[HGEG] Chapter 26: First Death

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada

The two finally got Xiong JiaBao out of the grove, but they couldn’t drag him down the mountain in this… posture. So, finally, You Yi carried him back to the villager’s house.

It was the first time Xin Meng saw the house You Yi and Xiong JiaBao were staying. It wasn’t much different from the warehouse he was staying. The bed was a single bed, with only one pillow on it. There was also one on the floor, covered with a thin sheet.

Xin Meng had already guessed it and saw You Yi throwing Xiong JiaBao to the ground without much mercy of compassion. Xiong JiaBao rolled innocently, limbs spread out.

Xin Meng, “…Oh!”

Looking at the man who naturally shared the sofa with him, but forced Xiong JiaBao to sleep on the floor, Xin Meng thought that man was very interesting. The always faceless expression now looked so cute to him.

But he didn’t say it aloud. It seemed very dangerous to praise his cuteness in front of him.

“Xiong JiaBao! Xiong JiaBao!” he squatted on the floor and patted Xiong JiaBao’s face lightly, but he was unable to wake him up. You Yi went to the kitchen, got a cup of water and splashed it on his face. He woke up and tried to stand, but fell back right away. There was no pillow under his head and he directly hit the floor. Xin Meng felt hurt for him.

“Hurts!” Xiong JiaBao grinned his teeth and covered his head. “Hurts! Ayoo!”

“Are you okay?” Xin Meng asked.

Xiong JiaBao sat up with Xin Meng’s help and looked around, “We got out of there?”

“En” Xin Meng said. “I fainted at the time, You Yi took me away. Didn’t see what happened, you saw what happened later?”

“No…” Xiong JiaBao was about to shake his head but then remembered something. “Those two assholes! I asked them to help but, but they ran away without looking back, that jerk Dong Xiu even kicked me and knocked me out! If I died like that, I would become a ghost and not let them go!”

The two have always been that way… When hearing such thing, Xin Meng wasn’t surprised.

“It was reckless of you. You pushed the stones without thinking and got so much hurt for it.” Xin Meng handed him a piece of paper. He had blood on his face, mixed with rotten tree leaves.

Xiong JiaBao took the paper and wiped it out, his mouth still cursing, “I’m at odds with them!”

Seeing he wasn’t listening, Xin Meng stopped wasting his tongue. Xiong JiaBao didn’t know anything useful about the mission. Still clueless.

They have chosen, according to the card. What will be their ending?

Xin Meng is still concerned about those issues and intends to go back and take a look. You Yi naturally follows.

Before leaving, Xin Meng glanced over Xiong JiaBao and weirdly asked, “There are how many teeths on your necklace?”

“Ah?” Xiong JiaBao froze. “Six.”

He looked down at the bunch of necklaces on his chest. Some had skulls, some artificial teeth, some with crosses and yak bones. Is there any problem with shamate fashion sense?

“Oh, I guess I remembered it wrong.” Xin Meng scratched his face and left without paying much attention to it.

Xiong JiaBao lips twitched. Xin Meng’s observation power was really good, even his necklace attracted his attention, but wasn’t it a bit too mother-in-law-like to pay attention to such insignificant things?

Xin Meng didn’t know he was being bad-mouthed for being a mother-in-law. He was chatting with You Yi and walking towards the grove. In fact, it was him doing most of the talk, but You Yi nodded from time to time to indicate he was listening, but his words were few.

When they got to the grove, they made several laps. Except for the traces left by them, they found nothing, and returned with empty hands.

Back at Xiu Se village, Xin Meng saw there was something wrong. The villagers weren’t napping anymore, and almost everyone walked out of their houses. The whole village was noisy, and many people had anxious expressions on their faces.

Xin Meng grabbed a young man who was passing by, “Excuse me, what happened?”

The young man looked at him and recognized the outsiders. “Auntie Cui is gone!”

“Auntie Cui?” Xin Meng was a bit shocked

“What the hell is going on?” Xin Meng asked again. The teenager was in a hurry, he wanted to hurry and find her, so he pulled them with him as he talked. “She disappeared suddenly. She was resting and when we went in, there was only a quilt where she was. Her family called everyone to look for her.”

“Did she go out and forget to tell her family?” Xin Meng felt they were a bit exaggerated.

“How is it possible? Auntie Cui has bad health and tells her family whenever she goes out.” the youth explained. “Also, this village is not big and there are not many places to visit. At most, to the mountains, but since she lost her leg many years ago on the mountains, she doesn’t go there anymore.”

“Where are we going now?” Xin Meng noticed everyone went in the same direction.

It was the deepest part of the village. Xin Meng only searched around the mountain, he didn’t go there because he thought there wasn’t anything special.

“To the reservoir. There’s a reservoir behind the village. It’s possible to go there to get water or cool down,” said the young man. “But it’s deep and dangerous. A person drowned there last year. We have searched everywhere else, the only place remaining is the reservoir. Everyone is afraid Auntie Cui drowned, so we are heading there.”

It seems that the villagers are very close. If one person has a problem, the whole village becomes anxious. But Xin Meng notices a detail. When the teenager said that ‘a person drowned there’, he sounded very indifferent. As if it didn’t matter at all. He asked, “The person who drowned was from your village too?”

The youth looked forward and answered after a while. “No, it was an outsider. They didn’t know how dangerous the reservoir was and drowned.”

Xin Meng feel weird, but it disappeared so fast he wasn’t unable to catch it.

The two hurried there with You Yi who was leisurely following. When the three reached the reservoir, they saw a group of people circling around it, and there was screaming.

“Auntie Cui!” The teenager’s face changed greatly, rushing into the crowd. Xin Meng also took the opportunity to pull You Yi and follow him, finally seeing the situation inside the reservoir.

It wasn’t much like a reservoir and more like a puddle, not large in area, only two or three meters in diameter, but with a strong color in the middle. It must be very deep. He saw something floating on the water, and taking a closer look, it turned out to be auntie Cui…

She was dead, but her body was floating on the water and, for some reason, her limbs were swollen, her face was down, and the water waved slightly.

Four or five youths took their socks and entered the water. They swam to the middle and dragged Cui to the shore. Her family knelt by the water and cried.

Its not Xin Meng’s first time seeing a corpse. In the last game, it can be said that, except for them, there were disgusting and horrible corpses everywhere. However, yet such a scene, made him a bit uncomfortable.

Thinking of the old lady who always showed him a kind smile during the noon, but now became a cold body, Xin Meng couldn’t help feeling sore, wanting to comfort the family.

Meanwhile, the corpse that was pushed to the shore accidentally turned over and faced up, Xin Meng walked forward while staring at auntie Cui’s face. He was shocked, he took two steps back/

Her face was also swollen with blisters, pale, her limbs were bloodless, and she had been dead for a long time.

However, that wasn’t the reason for Xin Meng’s shock. He stared at Cui’s face… A smile.

Yes, she was laughing.

Exactly, it was the cry who was not quite a cry, that sounded like a laugh, angry and resentful…

Xin Meng has no doubt that if auntie Cui could open her mouth and make a sound it would be the same scream they heard in the woods!

Xin Meng was scared and took a few steps back again, until he was held by a warm hand. Surprised, he looked back and saw You Yi, and then he felt relieved.

You Yi leaned on his ear and whispered, “This situation is weird.”

“En” Xin Meng nodded and swallowed hard. “How could she have such expression?”

At the moment, the villagers who found her dead body also had weird expressions. It was a collective silence for a moment, and then it was filled with noise, and they couldn’t even hear what they were talking. Just occasional words like “water ghost” and “find a substitute”.

If he was at peace, Xin Meng would only think of it as superstitions, but he experienced the unscientificness of the game. Today, he heard the ghost crying, it made his hairs stood up. When he heard those words, he even thought ‘fairly reasonable…”

Others were scared to be around the water, but Cui’s sons and daughters were not. They cried while holding Cui’s body in their arms. The son held the old lady’s armpit, and the daughter held both feet. The village chief arrived and quickly directed the crowd to help. Xin Meng and You Yi, as outsiders, could only follow behind.

Xin Meng covered his mouth with his hands and quietly said to You Yi ear, “The time of her death was too coincidental. It happened to be around the time when the ghost cried. You think it was because he pushed down the stones and released something?”

You Yi sensed the guilt on his tone and coaxed him, “This is just how the plot goes. They are NPCs and they won’t really die. And it’s not like you were the one who pushed down the stones.”

Xin Meng was convinced by it. After all, it was really just a game. Even if it’s real, they wouldn’t be able to play without. If anyone else enters it, she will be resurrected, but…

You Yi talking this much for the first time? Xin Meng is surprised.

“Are you comforting me?” Xin Meng joked.

Unexpectedly, You Yi was not embarrassed at all and admitted, “Yes.”

Instead, Xin Meng, who didn’t expect him to be so straightforward, was the one embarrassed.

Translator and Editor Notes:

I just love how devoted You Yi is towards Xin Meng… him dragging XJB omg… ~ Zucci

I love the indifference between You Yi’s caring methods 😂 ~ Asada

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