[PBCT] Chapter 13: To Not be Chosen, Even if it’s Wrong

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Translator: Redeyes

Editor: Asada and Kenny Stryker

Proofreader: JadeCloud

“So, we should choose who the next Emperor will be by having the citizens vote?” ~ Emperor

“Yes, with your permission.” ~ Sugen

Inside the Emperor’s audience room, we knelt as we faced our father, the Emperor, and proposed this move.

I recited the speeches which I had prepared in my mind and spoke to the Emperor.

“The Emperor rules over the people. We do not have the strength like Your Majesty. No matter who becomes the Emperor, the people’s heart will leave this country, and the country will soon be left in ruins.” ~ Sugen

“Is this related to the voting?” ~ Emperor

“It has everything to do with the voting. Whoever ascends the throne will be inferior to Your Majesty, but he/she will have retained the people’s trust and follow him if he is the Emperor they chose.” ~ Sugen

“The voting system is suggested to make up for the lack of ability.” Otherwise, the proposal to strip the Emperor’s nomination would be complicated.

That was what I thought, however…

“To sum it up, you guys want to arrange for the most popular Gettenwo to ascend the throne?” ~Emperor

“It’s exactly that.” ~ Gettenwo

Gettenwo was the first to confess in response to the Emperor’s sharp voice.

“Hey, Gettenwo! We have planned this scheme with great pains. What’s with the sudden confession!” ~ Iifu

“Your true feelings can be seen through! This childish trick is too naive.” ~Emperor

At Gettenwo’s betrayal, I simply threw away the mask I was wearing.

“Right! Dad… we suspected that you were going to remove Gettenwo’s name from the candidacy!” ~Sugen

“I won’t remove her. If we fairly evaluate and think appropriately, Gettenwo will be nominated as the next Emperor.” ~Emperor

The Emperor spoke without moving. He did not seem to be lying. Although our father was a hypocrite. The other day, he destroyed the opium smuggling organization alone, while pretending with a straight face.

“It seems like Gettenwo is dissatisfied with the fairness of the nomination?” ~Emperor

“Why such a thing? In the first place, I wasn’t going to be a prince nor do I want to become the Emperor. Just like I sad during the opium case, I’m not good with such things. It’s much easier for me to expose bad guys.” ~Gettenwo

Until now, the identity of Gettenwo had not yet been revealed to the public.
Or rather, on the surface, it was treated as ‘the recognized fifth prince, Gettenwo, has not yet responded.’ For the imperial court, this was a top-secret matter.

Once she officially became a princess, she would no longer be able to steal. Perhaps, she was anxious about that.

“But Gettenwo, if you become a princess, you can buy everything you want and eat all the delicious food you can without stealing. Why do you want to stick around being a bandit?” ~Sugen

“No… Actually, I only recently began as a bandit. Until then, I was just a petty thief. At most, until I atone……. That is none of your business.” ~Gettenwo

Gettenwo’s real intentions spilled out.

In a hurry, Iifu stood up.

“Hey, dad. In the end, the voting is still going to be rejected? Seriously… then I’m sorry. I withdraw!” ~Iifu

“I have wasted my time…” ~Sugen

The cheap trick strategy had failed. In the end, we had no choice but to expose our shameful behavior to relatively increase the worth of Gettenwo.
The Emperor muttered casually as he shamelessly thought about our effort.

“No. I just did not like you four’s attitude. I don’t think the voting system is bad. As you said, it might be useful to gain support from the people.” ~Emperor

I, Iifu, and Sauran looked at the Emperor at the same time. Only Ryausha remained calm.

“Hey, didn’t I say that? Father did not want to exclude Gettenwo. So voting is alright, as I have guessed.” ~Ryausha

Ryausha proudly spoke as she watched Gettenwo and me alternately. Actually, while designing this strategy, Ryausha was optimistic about success.

The Emperor looked at Ryausha.

“Really, is that what you think too?” ~ Emperor

“Aside from these other fools. It is clear to do things peacefully. What do you need my cooperation with?” ~Ryausha

“Hmm… As expected, still inexperienced.” ~Emperor

“What?” ~Ryausha

Ryausha’s eyes widened.

“It sounds like a good idea for the moment. However, it was just one of the options. From now on, there is a possibility to overturn things. For you to brag…..impatience is a bad habit, Ryausha. Remember that you are still a candidate for the throne.” ~Emperor

I’m not sure, but it seemed that there was an intense exchange between my father and sister. My older sister, who donned an awful face until now, curved her lips.

In contrast, the Emperor was calm and composed as he put one hand on the throne’s armrest.

“Well… it will be a voting system then. I cannot deny it, but in this situation, it would not be fair. Only Gettenwo, who was active around the castle town, will be at an advantage.” ~Emperor

“Then, are you going to reject it?” ~Sugen

“Listen to what I have to say until the end.” ~Emperor

The Emperor opposed my words with a straight face.

“I’m just saying that it is currently unfair in this situation. In the future, should your identities and abilities be known to the people, then we may consider the vote.” ~Emperor

“Putting their ability aside, wouldn’t it be a bad thing to vote once these guys became well known?” ~Gettenwo

“That’s fine. If they were well known and they still lost then they didn’t have the ability.” ~Emperor

The Emperor was calm.

My elder siblings suddenly started to liven up.

“You said it, dad…? Once a man has spoken, he cannot bear to withdraw his words…” ~Iifu

“Yes, the more they know our personality, the less chance we can win.” ~Ryausha

“Seriously, my small ability is going to be done for.” ~Sauran

My siblings stood out and spoke, but I sensed a crisis.

If it turned to the voting system, Gettenwo, who had a record as a bandit, would be in the first place, and me, the second.

My elder brothers, with their non-existent human charm, will definitely be defeated.

However, the Emperor was fully aware of this. With my personality and ability; I cannot ignore the possibility that I, who was full of charm, would jump to the top of the list of popularity.

“I should say, if you look at it as an outsider, everyone has the same flaw.” ~Gettenwo

And, Gettenwo hit me in the ass as she sensed my anxiety.

“Gettenwo… That’s right. You would not understand my excellent talent.” ~Sugen

“Oh, sure.” ~Gettenwo

Gettenwo answered in monotone.

So the Emperor turned his gaze towards Gettenwo.

“The fifth princess. Do you have any objection to this election?” ~Emperor

“Do I have a say?” ~Gettenwo

“Naturally, because you are an officially recognized princess.” ~Emperor

Hmm… Gettenwo put her fist on her chin.

“Emperor. Whether you appoint or vote, do you intend to make the most appropriate one as the next Emperor?” ~Gettenwo

“Exactly.” ~Emperor

“Then, I am not worried. After all, it’s just speculation.” ~Gettenwo

Gettenwo waved her hand.

It seemed that Gettenwo still did not believe that she was the heir to the throne. Perhaps, even if the Emperor tampered with the voting result, the vote would still be high.

This is convenient. I want to make good use of her carelessness.

The Emperor groaned with satisfaction and looked at us.

“It’s settled. Then, let’s review the voting system. You guys should do appropriate work.” ~Emperor

“Work?” ~Siblings

The Emperor nodded to answer the siblings’ question.

“It’s easy. It’s the first step to get the subjects to know you. You all will give a public speech as heirs to the throne.” ~Emperor

All of their eyes except Gettenwo’s glowed brilliantly

Translator and Editor Notes:

Oh…boi. You all are gonna love the speeches. The princes are pretty smart and stupid at the same time. What do you think? 😂 ~ Asada

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