”

“Yes, I understand.”

I carried the men back to the window of the convenience store with the clerk.

In these cases, it’s better not to move them from the spot. I think I saw it on TV but I don’t really care about these guys, so let’s follow the clerk.

All set. Now I just need to wait for the police and ambulance.

People soon started gathering and they are drinking hot tea while taking a break.

Even though it’s already midnight, more than 10 people have gathered.

“Onii-sama are you there?”

My sister was in the crowd as well.

Oh, so these are the bus passengers.

When the police comes, they will interview the first witness so should I send back sister first? I will tell her about the extra parts about Yoshinaga later.

“Someone people fell down, maybe due to food poisoning. I am going to talk with the police as the first witness….”

“That happens. I am sorry. I asked you to pick me and got you involved in this.”

“That’s okay. I am off tomorrow. Sayuki you should return early tomorrow.”

When handing the bag in my hand, I remembered something and put my hand on my belly.

As an insurance, I had stacked magazines on my belly.

Now I noticed that my hands and feet are trembling…..

“Did you save……”

I had almost collapsed but somehow managed to maintain my balance. 

Translator and Editor Notes:

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I really like this chapter. The mc made some very smart decision in this situation. If the stalker was left unchecked then the consequences could have been dire. I am sure I would have not been able to act this calmly in the situation. What do you think? ~ Asada

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  1. If I was martial art practitioner then there probably would have been a way to get away with force but at most I have only trained my muscles with muscle training.

    • Believe in your muscles they are the strongest if you believe in them and use the Onegai muscle or Macho namae song

  2. I thought for a moment he had pepper spray or something, but that line about being prepared in case they met again rings more hollow knowing that he had no idea what was happening.

  3. Cool chapter. It might be Destiny but I think I prefer the scenario where it’s actually food poisoning and people are confused, then he goes home and his miracle points have fallen.

  4. He said “if you want to have the same !Fate! as them , then step forward ” and Yoshinaga probably did , that being why he fell , then the 2 from the car also stepped forward ( to Yoshinaga but still toward Mc ) and fell down as a result ? As for the first 2 to fall , they probably fell because he said “If you do this then it won’t be for free you know?” , I think ? This us just hypothesing that he do have power in his words , so don’t take that at face value , but don’t hesitate to tell me what you think ^^
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