[PBCT] Chapter 15: The First Prince. Iifu

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Translator: Redeyes

Editor: Asada and Kenny Stryker

Proofreader: JadeCloud

“Help me, Gettenwo! I can’t find anything good about my foolish siblings!” ~ Sujen

It was no longer a legend that the siblings went to appeal to the Emperor. Without exchanging words, he returned to his own ‘garden’ with a clear sense of hostility.

A ‘garden’ was a part of the court which was assigned to an official heir. In my case, I owned the ‘Fourth Garden.’ Inside this place, there was a detached house where I lived and a dojo for myself.

Now, I was prostrating in front of Gettenwo in the living room of the house.

Fortunately, we provided the Gettenwo with a temporary room in the guesthouse of this Fourth Garden. Under the guise of taking her back to the ‘garden,’ I had successfully pulled Gettenwo.

“Wait. I won’t cooperate with any of you.” ~ Gettenwo

“Don’t say that. If you cooperate, I will remove the escape bell that was set around the guest house.” ~ Sugen

“So, that’s why I was found out every time I tried to run away…” ~ Gettenwo

When Gettenwo escaped, the bells at the bedside of the four siblings would sound an alarm and each time they would march out and check out the situation.

Gettenwo let out a long sigh. Then, she turned to me as if she had given up.

“If we work together, will you really overlook my escape?” ~ Gettenwo

“To be removed from the Emperor’s candidate list is a lot of trouble, so you will have to show your face regularly. At other times, you can do whatever you want in the castle. Even if you’re going to sleep in a decent inn, the guest house will still always be empty for you.” ~ Sugen

“Well … In that case, I wouldn’t mind cooperating. So stop prostrating. It’s weird.” ~ Gettenwo

I opened my eyes wide.

To find out the good points of my elder siblings was like finding a needle in an impregnable fortress.

When I got up, Gettenwo walked to the table chair as if to relieve some tension, and drank the freshly brewed tea.

“For example… that’s right. When you do it with surprising determination, you may be able to evaluate.” ~ Gettenwo

“I see. When it’s time to do it, huh? Who will do it?” ~ Sugen

“Hmmm… You will.” ~ Gettenwo

Gettenwo lifted her little finger as she tilted the cup.

After a few seconds of silence, I shook my head with a smile.

“That… Gettenwo. I have too many strong points, so I cannot boast about finding such things. It’s like finding a rock on the road site and making a noise as if finding jewelry. It’s a joke.” ~ Gettenwo

“For now, I have nothing but this point.” ~ Gettenwo

Putting aside the joke, we moved on to serious analysis. I pulled out a blank paper roll out of the storeroom and prepared the ink and brush.

After making joke of a speech, I want to move on to analyzing other brothers.

“First is Fu. What’s good about him?” ~ Sugen

“He’s strong.” ~ Gettenwo

“That’s true. Sister Ryausha?” ~ Sugen

“She’s strong.” ~ Gettenwo

“Plausible. How about Brother Ran?” ~ Sugen

“He’s strong.” ~ Gettenwo


After I wrote the word on the paper three times in a row, I threw the brush out of the window.

“It doesn’t make any sense if everyone is the same. Is there anything more? Give me some of the unique traits!” ~ Sugen

“Yes! Such a thing, a younger brother like you should know the best! I’ve only seen them for the last few days. Do you think I could point out such things?” ~ Gettenwo

“Well, look. Because you are the youngest sister, you should be more affectionate.” ~ Sugen

“I can only remember being played by you as a victim.” ~ Gettenwo

That was troublesome. I was hoping to get Gettenwo’s insight as a bandit. As expected, it was challenging to find the strengths of those brothers and sisters with the same common observation.

“If that were the case, I will have no other choice but to visit the enemy…” ~ Sugen

“Oh, I’m done here. I’m going out of the castle. So, goodbye–” ~ Gettenwo

I grabbed on Gettenwo’s neck, to prevent her from escaping.

“I need your objective opinion. It’s too easy if you can escape after saying, ‘strong’ three times.” ~ Sugen

“What easy? You don’t have the right to keep holding me here. Remember that. Someday I will kill you when you’re sleeping.” ~ Gettenwo

Just like that, I dropped Gettenwo like a dangling cat, and turned my feet and head to the “First Garden” where Iifu lived.

Wooden fences were set up between the “gardens.” It was considered impolite and unforgivable to cross over without their permission.

Well, but that was not my concern.

I jumped over the fence with one leap and entered the First Garden lightly. The difference between my garden and this one is that it was unrefined. The Fourth Garden was well-maintained with trees and ponds, but in here, there were just rocks.

Sometimes, when you thought there was a tree there, you would only find the trunk instead.

“Why are the trees in this garden broken…?” ~ Gettenwo

“Because Iifu often hit the trees to train. Thanks to that, in this garden, there is almost no greenery.” ~ Sugen

The atmosphere was estranged.

The house structure was good, but not impressive. The house gave the impression as if it was a dojo.

“Hey, Gettenwo. Iifu is probably in there, go and take a look.” ~ Gettenwo

“I refuse. What if he was naked as usual?” ~ Gettenwo

“Don’t worry.Iifu does not take his clothes off at home. He only does that in public.” ~ Sugen

“Make that the opposite!” ~ Gettenwo

Since Gettenwo refused to peek alone, he had no other choice but to approach the mansion together with her. As expected, Gettenwo was top-notch at erasing her presence. Usually, I would have been noticed by Iifu, but I was not worried at all.

While lying low and approaching the window to listen to the sound from the inside —

“…I can hear him snoring.” ~ Gettenwo

Gettenwo pulled back. While we were desperate to search for the strength, I wonder if the enemy had abandoned the battle.

As he moved along the wall to a place where the snoring could be heard, he arrived at the bedroom window. When I peeked in, Iifu was seen sleeping with the futon wrapped up to around his neck.

“This is… shameless. It isn’t the strong point?” ~ Gettenwo

“No. He’s simply stupid.” ~ Sugen

I agreed. Perhaps, he could not find any other brothers’ strong point and decided to take an early nap.

“What do you want to do? If the person did not move, you can’t find out his strong point. Are you planning to look around the house?” ~ Gettenwo

“No. If we look for it, there is a possibility that more of his shortcomings will be exposed. Let’s take advantage of this vulnerable situation and forcibly create Iifu’s strong point.” ~ Sugen

“Create?” ~ Gettenwo

I nodded.

“Iifu had a fierce look. It will look like his charm is unrelated to his tough existence. For example, what if someone with a fierce look had a hobby of loving animals? Doesn’t that make a good expression? Because a ruler needs strength and kindness.” ~ Sugen

“Well, you might have a point…. But it would be impossible. Do you see any dogs and cats in this garden?” ~ Gettenwo

“Just bring them in. While he is sleeping, catch a stray dog in the area and throw it from the window. Since he was sleeping, he would go crazy if the dog attacked him. This is the chance to call a servant and witness the play. With this, we have established the fact.” ~ Sugen

GESHU~ TO. [1]

The next thing I knew, my ass was kicked. My head broke through the window sill, and I fell into the bedroom.

“Oh, sorry. That was too much. I mistook you for a dog.” ~ Gettenwo

“You betrayer, Gettenwo!” ~ Sujen

I shouted, but then I sensed an ominous sign, standing up behind me.

Now that we have carelessly made a fuss, we can no longer slip through Iifu’s alertness.

“I see. It’s an enemy inspection. I won’t be polite and train my stupid brother at once…” Iifu

Turning around, I can see that Iifu was carrying a large sword on his shoulder with a vicious smile. He was even wearing a chain mail. Apparently, he was preparing for a night attack even when he slept.

Gettenwo, who was perhaps, aware of the crisis, has already disappeared from the window and escaped. While she was our sister, she was also a big coward.

“You’re going to die to the degree that you don’t die!” Iifu

Iifu slashed without hesitating.

He was fully armed with weapons and armor to deal with his unarmed brother. This is a good-for-nothing, no matter how you try to see it, there is nothing to praise about.

While fleeing from the enemy through the window with disgrace, I was worried about my elder brother’s disappointment.

I was distressed that my elder brother would be disappointed as I escaped from the window with disgrace.

Only one thing. He could barely be confident that his strong point was that, surprisingly, Iifu was wearing extra cloth during bedtime.

Translator and Editor Notes:

[1] Pretty sure it’s the sounds effect of getting kicked, flying away, and falling down. Anyway, I couldn’t figure out the other way to describe this sound effect, so, we’ll go with GESHU~ TO
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