[NTBG] Chapter 33 (2/2): Everyone Needs Courage

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi (edited)

His speaking style does not give me a bad feeling as a stalker’s. If I didn’t know about the situation then I would have probably thought of him as a good young man. Most of the people might instead judge a NEET like me as a stalker.

“It’s bad to meet you suddenly, but I want you to stay away from my sister.”

“Yes……my feelings are now gone. I had made a mistake in the past….I haven’t approached your sister since the day I was releases. I have never seen her with my eyes.”

He stares into my eyes and says without averting his.

“I am relieved to hear that. Ah, can I ask one last thing?”

“Of course.”

Yoshinaga stretched his back and waited for my words.

“So why are you still stalking?”


I approach his face and whisper in a cold voice.

“What are you talking about? I am-“

“I know that you have got an order to stay away from us and it’s my second meeting with you. Why did you escape that night when you saw my face?”

Yoshinaga stares into my eyes. My sister told me that people avert their eyes when they lie.

The night when my sister called for help, I haven’t really seen him, but I will make sure today. If he is not the stalker then fine. If he turns out to be innocent then I can even prostrate to him later on.

I stared at him so that I won’t miss any details.

Yoshinaga did not say anything and silence prevailed the place.

“Oh, who the hell cares anymore?”

…Hey, what did you say just now?

Yoshinaga raised his head and then nervously scratches it.

“Because I was thrown into such a place, it’s normal to get obsessed a bit isn’t it?”

I smile without being offended.  His expression is so frustrating.

This guy’s looks as if he is truly feeling remorse.

“Is it a lie that you reflected on your behavior?”

“It’s normal though? You could have just ran away while screaming loudly. If you had at least avoided the knife, I wouldn’t have been thrown into such a place. My life becamse so messed up because of you both.”

Far from feeling remorse, it seems all the responsibility is shifted on to us instead. We should be the one feeling remorse huh?

Don’t have expectations for wrong people.

“…..don’t stalk my sister anymore.”

“Oh, I am scared. I am so terrified. Is your brotherly love talking here?”

He brought his face close enough to almost touch my forehead and showed his grinning face.

Instead of hate, I would rather murder him in cold blood.

“Well, if that’s your attitude then I have an idea. I am going to be investigated by the police. I’ll waste their time. The boys have taught me how to commit crimes at the last minute and not get caught, not like before.”

Is it all true or is he just bluffing?

Either way, he is definitely dangerous.

“Why did you stalk my sister?”

“It’s pure love, pure love. At that time I really loved her but didn’t have the courage to talk to her but it is now gone. But it is really…..was really love.”

His expression changes quickly and there is no more playful feeling.

“But I have been thinking for a long time since I got caught. What should I do after I meet her again? Apologize and ask for forgiveness? Or don’t show my face and pray for her happiness from the distance? As I spent my days, and couldn’t meet her. My feelings strengthened and my mentality changed.”

Then he breaks his sentence, and looks at the sky.

What is he talking about? Did his emotion changed and now he is unstable?

Silence, on the contrary gives fear and shakes my heart.

To be honest, I want to escape. The feelings are growing but then I think about my sister.

For a decade, I have been running away from job, family and Seika. I finally stopped running away.

“Now…..Sayuki-san…It’s really terrible to imagine but I want make that face cry. I want her to kneel in front of me and beg me. I just think about that.”

…..No. This is not a good thing meant to be left unchecked.

His feeling have distort and changed into something very dark.

Alone with such a guy in a dark night. To be honest, I want to run away while tucking my tail but I don’t want to regret anything again.

I want to live and turn my eyes away from the past…..No!!

When he takes one step forward, I step back a lot.

“Oh, scary, scary. Well do you think that if you provoke me and get beaten up then the police will move against me for assualt?”

Did he read my thoughts? But that’s not all.

This is a situation with someone who has prior criminal experience.

I am not stupid. Actually, I used my smartphone to record the conversation from the beginning. The police can arrest him just for this.

“I am sorry. Don’t put more sins on me. But oh no, what if someone else did that to good citizen? Well, this is also Fate.”


When Yoshinaga raised his hand, footsteps approached me from my behind.

When I turned around, the two men from the front of the convenience store approach me.

I wonder if i was expecting help from these guys. Yeah, things got worse at an accelerated pace.

“They are some friends whom I met at Juvenile. I wanted to take revenge on you by sending you a video tape in which we raped Sayuki but now I will let you watch it live.”

It’s the worst situation.

The store is located along the road away from the private houses.

There is no sign of anyone around except for these guys. I wonder if my voice will reach the clerk if I shout.

Do they know that there are no people in the vicinity? Yoshinaga takes out a knife and other two take out a baton and a stun gun respectively.

I am in a pinch. The opponents are armed and this is 3 against 1.

My feet is trembling and my heart is beating at an accelerated pace.

Scary, Scary. But Gams has fought against more terrifying monsters compared to these humans….

I held my fist and took a deep breath.

Give me courage because everyone needs it a little bit.

Translator and Editor Notes:

Sorry, but I don’t want to comment much in this part. My heart is in pain. ~ Asada

Yikes this turn dark pretty fast

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