[PBCT] Chapter 14: The beginning of a bad fight

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Translator: Redeyes

Editor: Asada and Kenny Stryker

Proofread: JadeCloud

“Are you crazy, Your Majesty!?” ~ Gettenwo

It was Gettenwo, who was angered.

“Do you have an objection?” ~ Emperor

“I have no objections but if you let these guys give speeches, I can already see that they would speak vulgar words just to lose favor in the future.” ~ Gettenwo

No, maybe more than just words.

As I have guessed, Iifu and others were already excited.

“Hey, hey… I won’t give a silly speech. I am going to let them see me as I am, my whole body.” ~ Iifu

Iifu meant naked, obviously.

Of course, this metaphor was not unfamiliar in this parent-child relationship. The Emperor had a sharp look.

“The venue for the speech will be scheduled at the upcoming Bushin-sai[1] . On this sacred event, any degrading act will be punished. In some cases, we will even consider the death penalty.” ~ Emperor

“Damn… that’s sneaky, father! You’re going to crash someone’s special skills!” ~ Iifu

“This is terrible, brother. To give a speech as a prince, we can’t be allowed to be playful? I should talk about the country’s future constructive policies.” ~ Ryausha

A strange light flashed in Ryausha’s eyes. The Emperor did not overlook it.

“And… what is that constructive policy? Let us hear it.” ~ Emperor

“Oh, that’s easy, father. We squeeze the tax until it dries out. Those who cannot pay will be devoted to the excavation of the canal, declaring a nation that continues to suffer.” ~ Ryausha

She was on a roll.

Her head turned. After all, Ryausha, too, was a fool. If you were too carefree, you might make a mistake.

“You are not allowed to threaten the poor. So Sauran, what are you going to do? I am warning you beforehand that feigning illness is forbidden.” ~ Emperor

“The other day, I went to give my former lady-in-waiting, who left me, a wedding ceremony speech.” ~ Sauran

“Do you think you can pull it off?” ~ Emperor

Surprisingly, Sauran seemed to be serious. Indeed, he was a man who did not know when to let things go.

“Besides, that lady-in-waiting was already celebrating because the mediator told a good story to buy more time.” ~ Sugen

“That’s stupid. Do you have a better story than a wedding with me as a prince?” ~ Sauran

“As many as you like.” ~ Sugen

The status as a prince might be attractive, but to be married to him as your partner for life was a joke.

By the way, Sauran was someone who did not know how to things go, although not always. For the record, this is the fifteenth time in total that he failed to persuade the lady-in-waiting.

The slumped Sauran, however, brightened suddenly.

“So, I am going to talk about my policy seriously, how about building a big inner palace to secure the Emperor’s bloodline? Surround it with hundreds of concubines.” ~ Sauran

“Sauran…” ~ Emperor

“Huh?” ~ Sauran

“There is such a place.” ~ Emperor

Sauran was sulking.

Sauran, who revealed his negative side with the Emperor’s merciless words, had his hands and feet on the floor in despair. [2]

And then, the Emperor’s gaze finally turned to me.

“… It is bad, bad, Gettenwo. These idiots failed and fell behind. At this rate, only my excellence will stand out.” ~ Sugen

“I think you can leave it as it is. You have too much self-confidence, and they are not that foolish.” ~ Gettenwo

That’s right! I received a revelation. And then I carried up Gettenwo’s body.

“Waa! What are you doing, you bastard!?” ~ Gettenwo

“Regarding the heirs’ speech, can I show Gettenwo to the public in the speech?” ~ Sugen

I planned my strategy.

If the popular Gettenwo exposed her face, then the contents of the speeches of the four princes would be blown off.

“Impossible. This speech is intended to fill in the gap between Gettenwo, who was famous as a bandit. If Gettenwo speaks on the podium, the difference will increase further.” ~ Emperor

But he was dismissed.

“Don’t you see it? Generally, I don’t intend to enter the court officially. To give a speech is like giving consent to enter the Imperial court.” ~ Gettenwo

“Ku~.” ~ Sujen

I clenched my teeth and dropped Gettenwo on the floor.

Now that all four sibling’s speech strategies have been besieged, the only thing they could do was to give an ordinary speech. With a voice that was as calm as possible, and the contents did not matter in anyone’s heart.

However… If that were the case, in this contest, what separated them to stand on the podium would be the personality. It’s the field that I’m dominant with.

With a worried expression, the Emperor cleared his throat.

“Ahh… Anyway, I can see that all of you will be giving flat speeches with dead eyes and voices. However, with your behavior, it will affect your parent’s reputation. Therefore, I will give you only one advantage.” ~ Emperor

“Advantage?” ~ Everyone

All the siblings turned to look at the throne.

“I am forbidding you to lower your reputation. However, I will let you acknowledge the strengths of your other brothers. Even if you do not want to be an Emperor, at least, try to do your best.” ~ Emperor

All the siblings who had gathered in close positions all dispersed at once and glared at each other. Only Gettenwo was left to stand in the middle.

The situation became tense. With the Emperor’s words, the situation had entered a new phase.

The four of them were already in a fighting pose, as they focused on finding the best about each other.


“Damn. There is nothing to praise!” ~ Everyone

They could not probe each others’ strong points.

At this time, it was anticipated that a desperate, fierce battle would happen.

Translator and Editor Notes:

Oh…boi. You all are gonna love the speeches. The princes are pretty smart and stupid at the same time. What do you think? 😂 ~ Asada

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  1. [Surprisingly, Sauran seemed to be serious. Indeed, he was a man who did not know when to let things go.

    “Besides, that lady-in-waiting was already celebrating because the mediator told a good story to buy more time.” ~ Sugen

    “That’s stupid. Do you have a better story than a wedding with me as a prince?” ~ Sauran]

    Hmmm, I cannot make sense of these dialogues.

  2. I really like the way this chapter was edited. It’s a lot easier to read than the previous ones when you put which character is speaking every line. There’s, also, no weird sounding sentences or changes in the POV of the narrator, 10/10

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