[HGEG] Chapter 28: Qi XiaoKui’s Whereabouts

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada

Noticing Xin Meng’s suspicious gaze, Xiong JiaBao looked back at him, appearing angry and unease. He whispered to him, “Those bastards, I won’t treat them nicely anymore.Treat a friend as warm as spring and with respect, but treaty enemies as ruthlessly as the autumn wind!”

Xin Meng’s face was dark. What he wanted to say was forgotten due his interruption.

Dong Xiu ignored their chatter and said indifferently. “Anyway, be careful! Don’t let the villagers suspect us, or it will further increase the risks and cause unnecessary damage.”

They thought while looking at the villagers looking at the corpses and their quiet attitude. Even Xiong JiaBao who wanted to confront him was unable refute.

It’s a truth, they were in danger. After all, their appearance was too close to the time when the villagers started to die. The villagers have every right to suspect them. The reason no one talked about it yet was becausw noone has thought about it. Maybe they didn’t ask them directly, but instead discussed behind their backs. Their nerves were now tight and they couldn’t relax at all.

The only one unaffected is probably You Yi, who always stayed out of the matter and didn’t participate in their discussions as well as expressed no opinions. He just silently followed them, or more precisely, followed Xin Meng. If he’s does not speak, then he reduces his presence and even makes people forget that he’s even there.

But once he makes a move, no one dares go against him. Like just now, he decided to change Xiong JiaBao and his positions and Xiong JiaBao immediately turned his head like a chicken pecking rice. He didn’t say, but he wanted to help Xin Meng carry his backpack, but then the bag was taken away by You Yi. Xiong JiaBao shrunk silently into a ball.

The group approached the villagers cautiously, but curiously the villagers don’t seem to suspect them. Their attitude towards them was the exact same but they had the baffled expressions. They seemed to be afraid of something, which also made them afraid. It seems that it had nothing to do with them.

“That’s weird” Li Yougen wondered. “They don’t really believe in ghosts, right?”

Xin Meng said, “I heard a villager say that an outsider had drowned in the reservoir before. I felt that the villagers were very indifferent to that. Now that the villagers appeared dead in the reservoir and they started to believe in water ghosts. Is it possible to have something relation with it?”

“So the person was killed by the villagers and now he became a ghost to avenge himself and the villagers are guilty and scared?” Xiong JiaBao made a wild guess.

Xin Meng thought of the villager’s reactions. He couldn’t say it was entirely impossible. He went to the village chief to inquire about it.

“You are asking about the person that drowned in the reservoir?” The village chief lit up a cigarette again. In the past two days he smoked enough for one entire year. “There’s nothing to say, that person just appeared in the village. No one knew the person’s name. When we found that person, that person was struggling in the reservoir, we were too late to save that person. He left without a word.”

“So the water ghost the villagers are referring to is that person?” Xin Meng asked. “Was it a man or a woman?”

“A woman” The village chief spat out a ring of smoke, recalling, “The villagers were kind. We buried her in the mountains and built a monument, so it shouldn’t be… Why are you asking?”

No one knew what was going on. At least, in their current situation, it must had something to do with the reservoir and the drowned woman.

Xin Meng left and went to inquire others about it. The results were similar to the village chief. No one knew her name, only that she was young, with a normal face and with a really long hair. She had long hair and wore a dark blue dress…


Xin Meng’s eyes widened and he asked the person again, for them to describe in more detail.

“No… How can this be?!” Xin Meng turned and grabbed You Yi’s hands. “Isn’t she…!”

This description, how is it… So like Qi XiaoKui?

“It can’t be, how can it be her?” Xin Meng was unable to believe it. The drowned person turned out to be Qi XiaoKui? Is Qi XiaoKui the one that turned into a ghost and demanded sacrifices? Qi XiaoKui killed the five kind villagers?

How can it be?!!

He thought Qi XiaoKui was just hidden and didn’t want to see them, that she was alive and well, why… how could…

Xin Meng was so speechless by the sudden discovery and You Yi calmed him down, pointing at the key point, “Time’s not right.”

Yes… Yes, the time isn’t right!

Didn’t that woman drown last year? They weren’t inside the game last year. Although Qi XiaoKui died early in the last game, Xiong JiaBao came with them at the same time. It hasn’t been two days. How can Qi XiaoKui enter early? Arrive a year before?

Xin Meng was relieved, but he still felt unease. He wanted to find Qi XiaoKui immediately and make sure he was just imagining it, but so many people had died in the village and the villagers were all scared. It wasn’t appropriate to make everyone look for Qi XiaoKui, and they wouldn’t be able to find her in the vast mountains, unless she wants to be found in the first place.

You Yi grabbed his arm and calmed him with his eyes. “Don’t scare yourself. If you can’t find Qi XiaoKui, go to the woman’s grave first, determine her identity and you will know it’s not her.”

Xin Meng calmed down, “Yes, first lets go to the grave.”

Because they were afraid of shocking the villagers, they didn’t call Dong Xiu and the rest and went to search for her alone. According to the information provided by the village chief, they found it on the south side of the mountain. There was a humble tombstone made of stone, which wrote, “Unknown Woman’s grave.”

Xin Meng “…”

Although the name in the tombstone is very awkward, it was what they were looking for.

The game must have wanted them to go to this place, because when they asked the village chief, he seemed to know their intents and directly told them about the place very detailedly so Xin Meng was 80% sure this was a key location.

It looked lonely and pitiful, Xin Meng looked around the grave and found nothing, but saw that You Yi actually took a folding shovel from his backpack and began to… dig the grave.

Xin Meng was stunned for a moment, but then also pulled a branch to help digging. The two dug for a while, the pit became larger and larger until if finally exposed the coffin inside.

“A stranger who they didn’t know died. I didn’t expect the villagers would do a burial and also prepare a coffin” Xin Meng sighed. “These people here are very kind.”

You Yi made no effort and shoved hard, the coffin was completely exposed.

The coffin made by the villagers was not very delicate. It was made from pure wood and there was no painting outside. There were some occasional burrs on the corners and it was also covered in dirt.

Xin Meng felt there was something wrong with the coffin, but it couldn’t be pointed out.

After observing if for a long time, he hesitated and said, “Isn’t this coffin too small?”

The coffin of an ordinary person, even for a short woman, should be larger but this one is definitely much smaller. From visual speculation, it should be around a meter, which was like a children’s coffin.

You Yi didn’t speak and just went for the coffin, inserting the shovel inside the gap and prying its lid open. The lid slid open to the other side, smashing on the ground, dust flying around, and exposing the inside of the coffin.

Xin Meng took two steps closer and stretched his neck to look inside. However, seeing the white contents inside the coffin, Xin Meng gasped

The rotten corpse in his imagination didn’t appear at all. Instead, there was a pile of scattered white bones. The two holes in the skull were facing Xin Meng, as if hiding something vicious inside and about to choose someone to bite. And it flew towards him!

Xin Meng’s scalp tightened, his hear pounded and he took a step back. But when he looked again, it had disappeared.

Was he too nervous so he started to hallucinate?

Xin Meng stated, “She really died long time ago. The corpse has became all bones. ” He still felt relieved.

It wasn’t Qi XiaoKui, at least not this time.


But where is Qi XiaoKui?

To be honest, Xin Meng is very fond of the girl who had been gloomy since the start but saved his life at the end. Although he knows that for her, it was just a helpless act and not an act of kindness. In this world, he can’t help but enjoy the care of others. There are other people around who wouldn’t even do that. They always feel that the world run around them, like Dong Xiu and Li Yougen. No matter how much you help them, they won’t even give you half of a thank you, but if you don’t help, you will be cursed and blamed. Including Xiong JiaBao, in fact his essence is the same. Meanwhile, Qi XiaoKui is independent and strong and knows how to give back people’s kindness. Isn’t it admirable?

That why Xin Meng doesn’t want Qi XiaoKui to have an accident.

Covering the coffin again, the two buried it back to the ground. Xin Meng straightened his back and sighed, “No clues were found.”

He thought You Yi wouldn’t answer, so he didn’t expect to hear something. You Yi said “Somethings were found.”

Xin Meng froze and hurried asked, “What is it?”

You Yi looked deeply at him and when Xin Meng stared at him ruthlessly only then he answered:

“Thinking to myself.”

Xin Meng “…You might as well then keep quiet.”

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