[NTBG] Chapter 32 (2/2): Reunion

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi (edited)

I will accept the villagers’ decision, whatever it might be. I ate my food while waiting.

“I want to stay here. It might be a foolish choice when I think of my family but I want to live in this land watched over by the God of Destiny. It feels like a mission from heaven.”

“It’s a good wife’s duty to always follow her husband. I will stay with my family.”

“Yes Yes. Dad, Mom, Gams onii-chan and Murus’ are here. This place is good.”

The Rodis family wants to stay here.

Let’s ignore that Carol didn’t mention Chem.

A clergymen should laugh even when doing something dexterous. [1]

“….blessed by the God of  Destiny. I will stay till I am buried here.”

“I will protect them.”

Gams and Chem also choose to remain.

“I don’t know much about the outside world. This forest is more comfortable and I don’t want to leave the place where my deceased friends lie.”

Murus said.

As a result, everyone is hoping to create a village here.

In order to meet the overwhelming expectations of God of Fate, they want to establish a village first.

Although it should be a building game, it seems like a care taking game to me now

“I understand. If you want to live it’s your choice. I know some people who might like a place like this. There are refugees so it should be fine.”

Dordrod is a good peddler, one which you don’t see often.

At least he better than me who hadn’t talked face to face with others since a decade.

“Thank you.”

“We will leave now, Rodis. We will be here again in few weeks so let us know if you have anythings you want. I will bring more things next time.”

There is only one watchtower made out of logs and the rest is a fence.

As there are so many trees, therefore should also be many logs. I want to start building huts soon as the cave will be rundown as the number of villagers increase.

Most of the daily necessities are now satisfied but they still seem to be in need of clothes.

They did not have any other clothes so they all wore the same clothes all the time. Recently they have made a dress from animal skin which is worn only during the sleep.

Carol waves at the Carriage on which Dordrod and his escorts are reading for a long time.

“Wow. That’s perfect for the winter. Looks like we can expect more people.”

Many projects that were bothering me are now cleared at once.

Thank you Sayuki for starting this bonus event.

Suddenly, I noticed it was dark outside the window. In the winters, sun goes down early.

I was concentrating too much on the game. I should check my smartphone.

I turned on the smartphone which can be contacted only by my coworkers and family to see a message from Sayuki. I tapped to open it.

“I think, I will be late today. If it’s not troublesome for you then, I will call you at midnight to pick me up at the bus stop.”

I sent back an “OK”

I looked at the map again to make sure that there is not danger around the village before activating the oracle.

I wrote a prayer for the deceased villagers.

“Yoshii…. dinner is ready.”

I ran down as my mother called me from the first floor.

Today my father and sister are late so I decided to eat alone, take a bath and then sleep.


“Oh, I had an appointment to pick up Sayuki.”

It was dangerous. I became careless.

She hasn’t contact me yet but there are things which I want to buy at the convenience store so why not go for a night stroll?

I left the the house in a thick jacket with a hood.

I go out almost everyday nowdays still I am not used to this cold air.

My ears became numb in an instant. I put on my hood and headed to the convenience store quickly.

The light of the convenience store flashes brilliantly in the dark night.

The lights on the roads are a perfect landmark. There has been no call from Sayuki yet. It seems there is still some time until the bus arrives so I decided to kill my time inside the convenience store.

My feet stops as I saw a man exiting the convenience store. Hjs appearance was grim.


The cold air from my back spreads throughout the body. 

——- I know that face.

He has grown up and is now about the same height as me but his features are still the same.

“No….way…he is..”

I will never forget that face. My sister’s classmate, the man who stabbed me.

I know that he was sent to a children re-education school for injuring me and would have been discharged in few years. Why did he come back to this town?

I mean it’s not a suprise for him to be back home.

However, it would be a too much of a coincidence to reunite at a convenience store where my sister is supposed to drop off by the bus on her way back home.

I entered the convenience store while hiding my face. I pretended to read a magazine by the window while watching the man.

Apparently he has in foot as moved away from the parking lot when exiting the store. He is drinking a canned coffee while operating his smartphone in this cold weather.

He glanced at the bus stop many times.

The reason he didn’t noticed me was probably because of my hood and he was concentrating on the smartphone.

The stalker is likely him again as be seems to be concerned about the bus stop.

I had already considered this development. This is the worst development possible.

What should be do? He had already consulted the police about the incident but they said that they will strengthen the patrol around the area.

But they seem to be busy as I have only seen them around the house twice..

“As a brother, I should do something…..”

I know the danger, but it’s better than my sister getting harmed. Later on I might not have the chance to save my sister.

I tried to call and email my sister but there was no response. There is plenty of time left before the bus arrives…..

I got out of the convenience store after purchasing the magazine which I had.

I slowly approached the guy looking at his smartphone.

Translator and Editor Notes:

I really like the mc. He really loves his sister. He might even sacrifice his life for her. I wonder what will happen in the next chapter. ~ Asada

[1]: Glossing over Carol’s sin here

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  1. What does that fool expect to achieve… Granted the guy actually is the stalker…what will he do? He’s barely in any better shape than a neet, much less compared to how he was back when he got stabbed… Yare yare, i bet the lizard will save the day.

    • My guess is that the guy is the stalker, but he’s stalking her to apologize for doing what he did all those years ago but couldn’t get the courage to actually callout and talk with her so he ended up just stalking her around due to anxiety. Would explain why the stalker ran away immediately when the MC was walking towards him while pretending to be on the phone.

      • I guess that’s a possible, silly but possible road for the author to take yes, good point.
        I think it might be time for our otherworldly lizard to shine and protect it’s god/owner/master. But i’d be fine with either roads, so long as it’s done in a good way.

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