[HGEG] Chapter 25: Ghost’s Cry

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada

Facing the bloody characters “Xin Meng” on the big stone in front of him, Xin Meng’s hairs stood up.

“What the hell is this!” Li Yougen’s screamed and cursed. He was already a coward, now his legs started to tremble. “Is this-Is this a grave?”

No one can answer him. In such a forbidden area that haven’t been entered for so many years, six large tombstones stood. On those stones, the five of them had their names engraved with bloody scarlet color!

So weird…

What exactly does that mean? Does it mean they are going to die here?!

Or is it that… This is their burial place, and those stones are their future graves?!

The more he thought about it, the more terrible it became. Xin Meng couldn’t help but look at You Yi, but then he saw You Yi stating at the stone with a blank space. The names of five of them were there, but there was no words on that one. Logically, it belonged to Qi XiaoKui…

But why doesn’t it have her name? Is it because she’s not here right now?

It looked like he noticed Xin Meng’s stare, You Yi retracted his gaze walked and towards Xin Meng. Backed by someone so strong, Xin Meng felt a bit relieved. When he was about to look at those stones again, he suddenly heard a loud noise coming from the other side. He turned around and saw that it was Xiong JiaBao, who had kicked the stone and knocked it down!

“What are you doing?!” Xin Meng was shocked and hurried to run to You Yi. “You are too reckless, you don’t even know the situation yet. Why did you push it down!!!”

Xiong JiaBao carelessly put his hands on his colorful hair, “What else is unclear. Its satated on the card, it depends on us if we push it down or not. We can’t trigger the mission if we don’t push it down. You have to push it anyways.”

What he said made sense, Xin Meng was speechless…

Xin Meng shook his dark thoughts off and analyzed the results of pushing it and not pushing. He was not convinced that pushing the stones was the only way, otherwise, the card wouldn’t be that ambiguous, more like a game. In a situation where the player is given two choices, each choice will lead to a different ending, so they must be cautious.

However, there was another loud noise. Xiong JiaBao walked to the other one and kicked down the stone with Li Yougen’s name, and then Dong Xiu’s. The whole group was startled by him and were unable to stop him. In a blink of the eye, all six stones went down.

Suddenly, everything went silent.

The entire grove seemed to become a vacuum and no sound could be transmitted, which made the ears that were accustomed to noise feel uncomfortable. Xin Meng looked up, faintly feeling that the sky was getting darker, and there was a coldness running on his body. He had this unknown feeling and couldn’t help taking a step back. Wrist being caught by You Yi, he turned around to look at You Yi with a very serious face, and he whispered: “Run!”

After that, he rushed out quickly, pulling Xin Meng with him. Xin Meng had no time to ask, he could just keep up with him. Others also felt weird, and were driven to run away, but as soon as they were about to step out of the grove, everyone’s ears were invaded by a sharp noise!

The sound was like a cry, but not quite, almost like a laugh, sharp like a needle, making its way inside their bones and limbs, making their hearts tremble. Their ears were about to break, and the group shouted in pain. His hand covered his ears by instinct, but it was useless. The sound broke all barriers and entered their hearts!

The fragile capillaries burst right away, making their ears, eyes and nose bleed. Xin Meng’s body was the weakest and he fainted. He was hugged by You Yi, who frowned and bent Xin Meng’s legs, picking up his whole body and rushing out of the woods. The sound on their ears was much quieter, but You Yi didn’t stop, going all the way down the mountain!

The closest behind them is Xiong JiaBao. He completely became a bloody man, with blood over all his face, and his skin had lots of cuts all around. The bright red blood rushed out. He is not like You Yi and Xin Meng who were able to leave. Even if he gritted his teeth, he wasn’t able to run, he didn’t know what was going on. He was more impacted than the others and the voice tortured him uninterruptedly. He could barely walk, just walk a few steps before kneeling. Beside him, Dong Xiu and Li Yougen also hurried to the exit, but the impact on them was obviously lighter than on Xiong JiaBao.

Xiong JiaBao’s knees were pressed on the rotten leaves and his hands were on the ground, his vision blurred a little.. He felt someone running next to him. It was Li Yougen. He reached out and tried to pull his leg. “Pull… Pull me…”

But Li Yougen ignored him and quickly ran away. Xiong JiaBao tried to reach for the second one, but Dong Xiu not only refused to pull him, but also pushed him because he was afraid of being dragged. With one kick, Xiong JiaBao rolled twice on the floor, his body was light, and his consciousness fell into darkness.

When Dong Xiu and Li Yougen ran out of the woods, they couldn’t even lift their legs. Dong Xiu accidentally tripped over the roots of a tree and fell. Li Yougen wasn’t able to stop on time, tripped on him and they both rolled over.

It was strange, but as soon as you leave the range of the grove, the sound will be reduced instantly. Although it was faintly audible, it was no longer aggressive. The two people now could hear the low-volume version of the sound, and could recognize it was… A cry.

Suddenly high and low, suddenly far and near, it seemed to be sad, filled with anger and resentment.


Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to cry like that, but besides crying, there’s no other way to classify this sound.

“This-This is…” Li Yougen’s words were bad. He thought of the rumors on his hometown, a legend he once thought as superstitious and dismissive. “This is a ‘ghost cry’!”

Dong Xiu’s face was blue. He rubbed his nose with his hands, wiping the blood on it with the back of his hand. He pushed Li Yougen hard.

“Get down from me and go to the village first!”

Li Yougen rolled his ass and the two quickly ran down the mountain. They didn’t even dare to look back, they ran faster than when they were being chased by zombies.

No one thought of going back for the unconscious Xiong JiaBao.

As soon as they entered the village, the weird cry disappeared completely without leaving any traces. The village was quiet and peaceful. The big yellow dog that layed on the ground lazily heard the movement, looked up at the group, and then bowed his head to go back to sleep.

It was as if they were returning to the word after visiting hell. The silence was uncomfortable.

With blood covering their faces, it was impossible for them to rush into a villager’s house. They wiped their faces with paper and slumped next to the big dog. The dog moved his nose, but didn’t bark. He didn’t even lifted his eyelids, and continued to sleep under the sun.

Dong Xiu didn’t care about dog, it was best if it didn’t bark anyway. After a while in the sun, they regained a bit of strength in their bodies, stood up, parred the dirt off their pants and went to Xin Meng and You Yi.

Xin Meng has been placed on the bed, in the small warehouse lent by the village chief. You Yi jumped through the window while holding him, carefully wiped his blood, prepared some medicine, gave him a few mouthfuls of water and he soon woke up.

“What’s going on?” Xin Meng opened his eyes and looked at his surroundings, a bit confused. Why was he at the chief’s house? Was he still sleeping, and what happened just now was just a nightmare?

Apparently not. You Yi was on his side and told him, “You fainted, I took you back here to rest.”

Xin Meng grabbed his sleeve. “What about the others?”

You Yi kept his answer short. “I don’t know.”

He wants to know. At that moment, he could only take care of himself, it wasn’t easy to manage another one. How could he take care of others. But he can’t ignore them, or else he doesn’t know what can happen. Xin Meng decided, “Let’s go back and see.”

You Yi was indispensable. He saw that he was almost recovered and helped him out of the bed.

That sound was too terrible. Now, they are not only embarrassed, but also suffered some substantial damage. Just now, Xin Meng feels dizzy when he stood up, his ears buzzing, his eyes getting out of focus from time to time. If You Yi lets him go, he would either fall down or hit the wall, so he had to hold You Yi all the time. On the surface, his face was very pale, and there were no traces of blood on it.

“That sound had such an aggressive power. What was it?” Xin Meng rubbed his temples.

“Ghost cry.” You Yi said.

“Ghost… cry?” By the name it didn’t look like a good thing. Xin Meng snorted. “Is it relating to Xiong JiaBao knocking down the tombstone?”

The answer is obvious.

“I had the feeling something bad would happen” Xin Meng muttered to himself. “Was it easy to run away?”

Even You Yi couldn’t give him an answer this time.

When they went out, they met Dong Xiu and Li Yougen who were looking for them. The four met and Xin Meng proposed going back for Xiong JiaBao, but Dong Xiu and Li Yougen strongly opposed.

“You want to go to that kind of place again?” Li Yougen was unable to believe it. “Are you crazy or stupid?”

Dong Xiu also frowned and refused, giving a more pretentious reason, “I just suffered from internal injuries. It’s inconvenient to move, I won’t go.”

God fucking internal injuries.

Xin Meng was aware of those two men’s virtues and didn’t try to persuade them, but decided to go back with You Yi.

However, this time, when they walked inside the grove, the noise was gone.

Xin Meng looked at the woods. Six stones were still lying on the ground. There was the sound of birds singing, it looked normal. He tried to enter, but was stopped by You Yi. You Yi stepped into the woods and walked straight to Xiong JiaBao, but instead of holding him up, he pulled him by his legs, dragging him on the ground and getting out of the woods. Xiong JiaBao’s back was dragged against the ground, his hair was messy with rotten leaves.

Xin Meng “…”

What about being a good teammate?

Moreover, he was treated differently… What is this sense of accomplishment?!

He feels sorry for Xiong JiaBao.

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  1. i cant believe the mc has to be teammates with shitty cowardly or stupid people through the whole story..i don’t know if i can stick through it if it continues and i don’t like how reliant the mc is on the ml from the beginning

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