[HGEG] Chapter 27: Four Corpses

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada

“Auntie Cui was too careless, why did she go to the reservoir?” Wu DeLi was busy with the funeral today and now finally sat at the table with his parents for dinner. He spoke while plucking a large piece of braised pork inside his mouth.

“It’s a little strange” Wu DeLi’s father, Wu Dazhu, picked up his chopsticks and said thoughtfully. “Auntie Cui didn’t like to go to the reservoir, why did se go there without a word?”

When Wu Xiuzhi saw that the rice in their bowls was finished, she took the two empty bowls and went to the kitchen. She planned to fill another bowl for her husband and son, but before entering the kitchen, she hear Wu DeLi asking Wu Dazhui, “The outsiders…”

The kitchen door was accidentally slammed by her arm and closed, the outside sound was isolated. Wu Xiuzhi didn’t care, she put the bowl on the table and filled it with lots of rice.

When the rice in the two bowls pilled up, she held one in her hand and walked out of the kitchen. Just as she was about to go out, she heard a movement inside the cupboard.

Wu Xiuzhi frowned, suspecting there were mice in her house. She put the bowl on the table, picked the broom and silently walked to the cupboard. She held the broom in one hand and used the other to open the cupboard, and then pulled it open!

There were a lot of dishes inside the cupboard, and some random things were pilled on the bottom. The light wasn’t good and it was too dark to see any mice. She narrowed her eyes and looked at the cupboard. She knocked gently with the broom, trying to drive the rat out.

Suddenly, she felt something on her side, it felt… A little windy?

Blowing towards her face.

She turned her head…

A pale, swollen, dead face, almost touching her head, seeing her looking over, cracked its toothless mouth, showing her a bloody smile.

Wu XiuZhi’s body struggled outside the cabinet. She used her hands to held on the sides of the cupboard and tried resisting her, but still, she was puled inside the cabinet little by little. The cupboard shook like a quase, but it didn’t make a slight sound, until…

Bang! There was a loud noise as the door closed.

“Hell, this smelly old lady scaring me” Wu Dazhui jumped, his heart beating fast and he scolded towards the kitchen. “What are you doing, you almost broke the cabinet. Don’t break the door!”

No answer.

Wu DeLi had a weird feeling. According to his mother’s temperament, she would scold him back for a long time. What happened today? He shouted, “Mom, hey?”

The kitchen was quiet.

Wu DeLi felt there was something wrong, he got up and walked to the kitchen and opened the door.


In front of the cupboard, a pair of slippers were abandoned on the ground, the pair Wu Xiuzhi was wearing.

“Mom?” Wu DeLi was gradually overcome by panic. “Mom-!”

The Xiu Se village, who should be asleep by now, was lively again as everyone came out again. Without a flashlight, they used primitive torches to light the way. Quickly, the whole village was illuminated with bright fire, and everyone was exasperated.

“Did you find her?”

“No, what about you?”


The anxiety on their faces was not fake, they searched the whole village and were unable to find Wu Xuizhi, who disappeared so suddenly inside the kitchen. It the end, everyone looked at each other and headed to the reservoir.

The crowd surged, and viewed from adistance, was like a starry constellation heading to the back of the village.

Wu Xuizhi floated quietly on the water, quietly greeting the folks she had been with for decades.

“Mom-!” Wu DeLi screamed and rushed into the water, stopped by his friends.

“Don’t be so impulsive!” Wu Qiang advised. “It’s not safe to go into the water at night. We will find something to pull her out, don’t go in!”

“That’s right, cousin, don’t get into the water” Wu XueHua hugged his arms, looking at the water with horrified eyes. “Otherwise you will be caught by a water ghost too!”

“Water ghost? What the hell?” With tears rolling down his face, Wu DeLi yelled at Wu XueHua. “My mother wasn’t close to the reservoir at all, she disappeared from the kitchen, how can a water ghost run to my house to catch a sacrifice?!”

No one was able to answer him.

Xin Meng and the other five were behind everyone, looking at them from a distance and not daring approach.

“A second person died…” Li Yougen’s teeth trembled. “Did we…”

He remembered the horrible ghost cry and had similar thoughts as Xin Meng, but was stopped by Dong Xiu, who said fiercely on his ear. “Shut up, do you want those people to hear you and suspect us?”

Li Yougen widened his eyes, nodded and didn’t dare say a word again. Dong Xiu also warned Xiong JiaBao, not the most unobtrusive, who turned his head to ignore him, bitter due the past, he even looked like he wanted to go to the villagers and accuse him.

As a result, Xin Meng had to stop him. Xin Meng was already convinced the hot-hearted guy had no brain at all. He said helplessly, “Don’t dare to do anything. If the task fails, no one will be safe. Do you want to leave this place alive?”

Xiong JiaBao closed his lips.

Their voices were very low, the villagers didn’t hear them and gathered on the shore to get Wu Xiuzhi over, but the bamboo poles they found were too short for it, and they still had to go into the water. A few youths volunteered. They have known each other for decades, no one could bear to let her in the water for a whole night.

The three youths, named Wu Qiang, Wu Kuli and Wu Xu, are all Wu DeLi’s close friends. They tied a rope around their waists and slowly swam into the deep water. Wu DeLi’s mood was unstable. Free from danger, everyone else was on the shore, accompanying Wu Dazhu who was almost fainting. Wu DeLi had to help his father and watched anxiously his good friends swimming towards his mother’s body.

Although they are children of the mountain, there’s such a reservoir inside the village. When it gets hot during summer, the children come play on the reservoir almost every day, and they all know how to swim. At night, it would be safe as long as they tied a rope around their bodies.

The crowd watched as the three young man swam close to Wu Xiuzhi, and when they were almost three meters away, they all stopped.

Wu DeLi looked up anxiously, seeing that they stopped swimming forward, and not knowing what they were up to, muttered, “What are they doing, quickly brig her back!”

It was too dark, the three were also a bit far from the shore. The villagers couldn’t see clearly the situation over there, they only saw the three looking around as if they were searching for something and waving their hand, but no sound was heard.

The village chief frowned and shouted at them: “Bring Xiuzhi back quickly! What are you doing?”

But as soon as he finished shouting, there were three splashes on the reservoir. The three, right in front of everyone, didn’t say a word, and as if they were caught by something, submerged on the water!

Wu Dacheng was startled as yelled anxiously, “Hurry! Pull the rope! Hurry!”

The villagers holding the other end of the rope were stunned by the scene and the village chief’s shout made them return to their minds, so they hurriedly pulled the rope, and other also went to help. However, the crowd felt there was something wrong. Why… How did it get lighter?

When the end of the rope finally got out of the water, everyone was frightened and started crying and screaming!

The rope had no traces of them. Instead, there were human leg bones!

Glancing at the water again, they only saw calmness. Only Wu Xiuzhi’s body was floating, slightly waving…

In the early morning the next day, the bodies of the three youngsters were neatly placed on the shore, next to Wu Xuizhi, who was finally rescued. There were four people, four bodies. Everyone in Xiu Se circled them, looking quietly. No one said a word, and they fell into a strange silence.

Five people. In just one day, five people died in Xiu Se village.

This has been a extremely urgent event in the small village who has always been peaceful.

Xin Meng and the group hid far away, and didn’t come forward.

Li Yougen played with his hands nervously, walking back and forth, “What to do, what do, the deaths started!”

Dong Xiu glanced at him, “It wasn’t you who died, what are you anxious for!”

“Can I be anxious if I’m dead?!” Li Yougen was so anxious he had started to speak incoherently.

“It must have something to do with the grove we went before,” Xin Meng said, “otherwise it wouldn’t be so coincidental. They started to die as soon as we returned.”

Dong Xiu pushed his glasses, “So what. Just some NPCs, there’s no danger for us. For now, it seems that only the villagers are dying, so we have to search the truth and find the killer?”

After a discussion, they were still clueless. Xin Meng remembered their cards and pulled his own, staring at it for a while before saying suddenly, “I remember that….. those five people… I saw three of them eating meat that day.”

The three youths, Wu Qiang, Wu Kuli and Wu Xu, they all ate with Xin Meng at the chief’s house. Xin Meng remembered that they were the most enthusiastic of the group and the ones who ate the most meat. After looking at them eating, he secretly admired their digestive system, but now looking at the card again during this situation, he felt horror!

At this time, Li Yougen and Dong Xiu also remembered they had seen Wu Xiuzhi and Auntie Cui eating a lot of meat too!

Li Yougen rushed to a tree and began poking his throat, anxious to vomit all the meat he ate. Xiong JiaBao held his arm and said coldly, “After a whole day, it had all turned into shit already, isn’t it out of your body yet? Didn’t you find a place to shit, if you can vomit it, show us.”

“You!” Li Yougen after hearing that was both angry and disgusted, and almost vomited. “Don’t forget you also ate meat!”

“But I didn’t eat as much as you.” Xiong JiaBao grinned, grinned harshly. “If it’s based on how much we ate, I would be one of the last. I’m just not sure if you can live till then.”

Xin Meng felt that Xiong JiaBao was a little weird. Why did he seem to be possessed by Dong Xiu all of sudden?

The author has something to say:

Small theater:
Shamate Domination: Meng said that I was possessed by ghosts, that I was possessed by Dong Xiu. Can’t I have some fun!
Meng is all: According to my calculations, you are a psychic!
Death for others, not for me*: … I’m not dead yet.
Shamate Domination: Stop it! Get out of my body!
Death for others, not for me: You, didn’t I say I’m not a ghost?! Don’t compare me with one!
Shamate Domination: Ayaa, so it’s not an immediate matter. Well, you are going to die anyways, so get used to it~
Death for others, not for me: ….
Meng is all: Teasing your teammates is fun.

Small theater two:
Death for others, not for me: Author, come here, I promise not to kill you. Why did you write me like this… hm, cute?! See how many readers want me to die!
糖糖 (the author is 糖糖妖儿): Because there can only be one cutie, it’s Xin…
Favorite Xiao Meng Meng: Mine.
糖糖: Yes, yours, yours, I didn’t say he wasn’t! Take away that knife…

Translator and Editor Notes:

Dong Xiu’s user is 死队友不死贫道, it’s a play with 死道友不死贫道 which is a saying that means like, something about selling your teammates to protect yourself, like, let your allies bear with all the consequences of your actions. I didn’t know how to translate that, I’m very sorry, that’s why I decided to keep Dong Xiu’s user understandable, even though it’s not the literal translation. ~ Zucci

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